The Best Mods To Try Out In CS2

If you want to take a short break from playing competitive matches, we've got some of the best CS2 mods to turn to!

Updated on Aug 20, 2023
The Best Mods To Try Out In CS2

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Classic Offensive

Are you an old, original Counter-Strike player? Or are you too young to have experienced the Counter-Strike that was played a decade ago? Whichever end of the spectrum you're on, we've got good news for you.

One of the best CS2 mods is called "Classic Offensive." As the name suggests, players can experience a mix of the old Counter-Strike games with some cool touches in the current version of Global Offensive.

In the Classic Offensive mod, you’ll also be able to use historical versions of CS2 weapons. The older versions will have different animations and sounds. Apart from old weapons, you can also experience old maps such as Inferno and Dust II!

Classic Offensive AK

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Font Text Mod

We're all tired of the default font set by CS2 and want something new and flashy. This mod will allow you to choose a font of your liking and apply it to your game. Your team chat and everything with alphabetical letters and your CS2 chat will be changed to your chosen font.

To mod your CS2 font, you'll have to follow some steps:

  1. Download FontManager.exe using this GitHub link and follow the straightforward installation steps.

  2. Once FontManager is ready, it's time for you to find a font you like. To look for fonts, we recommend

  3. Look for your favorite font, then download it for free. A zip file will be downloaded to your device.

  4. Next, launch FontManager, then drag your font zip file onto the FontManager application.

  5. You can adjust the font size, and once you're done, simply click "Apply Selected Font"

Font Text Mod

Now your CS2 font will be changed to the font you've downloaded! The font mod doesn't clash with any sort of gameplay, so it is entirely legal, and you won't get spotted for cheating after changing your font.

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Survival Hardcore

The Survival Hardcore mod in CS2 is an incredibly fun workshop map that you can play with your friends. As the name suggests, you and your friends will play in a tower defense-like game and have to survive by shooting waves of harmful bots and creatures that will try to kill you.

To help you with your journey, you will be able to find weapons to kill these creatures, which are basically CS2 guns. You will also be able to craft items and materials that will help you build a base and find cover while fighting.

Survival Hardcore

In the Survival Hardcore mod, you can also find:

  • Tower defense features

  • Weapon and item crafting

  • Wave durations of ~30 seconds

  • And more!

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Co-op Rescue Mission

The Co-op Rescue Mission mod available to a maximum of 6 players. In this mod, you and your friends will be taken into a rescue mission journey, where hordes of terrorists will try to stop you from accomplishing your goal.

Co-op Rescue Mission Mod

Pick up weapons, blast through doors, get into some high speed car chases and jump on trains, you’ll get every rescue mission experience in this map, just like any Hollywood movie. The Co-op Rescue Mission mod is an all-in-one workshop map package and is a great way to have an hour of fun with your friends!

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Rogue RPG Mod

Unlike the other mods in this article, the Rogue RPG Mod strays you away from normal Counter-Strike gameplay by providing an RPG experience within CS2.

In the Rogue mod, players can expect rogue-lite gameplay focused on an RPG approach. Players can choose from different classes, build decks, play on awesome maps, and fight bosses.

Rogue Mod

You can collect CS2 weapons in random locations as you go on your journey. Bots with fire and other crazy elements will approach you and try to kill you. You'll have to use your weapons and abilities to keep moving on. You can collect new abilities and attributes to make yourself stronger.

Rogue RPG Mod

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CS2 Skins Mod

The next mod on the list is the CS2 Skin Mod. The name of the mod gives a big hint about what it is about. By using a skin mod, you'll be able to have expensive skins for free. Only you can see the skins, as other players won't be able to. Remember that you can get banned for using this mod, so try this mod at your own risk!

Many different versions of CS2 Skin Mods offer different types of skins. You will be able to find these types of mods on websites such as:

  • ModDB

  • YouTube

  • NexusMods

Please be careful when downloading these mods. Make sure to check if any other players have tried the mod and if it is safe from viruses. If you are successful with the mod, you can turn your knife into Rubies and Sapphires and your AWPs into Dragon Lores, all for free!

Skins Mod

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NOBLE Strike (Halo Mod)

Any OG Halo fans would definitely appreciate the NOBLE Strike mod, as the mod provides players with a unique Halo gameplay twist all in CS2.

Upon loading into the NOBLE Strike mod, you will be greeted with a Halo themed main menu, with a sick background and Halo’s soundtrack playing in the background.

The NOBLE Strike mod replaces all CS2 weapons with Halo themed weapons and utility, but can still be played on normal CS2 maps. Check out this picture of a Halo sniper rifle in CS2. How cool is that?

Halo Sniper

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