10 Most Expensive Stickers in CS2 [Updated Prices]

Check out the 5 most expensive stickers in CS2! Find out why players go crazy for these stickers and see their latest prices.


Sticker | Titan (Holo) | Katowice 2014

More About Titan (Holo) | Katowice 2014

The Titan (Holo) | Katowice 2014 is more than a sticker; it's a piece of CS2 history. With its eye-catching holographic sheen and the prestige of the Katowice 2014 Legends Collection, it's a top pick for the elite. Its rarity and the legacy it carries from a legendary tournament is what makes this sticker a collector's dream and lands it among the most sought-after swag in CS2.


Sticker | iBUYPOWER (Holo) | Katowice 2014

More About iBUYPOWER (Holo) | Katowice 2014

The iBUYPOWER (Holo) | Katowice 2014 is a sticker that’s all about flash and flair. Its vibrant red and black design gives any weapon a burst of style, complete with a holographic sheen that catches the eye with every move. It's no wonder this sticker is climbing the ranks among the most expensive. Its rarity and ties to the legendary EMS Katowice 2014 event make it not just a sticker, but a piece of CS2 history.


Sticker | Reason Gaming (Holo) | Katowice 2014

More About Reason Gaming (Holo) | Katowice 2014

The Reason Gaming (Holo) | Katowice 2014 sticker brings a fiery mix of orange and red hues with a sick holo effect that captures the essence of the legendary 2014 tourney. It's not just a sticker; it's a piece of CS2 history that you can slap onto your favorite gun. This gem is among the priciest because it's rare, nostalgic, and looks dope. Whether it's the blazing colors or the rarity that gets collectors buzzing, this sticker is a definite top-tier pick for any high-value collection.


Sticker | Vox Eminor (Holo) | Katowice 2014

More About Vox Eminor (Holo) | Katowice 2014

Slap some retro flair on your gear with the Vox Eminor (Holo) | Katowice 2014 sticker. Its shimmering holo effect and throwback design to the legendary 2014 tourney add a serious dose of style to any weapon. It's not just about looks—the sticker’s rarity and demand make it one of the hottest collectibles, securing its spot among the priciest decals. A true flex in the CS2 world!


Sticker | Team Dignitas (Holo) | Katowice 2014

More About Team Dignitas (Holo) | Katowice 2014

Slap the Team Dignitas (Holo) | Katowice 2014 onto your gear, and you're not just adding a sticker—it's a piece of CS2 history. With its eye-catching holo design that throws a spectrum of colors, this sticker is a flashy throwback from the EMS Katowice 2014 Legends collection. It's more than just bling; it's part of the game's legend, making it a hot item on our list of high-value collectibles. Whether you keep it pristine or scrape it for that battle-hardened look, it'll turn heads in every match!


Sticker | HellRaisers (Holo) | Katowice 2014

More About HellRaisers (Holo) | Katowice 2014

Get your guns ready to shine with the HellRaisers (Holo) | Katowice 2014 sticker. This fiery decal is all about the holographic dazzle, turning any weapon into a collector's piece. It's easy to see why this one's priced at a premium; its rarity and Katowice heritage make it a real treasure. This sticker is a nod to history for the dedicated fans and collectors.


Sticker | Natus Vincere (Holo) | Katowice 2014

More About Natus Vincere (Holo) | Katowice 2014

Slap the Natus Vincere (Holo) | Katowice 2014 onto your gear for an instant vibe of CS2 history and style. Its holographic shine and the iconic yellow-black branding scream elite status, making it a must-have for collectors and fans. It's no shocker it's among the priciest treasures out there; this sticker is a tribute to one epic moment in CS2's legacy.


Sticker | Clan-Mystik (Holo) | Katowice 2014

More About Clan-Mystik (Holo) | Katowice 2014

The Clan-Mystik (Holo) | Katowice 2014 sticker is a true gem for any CS2 arsenal. Its holo graphics shimmer with a vibrant mix of colors that command attention every time you draw your weapon. Its rarity and the prestige of the Katowice 2014 event make it a top collector's item, explaining why it's among the priciest bling for your guns. It's not just a sticker; it's a piece of CS2 history.


Sticker | Virtus.Pro (Holo) | Katowice 2014

More About Virtus.Pro (Holo) | Katowice 2014

Show off your style with the Virtus.Pro (Holo) | Katowice 2014 sticker, a piece of CS2 history that's both rare and flashy. Its holo design changes colors as you move, making any weapon stand out in the crowd—and yes, that's why it's among the priciest adhesives out there!


Sticker | mousesports (Holo) | Katowice 2014

More About mousesports (Holo) | Katowice 2014

Get ready to flex with the mousesports (Holo) | Katowice 2014 sticker that screams vintage vibes and exclusive flair. Its prismatic colors and shimmering effect can turn any weapon into a showpiece. Its legacy as part of the EMS Katowice 2014 Challengers collection is why it's guilt-free bragging rights on your gear, landing it on our list of pricey collectibles that's worth every penny.