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CSGO Best Molotovs Ancient

Check this article out to learn about the best molotov lineups on the map Ancient!
CSGO Best Molotovs Ancient

Ancient is the newest addition to the Competitive Map Pool, and people have started learning more and more about the map every single day. Now, lots of useful molotov lineups have been figured out, and we’re here to share them with you today! Continue reading to learn about the best molotov lineups on Ancient.

T Side Molotovs

Since Ancient is a CT sided map, knowing some molotovs for the T side is a must. Don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered.

A Site Molotovs

Here are some useful molotovs that you can throw to make your A site executes cleaner!

Temple Molotov from A Main

Temple is a common angle for CTs to play in. It won’t hurt to use a molotov to force them out of the position.

On A Main, look for this wall on the right side of the entrance. Line yourself up with the brick in the middle. Next, look forward towards Temple. You’ll notice a line of leaves going downwards, follow the line and move your crosshair to the left. 

The next part of the lineup is to find the broken parts of the wall. Once you’ve found it successfully, throw your molotov normally.

Triple Box Molotov from A Main

Triple Box is a pretty safe place for CTs to hold, but that changes once you throw a molotov directly at the area.

Once again, from A Main, use the right side wall of the entrance. Go past the entrance, but come back to line yourself up with the end of the wall. Once you turn around and look towards the Triple Box area, you will notice some square details on the wall.

Look for the second and third square from the left. Line your crosshair up with the line that separates the second and third square. Finally, run and throw your smoke.

Middle Molotovs

The Middle area offers lots of different paths to both bomb sites, so controlling the area can be a great idea. Using some molotovs to clear common Mid angles will definitely help out!

Cave Molotov from T Spawn

Cave is a popular angle for CTs to use to get some quick pick offs for Terrorists coming to Mid from Lower Mid. 

This molotov will be thrown all the way from T Spawn, and can help your teammates go out Mid quickly. At T Spawn, go in between the two rocks which have some sort of fountain going out of it. 

Next, line yourself up with the second branch from the left of this tree. You’ll notice a rectangle to the left of the branch. Line your crosshair up with the top line of the rectangle. When everything is set, jump throw your smoke.

Cubby Molotov from Lower Mid

Throwing a molotov in Cubby is pretty much a guaranteed kill on any CT that may be playing in there.

For this molotov, find yourself in the Lower Mid area. On the left side of the wall, line yourself up with the end of this mossy brick on the wall. Next, look for the highest shadow and follow the bottom line of it. 

From the lowest point of the line, move your crosshair to the left. Finally, do a short run, then throw your molotov.

B Site Molotovs

The B Site has lots of angles to check, so using molotovs can help you reduce the amount of angles you need to look at.

Stairs Molotov from B Main

Stairs is a position that provides Counter Terrorists with a lot of cover and the ability to fall back safely. Molly it out so you won’t have to worry too much about it.

At B Main, lean yourself on the left side wall, then slowly move left and right until you’re lined up with this line in front of you. When you look up, you’ll notice lots of leaves on top of the brick wall. 

Look for the batch of leaves that is directly left from the broken wall, then aim your crosshair at this corner of the leaves. Once everything is set, simply throw your molotov normally.

Ninja Molotov from B Main

The Ninja corner can be really annoying as Terrorists will have to check so many angles on the B Site already, and a CT could very well be in there.

At B Main, look for the corner where the orange wall meets the broken brick wall, then bump yourself into that corner. Once you look up, you’ll notice a white wooden plank with a bucket right next to it. 

Aim for the general top left area of the wooden plank. You don’t necessarily need to be very precise for this one. When everything’s set up, throw your smoke normally.

CT Side Molotovs

By default, the CT side is undoubtedly the easier side to play in, but knowing a few handy molotovs can make the CT side experience even easier.

A Site Molotovs

For the A Site, the molotovs CTs use generally don’t need any complex lineups, as you can simply throw your molotov in a straight line. However, we may have a useful one for you.

Default Plant Molotov from Donut

This molotov can be thrown from Donut to cancel out the default plant spot and buy your team time for rotations. 

At Donut, lean yourself back on the wall that is furthest away from the A bombsite. Slowly move left and right until you no longer see the light coming from the A site

Next, look for the line which is made by one of the walls. This line will be used for our vertical lineup. For the horizontal part, line your crosshair with the line that separates the dark and lighter parts of the wall. Finally, run and throw your molotov.

Middle Molotovs

Gaining mid control is quite important in Ancient, so the use of this molotov may help you out.

Lower Mid Molotov from House

This molotov will land at Lower Mid, which will slow down any potential Mid pushes from the Terrorist side.

For this molotov, find yourself standing on the exit of House towards Mid. There, hug the left side of the wall, and line yourself up roughly in the middle of it.

Next, focus on the big tree and the rope that’s visible right next to it. Aim your crosshair in the middle of the tree and the rope, and move your crosshair downwards along the line until the end of the rope. Finally, throw your smoke normally.

B Site Molotovs

The B Site on Ancient is rather easy to hold as a CT, but add on a few molotovs and it becomes twice as easy!

Double Doors Molotov from B Site

When Terrorists look to rush B, they are likely to go through the double doors to enter B Main. Throwing a molotov on the area can really slow down the push.

On B Site, look for the blue wall next to the pillar on the site. Line yourself up on the left side of the wall on the wooden lines

Next, look forward, where you’ll notice a big tree on the left side of your screen. There is a group of leaves that is sticking out to the right. Aim your crosshair on the corner of all of these leaves, then throw your molotov normally.

B Main from CT Spawn

This B Main molotov can interrupt Terrorists who are looking to set up smokes or molotovs. Check it out.

When you head to B from CT Spawn, you’re guaranteed to come across his wall. Line yourself up on the brick on the left side of this wall. Next, look forward, where you’ll notice a line in the middle of the wooden blue wall. We will use this for the first part of this lineup.

Next, look for this corner of the building on your right hand side, which will be the second part of this lineup. Now, find the middle point between these two parts. The grenade crosshair bind can be very useful for this. Once lined up, run and throw your molotov.

There you have it! Those are ten very useful molotovs to use on Ancient! If you’re interested in learning about more molotovs, check out our articles on Dust II, Cache, and Mirage.

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