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Best FFA Maps on the CSGO Community Workshop

Would you be willing to warmup before a Competitive game? We handpicked six unique FFA maps from the community workshop, so you don't have to!

Published on Dec 08, 2022
Best FFA Maps on the CSGO Community Workshop

Aiming is essential to getting good at Counter Strike Global Offensive, so you must constantly practice your aim and warm up before a game. One of the best ways to do so is to boot up an FFA map and practice shooting heads against your friends! If you're interested in trying out the FFA deathmatch game mode, we have six FFA deathmatch map suggestions for you!

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Betway FFA Blast Spring 2022

The first map on the list is the Betway FFA Blast Spring 2022!

This particular map is inspired by the competitive map Vertigo! The central concept of Vertigo being a skyscraper is copied onto the map, but it has been tweaked to fit more of an FFA deathmatch style. There are also chickens running around the map. Who doesn't love chickens in Counter Strike?

There are also surf boards on the sides of the map, which you can use to surf onto other parts of the map quickly! A really cool map was also featured in the Blast Spring 2022 tournament video.

Betway FFA


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Betway FFA - Blast Stand-Off

Next, we have another map from Betway, the Betway FFA Stand-Off map!

You can use this fantastic, well-designed map with ramps, walls, and breakable glass! The map allows for many long-ranged battles, which is perfect for players to practice their long-ranged headshots.

There are boxes on the top with breakable glass under them, where shooting the mirror will make the boxes drop. If a p lands on you, then you'll immediately die!

There is also a lower level you can go down to, and again, there are surfboards on the side which you can use to pull off a sneaky flank or run away from a duel!

Betway Map


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One In The Chamber

Our following map on the list is called One In The Chamber! The map features a new and exciting game mode that doesn't follow the regular FFA rules we know today.

Everyone starts with a Desert Eagle and a Knife in this game mode. The twist is that you only have one bullet on your Desert Eagle weapon, and one hit is equal to a kill. When you successfully kill a person with one shot, you will receive another bullet to help you kill the next person.

The game rules ensure you carefully take your shots, which will help you practice your first bullet track accuracy.

The map design follows the ever-popular Dust II and has lots of boxes you can hide behind and peek off of!

One in the chamber


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Nuke FFA Map

The Nuke FFA Map is your best bet if you're looking for a simple map that doesn't have surfboards or whole new FFA aspects.

As the name suggests, the map is inspired by Nuke, another Active Duty Map Pool map. There are no twists or extra stuff in this map, so it's just your normal map that requires primary aim.

You can use many boxes and silos to take your aim duels. The map is also relatively small, so you won't have to lose time running round looking for people all the time.

A really nice map you can play on with a few friends! It is also helpful if you want to get used to the boxes you can find on the actual Nuke map!

Nuke FFA


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Here we have another simple map, and we mean REALLY simple! The FFA_1v1v1v1 map uses the default orange design for all of its structures.

As the name suggests, the map will require four players
because the map needs to be larger to pool in more than four people. You can hide behind and play off of many pillars and boxes.

The map also has a lower level with lots of shadows, which is excellent practice since shadows can be a factor in regular Competitive matches.

Try this map out if the four of you are ready, but your fifth man is taking his time!

1v1v1v1 ffa


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4 Player PvP

The final map on the list is another four-player FFA, titled 4 Player PvP!

The map is more prominent in size than the previous two maps but still has a straightforward design. The map uses the boxes from Dust II, and you can even see the Double Doors on the map.

The good thing about this map is that it's a simple map that provides long-ranged angles. This map offers excellent practice for weapons such as the AWP and is also great for practicing long-ranged headshots with weapons such as the Desert Eagle and the AK-47.

You will also be punished if you step into the open, so it's important that you stay behind cover for peeking advantages and avoid playing in the open.

An awesome map to practice with three of your friends!

4 Player PvP


Those are some of the best FFA deathmatch maps on the community workshop we can select! Definitely try these maps out with your friends if you're trying to improve your aiming capabilities. However, if you're looking to experience FFA deathmatches with more than ten players, then there are always community servers you can pick from!

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