Marc Hammes

I am a Student from Munich. I love playing video games in my free time. This love and my passion for Marketing ultimately led me to this blog. Here I can write about the problems I encounter. Moreover, I am happy for every person I could help with this blog post!

How to fix error 67 in Rocket League

When playing Rocket League, although there are facilities to play offline it can be said with some confidence that the game earns its plaudits through its community and multiplayer assets. The online gameplay is immensely enjoyable and allows for a plethora of fun and varied game modes. So you can understand how frustrating it might be if you cannot connect to online matches. Then even more frustrating if you are …

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Top 11 Rocket League Arenas

Rocket League is a game known for its amazing core concept, its brilliant gameplay aspects and it’s highly populated online community. Though, another area that the game excels in that is often overlooked for the more prominent aspects, are its style and presentation. Rocket League is a beautiful game with wonderfully well-rendered cars, items and other details. One of these aesthetic masterclasses that Rocket League achieves with ease, is the …

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Highest level in Rocket League

On double XP weekends you feel like you level up very quickly and you may ask yourself how long it will take you to get to the highest level in Rocket league? Well, it might take you some time, because the people with the highest level in Rocket League is an exclusive circle.