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(Solved) How Do I Fix Glitchy Audio In Apex Legends?

Games are often prone to annoying bugs and glitches. Apex Legends is no different and players often have to face audio glitches, here's what you need to know!
(Solved) How Do I Fix Glitchy Audio In Apex Legends?

As well-developed as it may be, Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends has its fair share of annoying bugs and glitches, degrading performance and making it difficult for players to enjoy the game.

One such bug is weird and glitchy audio. Apex Legends audio issues may appear occasionally but can usually be fixed by implementing a few easy tweaks on your end. Try the solutions mentioned in this article and you might just be able to make your audio issues disappear.

What Is An Audio Bug In Apex Legends?

An Apex Legends audio bug is any form of distortion or noise that players may encounter while playing the game. It can cause an inaccurate playing of in-game sounds that may confuse players and result in a poor experience and may also result in a complete lack of audio leaving players at a huge disadvantage when trying to rank up in Apex.

What Can Cause Audio Issues in Apex Legends?

Game development is a tedious and complicated task. While new game updates bring about much-needed improvements, they can also sneak in unwanted glitches and bugs. In other instances, your audio drivers or headphones can also cause audio issues. Even your system sound settings can interfere with Apex Legends’ audio, causing it to bug out.

These bugs aren't always immediately detectable and may require research and time to be discovered. Thankfully, you can fix audio issues by implementing some tried and tested solutions.

How To Fix Apex Legends Audio Issues On A Windows PC?

Certain issues are linked to the Windows PC version of the game and require solutions unique to the platform for effective troubleshooting.

Try Restarting Apex Legends

The first thing that you can try to fix audio issues is to hard restart the game. This allows the game to reload its assets, sometimes flushing the audio bug out of its memory. To properly restart your game, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your desktop and right-click the start menu.

  2. Click on the Task Manager option.

  3. Go to the Processes Tab.

  4. Select Apex Legends and click on End Task.

Apex Legends Task Manager

Once you have done this, restart the game to see if the audio bug has been fixed.

Check Your Game Audio Settings

If a restart does not fix the issue, you can check the audio settings in-game to make sure that nothing is out of place. You can do so by following the steps below.

  1. Open Apex Legends and click on the gear icon in the lower-right corner to open the settings menu.

  2. Click on the Audio tab.

  3. Make sure that your Master Volume is at 100%.

Apex Legends Settings

Sometimes the master volume slider in Apex Legends can glitch out to a lower percentage causing audio bugs. Hence, making sure that it is at 100% eliminates any chance of the game audio being the culprit.

Run Windows Audio Troubleshooter

A good way to discover issues with your primary audio output device can be to run the built-in windows troubleshooter. This can identify any hidden issues with your connected devices that may not be evident to you.

  1. Go to your desktop and right-click the start menu.

  2. Click on Settings to open Windows settings.

  3. Open the Sound tab.

  4. Click on Troubleshoot common sound problems to run the process.

The troubleshooter will automatically detect any issues with your audio device and offer a few methods of action that you can choose to fix audio issues.

Update Your Device Audio Driver

A faulty or outdated audio driver can often be the main culprit behind an Apex Legends audio bug. This, however, can also be fixed in a few simple steps.

  1. Open the Start menu, type Device Manager in the search bar and press enter.

  2. Double-click the audio inputs and outputs option to display your audio devices.

  3. Lastly, Right-click your device and select Update driver.

Doing this will check your audio device for updates and will automatically install the latest drivers available. Updating an old or corrupt computer audio driver has managed to fix the audio bugs for many users worldwide.

Try Disabling Sound Enhancements

Sound Enhancements is a Windows PC feature that may interfere with Apex Legends audio. Players can turn this feature off to reduce the chances of future audio bugs appearing in the game.

  1. Open Windows Settings and click on the System tab.

  2. Click on Sound and open the Sound Control Panel.

  3. Right-click on your sound device and select Properties.

  4. Go to the Enhancements tab and check the Disable All Enhancements box.

Restart your PC after doing this, and check to see if the Apex Legends audio bug has been fixed.

Enable Windows Sonic And Surround Sound

The next solution on this list enables a complex and more efficient sound system if your speakers support it. This can eliminate any audio bugs in Apex Legends.

  1. Go to your desktop and right-click on the Sound icon in the taskbar.

  2. Open Sounds and click on your headphones and select Configure.

  3. Choose the 7.1 surround sound option and exit the window.

  4. Right-click on your audio device and open Properties.

  5. Go to the Spatial sound tab and select Windows Sonic for Headphones.

Sonic is a better PC spatial sound format for speakers that support surround sound, resulting in higher sound quality and minimum bugs.

How To Fix Apex Legends Audio Issues On Xbox?

Respawn Entertainment made Apex Legends available on the newer console variants such as the Xbox Series X and S, with the release of a next-gen update called the Warriors Collection Event. This major event brought along with it the same technical issues in the audio department with some players being unable to hear in-game sounds, preventing players from experiencing the next-gen update.

Change Xbox Audio Settings

Some users in the Xbox console community posted about a possible solution on Twitter. Where changing the audio settings of your Xbox to Stereo Uncompressed after installing the next-gen update managed to fix the issues for many players.

This quick fix may completely remove sound bugs in Apex Legends for Xbox Series X or S players.

Contact Apex Legends Customer Support

If all of the above-mentioned solutions fail, then you should contact professionals regarding the matter. You can reach out to customer support at the Electronic Arts Help Centre and explain the issue in detail so the team at Respawn Entertainment can help you fix glitchy audio issues in the game.

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