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Best Commands in CS:GO

This article will list many useful commands in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, including console commands and customization commands.
Best Commands in CS:GO

Valve Corporation has done a good job when it comes to commands in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as the game offers an abundance of commands that players can make use of to customize their game to the way they see fit. 

This gives players lots of freedom with adjusting their game settings to boost performance, set up custom lobbies, change crosshairs, HUDs, radars, and more. Doing this can make players play better or enjoy the game more. In this article, we will be going through the best commands list that can make your CS:GO experience much better.

What can I do in the Console?

The console in CS:GO allows an abundance of customization commands to be applied, which can change almost everything, from crosshairs, radars, HUDs, keybinds, custom games and more! Players can follow the commands listed below and customize their game settings to exactly how they would like it to look like. Let’s first find out how to enable it first.

How to enable Console commands

The way to enable CS:GO console commands is to first enable the console itself. There are two ways to enable the console. 

The first way is to add “-console” to the launch options which we have covered earlier. 

The second method is to:

  1. Launch CS:GO, then go to Settings 
  2. Head over to Game 
  3. Look for Enable Developer Console and change it to Yes
Enable console

The keybind to open the console is “~”, which is the key above Tab and below Esc. You will have to type the command on the console and press enter to start the command.

Best General Console Commands 

Now that we have gotten the console to work, let’s start learning what the best CS:GO console commands are with the list below. Again, everyone will have different preferences, so each command will have an explanation of what it does and you can select the most useful console commands for you.

net_graph 1This command is one of the most popular console commands, as it shows useful information such as FPS, packet loss, etc. Almost every player that is experienced with the console has this on.
disconnectTyping this will immediately disconnect you from the game. Players do this because pressing Esc and moving their mouse to the disconnect button takes more time and effort to do.
quitTyping this will immediately close your game. This is very helpful when you want to restart your game or end your gaming session. Similar to “disconnect,” players do this as it is faster than disconnecting from the game to the main menu, and then pressing the exit game button manually.
voice_enable 0This command will turn off voice communication. It is perfect when you want to have a chill solo queue session or if you don’t want teammates yelling at you to plant the bomb. To enable voice communication again, simply type “voice_enable 1.”
voice_scale 0.2Will reduce the volume of your teammates, especially useful when everyone is raging in voice comms. The volume can be adjusted by changing the number to a higher or lower one. Also useful when you want to hear footsteps clearly.
bind <key> <command>This will allow you to create a bind key for a command, making it one of the most useful commands. For example, “bind [ voice_enable 0” would turn off team comms when you are clutching, where the bind key is “[“. You could pair the above example with “bind ] voice_enable 1” to turn voice comms back on.
cl_righthand 0This command will allow you to hold your weapons on the left hand, some gamers even set a bind key to toggle this on and off when checking angles!

Best Commands for Performance and Ping

With the frequent updates that Valve releases for CS:GO, the game becomes more and more demanding performance-wise, so it is normal that players will experience a drop in FPS. These commands below will aim to help you increase your performance in CS:GO.

r_drawparticles 0This will remove particles, which can slightly boost your FPS as less things will be on your screen.
func_break_max_pieces 0This command will remove small objects from the screen, which can increase FPS for some computers.
mat_disable_bloom 1This command disables bloom which can increase performance on most computers.
muzzleflash_light 0This command removes the flashing lights from muzzles which can help a lot.
r_dynamic 0This command disables dynamic lighting, which isn’t that important and can boost performance.
r_drawtracers_firstperson 0This will remove tracers which can help most computers perform better.
r_eyemove 0 This command removes movements from the characters in the game which can slightly increase performance.
r_gloss 0This can remove the gloss and shine from the in game characters, slightly boosting FPS.
cl_downloadfilter nosoundsThis will prevent the game from forcibly downloading sound files, which relates to music kits.
cl_disable_ragdolls 1This command will remove ragdolls which may boost FPS on some computers.
mm_dedicated_search_maxping 80This command will determine the maximum ping that you will play in. It is better to set the ping as low as possible to minimize delays while playing. The game will try to find the best server for you so that you’ll get your desired ping, so finding a match may take longer. The number can be changed to even above 1000, but it is recommended to keep it below 100. 100 ping = 0.1 seconds

Best Custom Game Commands

These commands will be very useful in custom games, such as practicing smokes and flashes, playing a private lobby with friends, 1v1 practice, etc. Note that almost all of these commands will require sv_cheats to be turned on!

