The 7 Best CS2 Discord Servers You Should Join

Looking for people to go on your CS2 adventures with you? Or maybe you’re diving into CS2 skins? Here are the best CS2 Discord communities to join!

Updated on Oct 02, 2023
The 7 Best CS2 Discord Servers You Should Join

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Discord

The first server on the list is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Discord server. Though it is not the official CS2 server, this server boasts over 100,000 active members!

CS2 Discord

In the CS2 Discord server, you can talk about anything related to Counter-Strike with other passionate CS2 fans. Most active server members are well-educated about the game itself and its thriving esports scene. You can get into discussions about your favorite professional players and teams!

The CS2 Discord server also has LFG (Looking For Game) channels, where you can quickly find teammates to queue up Competitive with. You’ll be able to post which server you play on, your Competitive rank, and how many players you lack in your party.

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CS.Money Discord

If you want to learn about CS2 skin prices and look for trading partners, then the CS.Money Discord server is the server for you. CS.Money is one of the largest online CS2 trading marketplaces in the world, and its reputation is 100% safe.

CS.Money has its own Discord server where players can talk all about skins and trading and also show off their newly crafted skins for other players to rate.


On the server, you can ask other experienced skin traders to price-check your skins. You’ll also be able to post your skins up for trade and receive trade offers from other players. Overall a handy server for anyone interested in trading and selling skins.

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Counter-Strike Discord

The Counter-Strike Discord is another unofficial yet accommodating CS2 server for players to connect with each other. In this server, you’re free to talk about anything Counter-Strike related, whether it’s CS2 esports, strategies, or experiences.

One cool thing about the Counter-Strike Discord is you can also ask other players technical questions, such as hardware capabilities or ping issues.

You can also recruit long-term team members if you want to find a group of passionate players to grind with. Most recruiters specify the geographical regions, ranks, and positions they need in their team. Or, you can put yourself out there, giving information about yourself, such as your rank, preferred role, and the server you play on.


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LearnCS2 Discord

As the name suggests, the LearnCS2 Discord is the perfect server for beginners who want to learn about CS2 and improve. However, for these players to learn, there must be people who will teach. If you’re an experienced CS2 player and want to lend a hand to these new players, you are also welcome on the server to share your knowledge.

The LearnCS2 Discord is a perfect place to advertise and look for coaching. Experienced players can offer up coaching services to help newer players improve. If you’re a new player and want to experience getting coached, then look no further


Some coaches offer paid services, but others provide free ones. It’ll never hurt to try a free coaching session!

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CS2 Gaming, Trading & Scrims Discord

The CS2 Gaming, Trading & Scrims Discord is a one-stop Discord server for all your Counter-Strike needs. The server has a chat room for players looking to play, and parties lacking one or two people can recruit teammates from there.

The Discord server also holds multiple giveaways from time to time, so if you’re interested in some free skins, this is the server for you!

The server also has a trading community where traders can post their skins up for trade. People can also ask experienced traders for price checks on their weapons if there are any interesting patterns or cool stickers.


If you’re starting out on your content creation journey, the server also allows you to post your content and kickstart your YouTube or Twitch career.

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Teams.GG Discord

The Teams.GG Discord is explicitly made for players to find teammates to play with. The server doesn’t only help CS2 players find teammates, but they have a list of other games such as Apex Legends, Valorant, and Overwatch as well.

Teams.GG has its own Discord bot that is catered to help players find teammates as effectively as possible. Unlike other servers, which require players to find teammates manually, the Teams.GG Discord bot will generate links to your profile for other people to invite easily.


Besides looking for teammates, you can also share your CS2 clips for others to see!

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Trademart Discord

To end off the list, we have another CS2 Discord server for trading enthusiasts. Like Teams.GG, the Trademart Discord server has its own helpful bot to help traders check prices and trade their skins.

The Trademart bot can price-check entire inventories and show inventory histories, generating a graph to help traders visualize their progress as well!


Not only are these inventory checks extremely helpful, but you can also let the bot inspect your skins in Counter-Strike 2 to see how your skins would look in the new game.

Since the server is catered towards traders, you’ll be able to find many experienced traders to discuss with or ask questions.

And there you go! Those are our recommendations for CS2 servers you need to join. Our list covers all aspects of CS2, from finding teammates to learning and getting coached and trading skins.

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