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How Stock Attachments Work In Apex Legends

You would never dare to miss a stock attachment once you know how it affects your weapon in Apex Legends.
How Stock Attachments Work In Apex Legends

Attachments are vital for the weapons though they are optional in Apex Legends. So as the Skins, in most cases you can simply modify your primary or secondary weapon using attachments that you loot during the gameplay whilst each type of them does a specific job to increase its stats. That being said, no supply drop weapons including Fully kitted weapons let you equip up or swap any type of attachment to make them more powerful.

Stock attachment is one of the varieties of attachments available for weapons. If you fully understand how it affects enhances the performance of guns you would definitely land more shots accurately in your next game.

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Stock attachment types

All Stock attachments available for the weapons in Apex Legends can be categorized under two types, Standard Stocks and Sniper Stocks. Sub Machine Guns(SMGs), Light Machine Guns(LMGs), Assault Rifles(ARs), and EVA-8 shotguns can equip with Standard Stocks while Marksman and Sniper Rifles except the Bocek Bow can equip with Sniper Stocks.

Stock Types

You can simply figure out the difference between Sniper Stock and Standard Stock by their shapes and an attachment slot is visible for the stock attachment for each weapon when you are trying to equip it or replace it.

Stock Slot

Aside from these two major categories, there are three rarities, Common, Rare, and Epic in which a stock attachment is available to loot in colors, white, blue, and purple. These are ranked in the same order where you find the Stock attachments in Epic are the most powerful which is hard to be looted on a map, unlike Common. You can simply swap the Stock attachments of your weapons to upgrade them to the latter which is undoubtedly better.

What does Stock attachment do?

Both Sniper Stock and Standard Stock boost weapons handling and reduce aim drift and reload time. You can find the same displayed in the in-game descriptions when hovering on the attachment. But you can also notice that these descriptions are slightly moderated according to their rarity, explaining the severity of these perks. However, Standard Stock favors weapons handling more while Sniper Stock adds extra ability to reduce aim drifting.

Stock In-Game Description

Let's dive into more to figure out how all of these perks make your weapons more powerful than you ever imagined.

ADS time reduction

ADS (Aim down sights) time in Apex Legends is when it takes to zoom in or out or the switch time between ADS and hipfire. You can clearly notice the difference from going no Stock to Purple Stock when ADS a Stock compatible weapon in Firing Range which quite affects you to land more shots, especially in close range stressful gunfights.

Less aim drifting effect

If you want to be more successful in mid range or long range firefights with a Sniper rifle, aim drift reduction is one of the key stats that you should be aware of in Apex Legends. A slight aim drift that occurs when ADS your Sniper rifle and stay idle, is reduced once you equip up a purple Sniper Stock. Though the Standard Stock also has this perk, it is not quite noticeable unlike Sniper rifles or Marksman weapons(except Bocek Compound Bow) attached with high zoom Sniper optics.

So make sure to be more stable and level your gun on the targeting mode especially in long ranges by exploiting the Stocks. However, the recoil of the gun, often confused with aim drift, is not affected by Stocks by any means.

Slow aim drifting effect

When a Sniper rifle, attached with a purple Stock is rewarded with a less aim drift, it also helps to reduce aim drift speed. So this stat is available for the weapons compatible with Sniper Stocks only in Apex Legends.

Sniper Aim Drift

Holster or unholster time reduction

The amount of time that it takes to holster or unholster the weapons is lower when they are equipped with Stocks.

Raise or lower time reduction

The raise or lower time determines the time it takes to lower the weapon before raising the other weapon and vice versa. The heavier the weapon, the more it takes time to be lowered or raised, so as to be switched. So, heavier weapons like Sub Machine Guns (SMGs) consume more time to be swapped than Assault Rifles(ARs) and Light Machine Guns (LMGs). So SMGs are top on the list to have a Standard Stock first to gain a raise or lower time reduction compared to other weapons.

However, if one of the weapons has a Standard Stock equipped, it's the only weapon that benefits from the raise or lower time reduction and does not affect the other weapon's stat.

Do Stocks change reload speed?

Reload speed is quite important as you might have plenty of reasons to run out of ammo during a stressful gunfight. This is also crucial for weapons that take longer to get reloaded, such as Havoc, an Assault Rifle in Apex Legends. Attaching a Standard Stock definitely reduces reload time and thus increases the reload speed of such weapons. The same perk works for Sniper Stock as well.

Switching to your secondary weapon is one of the tactics used when you find yourself with an empty mag in the middle of gunfire. So you can benefit from both Reload time and raise or lower time reduction once from weapons attached with Stocks.

Make sure to hop into the Practice Mode to figure out how effective the weapons equipped with Stocks are to find the best way to get kills in Apex Legends.

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