sv_cheats 1This command is the most important command for custom games, as this will allow players to use all the commands in this particular list.
godThis will enable god mode, so you won’t be able to die.
noclipThis command will let you fly around, so you can get from place to place faster, and even fly out of the map. Noclip requires a toggle, so to turn it on and off you would need to type “noclip” in the console.
mp_freezetime 0This will make the freeze time for every round 0, especially useful for 1v1 custom games so you won’t have to wait the regular 15 seconds at the start of every round.
mp_warump_end 1Will end the warmup so you won’t have to wait 5 minutes for the custom game to start.
mp_restartgame 1This command will restart the game immediately.
bot_kickEntering this command will kick all the bots out of the game.
mp_startmoney 20000This command will let you start with the amount of money that you’ve input.
mp_roundtime 2000This will make the round last 2000 seconds, the number can be changed to anything you’d like. It’s preferred to set the round time to a very long time when practicing grenade lineups etc.
mp_buy_anywhere 1This command will allow you to open the buy menu anywhere on the map.
mp_buytime 1000Will allow the buy time to be extended to 1000 seconds, which can be good when paired up with “mp_buy_anywhere 1.”
mp_friendlyfire 1Allows friendly fire to be turned on so you can shoot your teammates.
map de_cacheTyping this command will instantly change the map, the name of the map can be changed, examples include de_mirage, de_inferno, etc.
sv_infinite_ammo 2This command will allow you to have infinite ammo.
sv_showimpacts 1Turning this on will allow you to see the impacts of bullets.
sv_grenade_trajectory 1This command will show a trail of your grenades such as smokes and flashes. This command is perfect when you are learning smoke and flash lineups.
sv_accelerate 10This command is used for surfing in custom lobbies.
sv_airaccelerate 1000Typing this command will allow you to drop your weapon knife!

Best Console Commands for Crosshairs

Crosshairs can be customized through the console as well! It is recommended to type out these commands while in-game, so the changes can be seen immediately. For the following, the numbers should be changed to fit personal preferences. These commands do not require sv cheats to be on.

cl_crosshairstyle 4Changes the styles of the crosshair. Most professional players make use of crosshair style 4, as this is the option where the crosshair doesn’t move and stays static when you are shooting and moving.
cl_crosshairsize 1Changes the size of the crosshair, smaller crosshairs are usually ideal so it doesn’t distract the player too much.
cl_crosshairthickness 1Changes the thickness of the crosshair. The thickness is usually completely depending on preference, so have fun messing around with it!
cl_crosshairgap -2Changes the gap of the crosshair. The gap can go from -5 to 5, where the gaps are becoming bigger or smaller.
cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0/1Changes the outline of the crosshair, either 0 or 1. This is basically a yes or no option to having borders on your crosshair or not.
cl_crosshaircolor 1-10Changes the color of the crosshair, with each number being a different color. Mess around to see what colors you get!
cl_crosshairdot 0/1Changes if the crosshair has a dot or not, either 0 or 1. This is basically a yes or no option to having a dot in the middle of your crosshair or not.

Best Console Commands for Radar

The radar on the top left can also be customized with CS:GO console commands. Let’s go over the best commands that can optimize your radar to the way you see fit. These commands do not require sv cheats to be on.

cl_hud_radar_scale 1This can make the radar look bigger or smaller. Making it bigger can help you look at the radar easily, or making it smaller can make the radar less distracting so you can get those juicy kills!
cl_radar_always_centered 1This command will make the radar always centered, as some people prefer this option since it’s nicer to look at. Setting the number to 1 turns it on, and setting it to 0 turns it off.
cl_radar_rotate 1This will allow the radar to follow where you are looking, following your camera rotations. Setting the number to 1 turns it on, and setting it to 0 turns it off.
cl_radar_square_with_scoreboard 1This will make the radar show up as a square shape when opening the scoreboard. A square could provide more information as it will cover a bigger area.
cl_radar_scale 0.45This will scale the radar to zoom in and out. Zooming out can help you see more of the map which may help you get more information at a time.
cl_teammate_colors_show 0This command will turn off the colors of your teammates. Some users get annoyed or distracted with many different colors, so turning it off is always an option.

Best Console Commands for HUD

The Heads Up Display (HUD) can also be changed through console commands. The HUD is where you can see your health bar, armor, ammo, etc. Let’s see what CS:GO has in store for us when it comes to customizing the HUD. These commands do not require sv cheats to be on.

cl_hud_playercount_showcount 0/1Will change the display of the player count, 1 being simply the number of remaining players, while 0 showing each player’s avatar.
cl_hud_playercount_pos 0/1Will change the scoreboard position to show on either the top or the bottom, with 0 being the top and 1 being the bottom.
cl_hud_color 1-10Changes the color of the HUD, with each number being a different color.
cl_hud_radar_scale 1.3Will adjust the size of the radar. The higher the number, the bigger the radar will look.
cl_hud_background_alpha 0-1Will adjust the transparency of the HUD, adjustable from 0 to 1.
cl_hud_bomb_under_radar 0/1Will change the bomb icon.
cl_hud_healthammo_style 0/1Will add or remove the ammo counter on the bottom right

That’s it for the list of best CS:GO commands that you can apply to your game. Some of these may give you an advantage, and others will help your game perform better. 

Once again, keep in mind that all the numbers provided in this article are examples and preferences and won’t fit everyone’s liking. Some of these commands will look weird at first and will take time to get used to, so be sure to keep grinding!

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