Best CSGO Cases To Invest In

Good investments are all about calculating the risks, so today we are presenting you with the least risky CSGO cases with huge reward potential.‍
Best CSGO Cases To Invest In

There are currently more than 30 different case examples, and we are confident that the number will grow significantly in the near future. In CSGO, the simplest way to obtain a case is to use the in-game item dropping system.

Each case contains one-of-a-kind skins that may be used in-game or sold to a third party. We've put together a list of the finest CS: Global Offensive cases to invest in 2022 for you today. Take a look at some of the best CSGO cases to invest in 2022 and feel free to choose something for yourself!


Glove Case

The Glove Case was added to the Steam marketplace on the 28th of November 2016, increasing the number of options for the players to choose from when it comes to enhancing their in-game weapons.

The starting price of this case was as low as $0.30 and that single fact makes it a great investment for anyone wanting to make a profit by selling a potentially valuable drop.

Some of the valuable items that could be found within this case are:

  • CZ75-Auto / Polymer
  • Glock-18 / Ironwork
  • MP7 / Cirrus
  • M4A1-S / Flashback
  • M4A4 / Buzz Kill


Chroma 3 Case

Chroma 3 Case was added to the Steam marketplace on the 27th of April 2016, and back at that time, it was considered a real all-in-one case due to how stacked it was.

The reason why this case is awesome to invest in is that it contains some great all-time pieces for a ridiculously low price. Many years have passed since its original release, so nowadays it can be found for as little as $0.03 which is crazy considering some of the valuable items it contains:

  • Dual Berettas / Ventilators
  • M249 / Spectre
  • G3SG1 / Orange Crash
  • M4A1-S / Chantico’s Fire
  • PP – Bizon / Judgement of Anubis


Gamma Case

Gamma Case was one of the most anticipated additions to the Steam marketplace back in 2016.

It was added on the 15th of June during the same year, making that summer really hot for all of those who purchased it and made their weapons look cooler than ever before. Today, Gamma Case can be found for an astonishingly low price of $0.05 which makes it perfect for bulk purchasing and profiting.

Some of the well-known items from the Gamma Case are:

  • Five-SeveN / Violent Daimyo
  • Mac-10 / Carnivore
  • Glock-18 / Wasteland Rebel
  • M4A1-S / Mecha Industries


Operation Hydra Case

Operation Hydra Case was added to Steam’s list of cases on the 23rd of May 2017, and it was one of the best cases that year, adding a multitude of skins that were never seen before, bringing along the perfect mixture of dark and bright tones.

Despite the fact that half a decade has passed since it’s been released, the quality of Operation Hydra Case made its price remain high at $4.50 when compared to the other cases, but on the other hand, when you look at its contents, it is more than understandable why.

Some of the exceedingly rare special items from Operation Hydra Case are:

  • M4A1-S / Briefing
  • Famas / Macabre
  • USP-S / Blueprint
  • M4A4 / Hellfire
  • Five-SeveN / Hyper Beast


Danger Zone Case

Danger Zone case was the latest addition to the Steam marketplace back in 2018, but that did not stop it from being one of the best.

On the 6th of December 2018, the world was presented with a case that did not catch lots of attention at first sight, but its simplicity and elegance led it to become one of the fans' favorite.

What makes it even more attractive is its crazy low price, starting from $0.05 per case, which is ridiculous considering that the value of items inside is ten times more.

Some of the items from Danger Zone Case are:

  • Glock-18 / Oxide Blaze
  • MP9 / Modest Threat
  • M4A4 / Magnesium
  • SG 553-Off / Black Sand
  • AK-47 / Asiimov

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Prisma 2 Case

Prisma 2 Case was one of the many additions to the Steam marketplace back in 2017. That year seemed to be quite a hit when it comes to CS: GO cases and lots of great collections emerged as a result of great work by Steam’s designers.

Prisma 2 case is a great investment simply due to the quality of its items. Like other cases released in 2017, Prisma 2 Case received lots of praise and quickly became a bestseller, which does not come as a surprise to anyone who even took a single glance at its contents.

Some of the items inside the Prisma 2 Case are:

  • MP5-SD / Desert Strike
  • CZ75 – Auto / Distressed
  • AWP / Capillary
  • MAG-7 / Justice
  • Glock-18 / Bullet Queen


Clutch Case

Clutch Case was added to Steam’s marketplace back on the 15th of February 2018, making a strong statement at the beginning of the year. It is one of those investments that pay back almost instantly because its items can be sold for pretty nice amounts.

Some of the critics the collection received were based around mixing the bright colors with the color brown. At the first sight, the case did not look pleasing to the eye, but as time went on, the community really started to dig it and the fate of the Clutch case was saved.

As of right now, the Clutch case can be found for as low as $0.08 and some of the best items inside of it are:

  • Five-SeveN / Flame Test
  • SG 553 / Aloha
  • XM1014 / Oxide Blaze
  • M4A4 / Neo Noir
  • MP7 / Bloodsport


Falchion Case

The last case on our list was added to Steam’s marketplace back on the 26th of May 2015, and it was one of the most sold cases of that year.

Falchion case offers a unique set of skins that represent the perfect mixture of colors, which will give your gun both dangerous and classy vibes, making them easier to sell and make a profit.

Falchion case’s price starts from $0.12 and some of the items inside are:

  • UMP-45 / Riot
  • Glock-18 / Bunsen Burner
  • MP9 / Ruby Poison Dart
  • AK-47 / Aquamarine Revenge
  • MP7 / Nemesis

So, there you go - if you want to invest money and sell something to make a quick profit, these are some of the best cases CSGO has to offer. Hopefully, this list will help you make your decision and get you even more excited about your CS: GO journey.

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