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All Talk Commands You Should Use in CSGO

Talking to your team is very important if you want to succeed in Counter Strike. Here are the most useful talk commands you need to apply ASAP!
All Talk Commands You Should Use in CSGO

Communication is extremely important in online multiplayer games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Many people consider aim to be the most important part of being a good CSGO player, but all professional players can agree that communication is much more important. It's important for casual players to work on their communication skills, so here are the most commands related to talking in CSGO!

Text Chat Talk Commands

The text chat is frequently used in CSGO, as the text chat allows players to speak to only their teammates, or everyone in the game including the enemy team. People may also prefer using the text chat over the voice chat since they don't want to use their microphones. 

We have two commands that can help you with the "All Chat" and the "Team Chat." Remember that you'll have to enable developer console to use these commands!

All Chat Commands

In CSGO, you obviously wouldn't need to give callouts to the enemy players, so the use of the All Chat isn't very useful. However, you can bind a key to send an obnoxious message that can tilt the enemy team and give you an advantage. Here's the console command to do it.

bind k "say <MESSAGE>"

The all chat command can be very useful if you want to spam tilting messages whenever you kill your opponents, or can also be used to send common messages such as "Good Luck Have Fun" or "Good Game Well Played."

All Chat

Remember that you can always reset the key bind if you don't like the newest changes. These commands won't interfere with your game files either.

Team Chat Command

When it comes to the team chat, then you'll want to send some useful messages that are related to the round. Here are a few suggestions on talk commands that you can use to talk to your team.



bind k "say_team Let's eco this round."This console command will send the message "Let's eco this round." to your team. 
bind k "say_team Let's full buy this round."This command will send the message "Let's full buy this round." to your team.
bind k "say_team Can someone drop me a gun?"This command will help you talk to your teammates and ask for a drop. 

You can put any message you'd like, so the command isn't limited to the three sentences we've provided above. If you're a real tryhard, you could have a bind to say the plan for a full A bomb site execute on Dust II if you'd like!

Voice Talk Commands

The voice chat feature is arguably the best method of talking to your teammates, as the voice chat will allow you to immediately give out information to your teammates without having to stop and type. This makes voice commands better to use compared to a radio command. 

However, sometimes teammates like to abuse the voice chat and clog comms. Here are a few useful voice commands that you should use to enhance your voice talk experience.



voice_enable 0/1The voice_enable command will enable or disable the voice chat entirely. You can combine this command with a key bind command to turn off voice chat while you're clutching. We only want alive players talking right?
voice_modenable 0/1This particular command will enable or disable your in-game microphone. If your microphone isn't working, then maybe this command can fix it. 1 to turn it on, and 0 to turn it off.
voice_system_enable 1This command will enable or disable your entire voice talk system, meaning that your microphone will be enabled or disabled as well. Again, 1 to turn it on, and 0 to turn it off.
voice_scale 0.3The voice_scale command is used to adjust the volume of other players when they are talking. You can set the value anywhere from 0 to 1. For example, 0.3 is 30%.
voice_threshold 0-4000This command will help you adjust your microphone threshold. The values can range from 0 to 4000. Set the threshold to 3500 if you want it high, and set it to around 500 if you want it low.

And there you have it! Those are the most useful commands you can use to improve your talking experience in Counter Strike, whether it's through text chat or voice chat! If you're interested in learning more about CSGO communication commands, check out our article on the radio commands!

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