Best CSGO Cases to buy | Guaranteed Profit

Cases are a major part of CS:GO. Today we’re covering the best and most known ones out there. 
Best CSGO Cases to buy | Guaranteed Profit

The impact CSGO Skin Cases had on the entire gaming community was huge. Their entire skin system was one of the first and more successful versions of other in-game stores, and Valve made sure to further capitalize on the community that was forming around it. Opening cases became so popular that it incentivized other companies to implement similar systems to their own games.

Third party companies and websites also tried to profit from this, and created separate CSGO case opening sites. The immense success of these loot boxes also helped create a multi-million dollar economy. Today we’ll cover what are in our opinion the best CSGO cases throughout the community, especially ones that brought the most hype and value with them.

CS:GO Weapon Case 

As mentioned before, the CS:GO Weapon Case was the first case to have ever been released as a part of the “Arms Deal” update in 2013. This case introduced the first knives and their numerous patterns, an item rarity system and other cool looking weapon skins that players could equip. It revolutionized how players interacted with the game, and it served as a foundation for future expansions of such a system. The most notable items of this case were the Bayonet, Karambit, Flip and Gut Knives, which could all have unique and random patterns.

Alongside this, two well-known weapon skins called the AWP Thunderbolt and AK 47 Case Hardened were also introduced. The AK 47 Case Hardened is still highly desired today due to the possibility of unboxing a very rare variant of it called the Blue Gem AK 47, which was sold for 150.000$ by Twitter user and Trader @roflm0nster. This case currently sells for 31-35$ on the Steam Marketplace.

Operation Bravo Case

The Operation Bravo Case was introduced on the 19th of September in 2013 as an addition to the Operation Bravo update. This case was known for its higher price years ago, and that can be credited to one of the skins within it. The AK 47 Fire Serpent and Desert Eagle Golden Koi were the stars of this case, but the Fire Serpent quickly became one of the most expensive skins to have.

As a result of the Fire Serpent’s notoriety, players would trade in 10 Classified rarity weapons from the Bravo Case for a chance to get either the Fire Serpent or Golden Koi. People obviously hoped for the Fire Serpent, as it netted them a big chunk of profit. Not to mention how these Trade Ups were the main topic of many viral youtube videos in 2014 & 15. The price of the Bravo Case surpassed all of its counterparts at the time, and only years later would it even out with cases that came before it. It currently sells for 34-38$ on the Steam Marketplace.

ESL One Cologne 2014 Cobblestone Souvenir Package

Players who watched the ESL One Cologne major in 2014 got the opportunity to acquire this case and then the slim chance to unbox a AWP Dragon Lore and M4A1s Knight. The Dragon Lore is an exceedingly rare and special item, it immediately became one of the most expensive skins a Counter-Strike player could have, but the chance of unboxing it was nearly impossible. This is why players resorted to trading up Classified M4A1s Knight’s in an attempt to get their hands on the Dragon Lore.

At the time, these Trade Ups were very risky as there wasn’t a steady supply of Knight skins, so people had to mix them with classified rarity weapons from other cases. All of this lessened the chances of actually getting the Dragon Lore, and trading up for one was done only by famous CS:GO Youtubers or wealthy Skin Traders. The package itself currently sells for 700-1000$ on the Steam Marketplace, with a Factory New Dragon Lore selling for 12.000$ on external skin trading websites. This case is truly a piece of gaming history. 

Glove Case 

The Glove Case was introduced to CS:GO on the 28th of November in 2016, and its selling feature were the all-new Glove skins. Traffic and hype in the skin community was somewhat stagnant prior to the release of this case, and Valve most likely wanted to diversify their collection of in-game skins. The Glove collection did just that. The Youtube scene absolutely loved this update, and interest in the game was slightly revived.

The prices of these Gloves immediately shot up, as they were similar in rarity to knives. However, you could only unbox gloves via the Glove Case in 2016, so the price of better gloves exceeded even the prettiest of knives back then. Although you can unbox gloves from more cases now, the prices are about the same or even higher. The rarest and most expensive pair of gloves in this collection are the Vice Sport Gloves, and the best minimal wear float version goes for 9000$ on Bitskins. Factory new versions of these gloves have yet to appear on the market. The glove case goes for 1.68$ on the Steam Marketplace.

CS20 Case

The CS20 Case was released on the 18th of October in 2019 with the Cache and Release update. The release of this case commemorated Counter-Strike’s 20th Anniversary, and it introduced the Classic Knife skin to CS:GO.

Counter-Strike veterans were very excited for this, so people were naturally happy when the update dropped. The Classic Knives were released with the same designs as the original CS:GO Weapon Case knives, and the prices are about the same. In conclusion, this update may have not intrigued newer players as much, but it definitely stands as a piece of memorabilia from Counter Strike’s vast history.

So that concludes our personal list of the best CS:GO Cases out there. Some of these have single-handedly had a lot of influence on the gaming community, and the entire economy built around it is an example of just how powerful digital markets are becoming. If you’re interested in skins and everything it encompasses, we have articles on the best CS:GO Skin Unboxing, Selling, Trading and Gambling websites. 

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