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CSGO Best Molotovs on Inferno

Inferno is one of CSGO's most famous competitive maps. Check out some awesome molotovs that you can use on the map!
CSGO Best Molotovs on Inferno

Inferno is known to be one of the most utility-dependent map in the Competitive Map Pool. This makes it quite important for players to understand and apply effective usage of smokes and molotovs. In this article, we'll be teaching you some of the most helpful molotov lineups that you can use on the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist side!

Terrorist Side Molotovs

To find success on the Terrorist side, players will have to make full usage of molotovs. If you're completely lost, don't worry, we've got you covered.

A Site Molotovs

Here are some effective molotovs that can clear out tough angles and a molotov that can help you with post plant situations.

A Long Cubby Molotov

When pushing A Site through A Long, the Cubby position can be quite hard to check as you'll be exposing your back to Library and Arch when doing so.

From Middle, hug the yellow wall on your right hand side, then slowly adjust your position until this wooden line roughly meets the edge of the orange wall. You'll have to slowly move forward or backward to do so.

Next, look up to until your crosshair meets the roofs on top of the two buildings. You will aim your crosshair on the area where both roofs intersect. Once that's done, simply throw your molotov normally. You can then swing out and kill anyone escaping from Cubby.

A Short Under Roof Molotov

When paired up with the Cubby molotov, the Under Roof molotov can be very effective as these two molotovs can help you clear both sides of the A entrance.

For this molotov, you'll have to be pushed up Middle like the previous lineup. This time, hug the orange wall on the left side, and line yourself up with the left side of this door. 


Next, look toward the right side, where you'll see some wooden decoration on the wall. Aim your crosshair at the center of it, then run and throw your molotov. This will cover the entire area and force anyone playing there to take the fight or reposition.

Default Postplant Molotov

If your team has planted on the Default position of A Site, then this postplant molotov can be extremely helpful!

For this lineup, you'll have to be positioned at Boiler inside Apartments. The first step is to line yourself up with the middle of this wall beside the staircase.

Next, look for the line in the middle of this window shown in the video, then move your crosshair upward until you've reached the point just below the roof. Finally, the last step for this lineup is to run and throw your molotov

B Site Molotovs

The B Site can be quite tricky to hit if you're just running in without any utility. Here are some molotovs you can throw before you run into the site!

Coffins Molotov

Coffins is an incredibly popular angle for CTs to hold as it provides them with lots of cover. Throwing a molotov at Coffins can be an amazing idea.

Once you've taken control over Banana, make your way onto this corner by the half wall. Next, face forward at the wooden plank that is leaning on the barrels.

You will aim on the right edge of the wooden plank. Aim your crosshair below the light blue text on the wall in front of the barrels, as shown in the video. The last step will be to jump and throw your molotov.

Dark Molotov

Another common angle that CTs prefer holding from is Dark, which is the area in the corner of the bomb site. Here's how you can clear it with utility.

First off, you'll need to use the barrels to jump on top of the half wall. This may require some practice. Once you've successfully made it up there, you'll have to stand on the corner of the half wall.

Next, face toward the site. You'll notice tree leaves sticking out. Aim your crosshair on the corner of the leaves that are on the far right. When you've done everything to set up the lineup, the last thing to do is throw your molotov normally.

Quad Molotov

The last T side molotov we'll cover is the molotov you can throw for Quad. Check it out.

For this lineup, you will have to bump yourself into the corner where the wooden plank is leaning on the barrels. Once you've done so, look upward at the first set of roofs above you.

You will be aiming at the point where these two roof details meet. To make it easy to remember, you can use the roof above it for reference. When everything is set up correctly, the final step will be to jump and throw your molotov.

Counter-Terrorist Side Molotovs

Throwing molotovs on the CT side are pretty simple and straightforward, so instead, we'll be showing you some useful molotovs in retake situations!

A Site Molotovs

Here are two molotov lineups that will help you clear out common post plant positions that Terrorist players like to abuse. 

Back Site Retake Molotov

Terrorists love playing Back Site as the position provides an immense amount of cover, but not until you throw this molotov.

First off, you'll need to be positioned at Arch. At Arch, you'll notice a window. Line yourself up with the left side of the window, on the white area right next to the window pane.

Look backwards, then look up at the highest roof. You will be aiming your crosshair at this part of the edge of the roof, shown in the video. Finally, all you have to do is jump and throw the molotov

Pit Retake Molotov

This molotov will help you clear out Pit. You'd preferably throw this molotov if you have a teammate positioned in Apartments for the retake. However, you should only throw this molotov if you're smoked out, as this molotov is thrown from a rather open position.

For this molotov, you'll just have to hug the left side wall and keep moving until these two tree leaves are visible on your screen.

You will need to aim your crosshair in between these two sets of leaves, then prepare to do a run throw with your molotov. You will be throwing your molotov as soon as you have almost bumped the wall in front of you. 

B Site Molotovs

Last but not least, here are some cool molotovs you can use to retake the B bomb site.

Default Plant Molotov

If the Terrorists have made it into the bomb site and you're stuck behind the Coffins smoke, then this is a perfect molotov for you. This molotov will help you delay any plant on the Default position.

First, you'll need to bump yourself in this corner next to the short staircase. Next, face forward and look for the top right corner of this little building in front of you.

Aim at the general area of the corner, but make sure you don't aim directly at the corner, as you'll need to move your crosshair a little bit inwards. Finally, throw your molotov normally. This will help you buy time for your teammates to rotate.

Quad Retake Molotov

The final molotov featured on this article will be a Quad retake molotov. You can throw this if you're smoked off at CT Spawn.

For this molotov, you'll need to go into this corner next to the logs and behind the tree. Then, you'll need to aim your crosshair at this line under the roof, directly above the flower pot on the boost spot.

Now, keep your crosshair still, then walk forward until you've bumped the boost spot. Once you've bumped the boost spot, throw your molotov normally. Again, to throw this molotov, you'll need to make sure that there is a smoke in front of you, or else you'll just be standing out in the open with a grenade out.

That concludes it for the most useful molotovs you can use on Inferno! Definitely practice these molotovs in a practice lobby, and make sure to check out our article on the best smokes on Inferno as well! If you're keen on learning more molotov lineups, then check out our molotov articles on Vertigo and Ancient too!

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