Apex Coins in Apex Legends (Prices, how to get, etc...)

It's not all about conquering, you've got a lot of things to do with Apex coins in Apex Legends.
Apex Coins in Apex Legends (Prices, how to get, etc...)

Let us guide you to discover what Apex coins' got to do with Apex Legends microtransactions!

What are Apex coins?

Apex coins are the only type of in-game currency out of several types in Apex Legends that you have to purchase with actual money.

You can simply use them to purchase Apex packs, Legends from the in-game store or featured or event-limited cosmetic items for weapons and Legends from the direct purchase shop or the Battle Pass.

Apex coins prices

Here's the latest price classification of Apex coins visualized in the official stores,

Bundle size

Price in Dollars ($)

Price in Euros (€)

1,000 coins



2,000 (+150 bonus) coins



4,000 (+350 bonus) coins



6,000 (+700 bonus) coins



10,000 (+1500 bonus) coins



Each bundle of 1,000 Apex coins costs 10$ which also offers bonus Apex coins when buying in bulk.

What can 1000 Apex Coins get you?

1000 Apex coins is the minimum amount that you afford and you can easily buy the Battle Pass at 950 AC. Hold on to the very end of this article to find out more rewards that the Battle Pass grants you.

How much is 100$ of Apex Coins?

You can acquire the biggest bundle for 100$ which offers 11,500 Apex Coins. This amount can be exchanged to 115 Apex packs that give you 3 Legendary items for sure.

However, purchasing the right amount of Apex coins is tricky and depends on which type of accessories or Legends you need to buy or whether you need to buy the Battle Pass.

Where to buy Apex coins?

You can simply buy Apex coins from the official stores of the platform (Xbox, PlayStation etc.) by choice. Or you can access the in-game store by navigating to "Store"-> "Apex Coins” tab on the top right corner or press the “TAB” key from the lobby screen, if you're on PC.

However, you can get a discount of 10% off on each Apex coins bundle you purchase from the platform's store for EA Play subscription.

Purchasing Apex coins from Origin

  1. Log in to your Origin account

  2. Go to “Store”

  3. Navigate to “Browse Games” -> “Apex Legends” -> “Apex Coins”

Prices are often shown from your local currency, specific for the region you are in.

Can I buy Apex Coins on Steam?

Yes. You can do Apex Coins purchases on Steam as long as your Origin account is linked to your Steam account. Once you buy your preferred bundle of coins it will reflect in your Steam account.

After the purchase is made, you can check the current in-game status of Apex coins by navigating to the top right corner of the lobby screen that is signified by a gold symbol.

However, if you encounter an issue during the time of purchasing, find out the reason as to why you can’t buy Apex coins!

Microtransactions that you can do with Apex Coins

Here we have compiled a list of microtransactions that you can perform with exchange of the premium currency of Apex Legends.

Apex packs

Apex packs mimic your regular loot boxes that include cosmetic items or crafting metals. An Apex pack includes 3 random items that associate with certain probabilities of four types of rarities, Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

These 3 items can be any combination of Weapon Skins, Legend Skins, Banner Frames, Legend Finishers, Banner Poses, Banner Stat Trackers, Intro Quips, Kill Quips, and Crafting Metals.

There is at least one Legendary item for every 30 Apex packs and no duplicated cosmetic items will be there for every pack that you open up.

Two options are available in the in-game store where an Apex pack costs 100 AC (Apex Coins) while 10 packs cost 1000 AC.

So, simply you can acquire 10 Apex packs at a minimum of 10$ for the first bundle that you would buy according to the price classification.

Apex Legends features Collection Event, Thematic Event and Store Exclusive cosmetics, Character Skins, Weapon Skins etc., under the sub section, "Featured" of the in-game store which follows a rotation updated weekly.

There are four slots that occupy one of the categories, Legendary items, Weapon Skins, Holo Sprays and bundles. The prices and discounts depend on the items that are included in a bundle.

There's also a sub category called "Limited Time" that updates twice a week and features four Legendary Skins including two recolored skins. Purchasing two skins, each at 1800 AC will only unlock these two recolored skins.

However, you can acquire these two recolored skins with exchange to Legend Tokens or at 1800 AC each as long as the required skins are owned.


Legend Tokensare the main type of currency that enables you to unleash new characters in Apex Legends.

If you are in a hurry to unlock a specific Legend to enjoy the game without waiting to earn 12000 or more legend tokens and exchange them to new Legends, skip grinding and why not buy them at a cheap price with real money?

You can unlock any Legend out of the characters displayed under the "Legends" tab at 750 AC each that only costs 10$ with the remaining of 250 AC.

Battle Pass

Respawn Entertainment executes a system that rewards you with cosmetics through a Battle Pass that includes a combination of seasonal cosmetics and a whole lot of loot boxes up to 100 items.

You can earn some of these event exclusive items free by playing a few games. However, if you choose to buy the Battle Pass you would own every item available in a particular season.

In order to buy the Battle Pass click on the season specific image as shown below.

You can view "Free" and "Premium" tracks along with the items specific for each level that will be obtained when leveling up under Battle Pass progression.

Click on the button "Buy Premium Battle Pass" and you will see options, "Premium Tier" that costs 950 AC and "Premium Bundle" that costs 2800 AC to buy that reward different items upon purchasing.

Once you purchase the Battle Pass you can also obtain 1200 AC as one of the rewards which is a huge advantage to buy the next season's Battle Pass without repeating purchasing for each upcoming new season.

Respawn Entertainment says that Battle Pass skins will come back in future events or store promotions starting from season 11 if you miss out any featured skin to buy.

Is Apex Coins worth your money?

None of these new items offer you a gameplay advantage nor can you purchase the same through any means. If you want to play in style and are willing to pay a little money, why not try them?

However, purchasing this premium currency is not the only way of acquiring Apex packs and new legends. Leveling up in the game can earn Apex packs and Legend Tokens that let you purchase Legends along with Legendary Skins.

But, definitely this is the shortest and the fastest way of unlocking new cosmetic items without having to grind out the game. Can’t afford them? Try a few legit ways to get free Apex Coins or simply earn money while playing Apex Legends!

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