The best CSGO Case Opening Sites 2020

Cases in CSGO are a kind of loot box that gives you to get a variety of cosmetics skins for weapons and other gear that might be inside that case. Skins have been an important part of CSGO since their addition in 2012 and Weapon Cases in 2013. They've been helping to fuel further development of CSGO for many years.

There are two types of CSGO Case websites: Case Opening sites and gambling websites. The Case Opening websites are just how they sound, users open different cases to see what they can get from them. Gambling websites might offer case openings but they are focused more on roulette, jackpots, betting and other gambling aspects.

A Case Opening website usually shows you what’s in the chest to give you an idea of what you might win including the current estimated value of that item. Opening a case in CSGO doesn’t show you what in the case or what the value of that item is, you’d need to do some research after to find out.

Just like with most things these days, there are many cases opening websites to select from. It’s always a good idea to do your own research first to see which site you would prefer and feel safest using.


CSGO Case opening

At first glance, it might look a bit like a gambling site but that’s not the case at all, Hellcase is a pure Case Opening website. There’s a large number of chest types to select between and also a Fortune Wheel which is the closest the site comes to gambling. Hellcase has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and even Snapchat which are actively updated.

Once a case has been opened just go to your account profile and select “Send” on the item(s) you want to send to your Steam account. This will have the bot send the item to you which you just need to accept on Steam.

It’s also possible to “upgrade” by trading in the items you’ve found in crates and trade it for a higher skin item and you can also sell skins. Withdrawing any money made by selling skins is possible and you may not withdraw any money you’ve deposited before.

In terms of support, the Hellcase team offers different methods for you to use to get some help if and when needed. They have a brief FAQ to help with most issues and to direct you to longer articles if needed.

CsgoliveCSGO Case opening


CSGO Live does a good job of making it easy to see a large range of cases available on the website through an uncluttered UI. It shows how many users are online at once and has a few other interesting features.

While the website does have a Facebook and Twitter, the Facebook page is not very active and hasn’t been updated since 2017. They also have live updates of how many cases have been opened on the website in the past 24 hours and lifetime (107+ million).

There’s a “Case Creator” option so you can make your own cases which also gives you an “affiliate cut” from any sales. This also means that the “Case Browser” is filled with players created cases for you to search through and unlock. Clicking on a case will show you what it contains and also the odds of getting that skin or item.

Sadly, they do also have a gambling website called “WTFSkins” linked on CSGO Live as well. It does ask you to confirm your ages when clicking through but remember this is a gambling site and not a case opening website!

While the FAQ isn’t too long, it does answer most questions and subjects of concern. If it doesn’t help you then there is also the option to Open a Ticket so that the support team will get back to you with the answer.

CsgocasesCSGO Case opening

CSGO Cases is not a skin holding site, if you don’t withdraw the skins you win within 31 days of receiving it then the website will sell it and you’ll be given money instead. However, they also note that some skins cannot be traded instantly due to Steam trading restrictions.

They advise that users sell those skins or exchange them for a different skin if they cannot wait the 7 days to obtain the skin.

Like with other case opening sites, CSGO Cases has a good number of cases to select between and they’ve also created special ones specific to weapon types. There are plenty of giveaways also with a few lotteries thrown into the mix as well.

Clicking on a case will show you everything that might be in that case however, it doesn’t provide any of the drop rates for those skins. The site gives uses very limited information on the home page and when looking at specific cases as well due to the lack of information regarding drop rates and values for each of those skins.

Users will need to research that information themselves away from the websites.  According to the website, over 6 million cases have been opened so far.

The FAQ is quite lacking for CSGO Cases  and there is an email that can be contacted for additional support as needed. It has a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a Steam group as well though the Twitter page is completely inactive. For additional support, uses can also contact the team through the Facebook group.


CSGO Case opening

EZY is a very professional looking website; the UI is simple yet effective while also allowing users to clear the screen of some clutter if they desire. To begin using this website, you would need to sign up and make a deposit using one of the 10 payment options.

After doing this, you can select any case you want to open. Cases vary in price from low budget ones to premium cases with more expensive items. The site also includes a “case simulator” for users to test a case before they decide to purchase and unlock one. Users also have the option to make their own CSGO cases.

Like most other CSGO Case websites, this one also offers a way to upgrade weapons by trading them for others. However, the biggest problem with EZY is the lack of information on the surface before you sign-in through Steam.

A lot of information is missing from the ‘public’ side of the website which would explain how the website works in regards to payments, withdrawals, the case systems themselves, a FAQ and more.

There is a small amount of information at the bottom of the page which explains a small amount about how the website works but on the surface, it lacks the feeling of safety you would normally get from a legit site.

While EZY has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; none of them have been updated since 2019. Despite a missing FAQ, there is a support email that can be contacted with any questions you might have before deciding to give this website a try.

FarmskinsCSGO Case opening

Farm Skins has a nice UI that’s visually appealing and easy to use at the same time. However, the secondary menu at the bottom of the page is how you can access the FAQ, Contact details and a few other important links. There is a small catch on the website so you cannot just keep joining giveaways to get skins.

Users need to deposit a minimum of $4 on the website to be able to withdraw skins or money including in Bitcoin format. Despite this, there are over 58 million cases that have been opened using this website and it displays at the top how many of each item type has been won.

The website has a good variety of cases that can be mixed or specific to certain types of items such as the M4, AK-47, Knives, Gloves and more. There are a few other ones which the Farm Skins team has put together which have a range of weapons and items in them.

Clicking on the cases will reveal everything that’s inside and you can also choose to “Upgrade” what you win if you wish. Though you might decide to focus on the Giveaways and collecting the Daily Bonus instead which can include skins, cases and extra spending money for cases.

Another downside to Farm Skins is that it doesn’t feature instant item withdrawal yet. They have plans to implement this however some Steam restrictions for the community market are getting in the way of this. While most items can be withdrawn instantly, some will require a longer wait.

One of the biggest positives for Farm Skins, however, is the fact they’ve dedicated a small section of the FAQ to explaining why they’re trustworthy.

Their social media accounts are actively updated for Facebook, Twitter, Steam and others. Meanwhile, they also hold different competitions on HLTV for their community and other CSGO players.

In our opinion, these are the top 5 CSGO Case Opening websites but that is just our opinion. Yours might be a little bit different which is why we’ve included a table with everything you need to look at when choosing your best counter-strike case opening site. You can use the information here to make a decision about which ones to take a closer look at.

Remember to check for how much you need to deposit before you can withdraw anything, if there is a withdrawal limit, check for safety including reviews and social media presence and take a look at the support systems in place too!

Case Opening websites can be enjoyable with the right website but it’s important to remember that some websites are fraudulent and will try to take advantage of gamers.

This is why you always need to do your checks even when someone recommends you a website, especially as some offer Partnership programs. When it comes to Case Opening websites, keep in mind that you do need to sign into them through Steam so you must be certain that you trust them.

It might not sound like it to some people but Opening Cases is a form of gambling and must always be done responsibly. It’s another loot case and the odds will always be against the player.

It’s highly likely that you would get something valued below the cost you paid for the CSGO case so don’t expect to get great returns any time you decide to open a case.

Whether this is on a CSGO opening website, for CSGO on Steam or any other game. Opening loot boxes is a “for fun” thing and not a way to get a monetary return. Remember, if it stops being fun then you should stop for a while!