Best Players in CSGO

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Best Players in CSGO

With such a high reachable skill ceiling, Counter Strike allows for such a highly contested professional scene. 

Whether its old-time veterans who are brimming with experience or young and upcoming talents who take the world by storm, CSGO esports is always a deadly battlefield between the best of the best players.

Let’s dive in to see the best CS players of all time, who have made their legendary marks in the Counter Strike scene.


Aleksandr s1mple Kostyliev

The Ukrainian prodigy AWPer, Aleksandr s1mple Kostyliev, had a rocky and rather controversial start to his career, being known as a toxic player. With stints on Hell Raisers and Team Liquid, s1mple’s goal was to ultimately join the greatest CIS organization, Natus Vincere. S1mple was finally given his chance to play under the legendary banner of Na'Vi after years of perseverance.

s1mple picture

S1mple always put up monstrous top CS performances throughout many S tier tournaments, winning three Blast Premier MVP awards, but his efforts never rewarded him with a major win. Finally, in 2021, with the right pieces on his team, he was at long last able to win his first major title, PGL Major Stockholm 2021, also earning the Major MVP Award for the big tournament.

Aleksandr s1mple Kostyliev’s individual achievements can be seen in the table below:

2016Number 4
2017Number 8
2018Number 1
2019Number 2
2020Number 2
2021Number 1, PGL Major Stockholm 2021 MVP


Nicolai dev1ce Reedtz

Mr. Consistent, Nicolai dev1ce Reedtz, is known to be the most consistent CSGO player to ever touch Counter Strike. No matter his team, no matter his condition, he would always be putting up star-level performances throughout his entire CS career.

dev1ce picture

Nicolai was a large piece of the puzzle when forming the best team in CSGO history, Astralis. Dev1ce and Astralis were able to win four major titles and become the top team that completely dominated the top CS competition for three whole years.

No matter which roster he was on, whether it was Dignitas or TSM, community members could clearly tell that he was always the top CS player on the roster. His individual skills were able to land him two Major MVP titles, and overall is a safe esports betting choice.

Nicolai dev1ce Reedtz’s individual achievements can be seen in the table below:

2014Number 20
2015Number 3
2016Number 3
2017Number 5
2018Number 2, FACEIT Major: London 2018 MVP
2019Number 3, StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 MVP
2020Number 3
2021Number 11


Mathieu ZywOo Herbaut

The young player Mathieu ZywOo Herbaut started his career like any normal player would, which is by playing for Tier 3 teams in miniscule tournaments. However, he didn’t play like any normal young CSGO player looking to kickstart their CSGO career. He played like an absolute monster.

zywoo picture

It didn’t take long for Mathieu to start receiving attention, as legendary Team EnVyUs in game leader Dan apEX Madesclaire saw the potential and quickly took ZywOo into his arsenal. ZywOo went on to destroy Tier 1 CSGO players in Team Vitality, as if he was smurfing on his opponents, and was eventually able to win a Blast Premier MVP.

The French prodigy has a bright future ahead of him, with apEX and his team right by his side. He has all the resources he needs to become an unstoppable force in the future and continue his clean record on HLTV rankings.

Mathieu ZywOo Herbaut’s individual achievements can be seen in the table below:

2019Number 1
2020Number 1
2021Number 2


Marcelo coldzera David

Brazilian’s star rifler, Marcelo coldzera David, completely blew away all the competition during his prime years. He was an absolute force on the server, putting his team on his back in the majority of his matches.

coldzera picture

After constant improvement and hard work, Marcelo was ready to push everyone away from his path to winning a major. The rifler was able to use his game sense to carry his team into winning his first major win against Team Liquid in 2016. With his win, coldzera was also able to claim the Major MVP Award, and soon was also able to win the ESL Pro League Season 3’s MVP under Luminosity Gaming.

The Brazilian roster transferred over to SK Gaming coming into ESL One: Cologne 2016. The hungry coldzera was able to put up godlike performances to help the SK Gaming roster win their second major, and Marcelo was again crowned the Major MVP, making him have two Major MVP Awards under his belt.

Marcelo coldzera David’s individual achievements can be seen in the table below:

2016Number 1, MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016 MVP, ESL One: Cologne 2016 MVP
2017Number 1
2018Number 10


Christopher GeT_RiGhT Alesund

The Swedish rifler, Christopher GeT_RiGhT Alesund, also known as the “King of Spraying,” is one of the first superstars that Counter Strike has seen. He was completely demolishing the early days of CSGO, with amazing game sense and consistency on his recoil control.

get_right picture

GeT_RiGhT was a crucial piece of the Ninjas in Pyjamas roster that went on an 87-0 winning streak, and the roster was considered to be the most dominant force at the time.

Soon enough, after losing a few Major Finals, NiP were finally able to claim their well-deserved major victory over fnatic to win ESL One: Cologne 2014.

Despite the failure of a second major, the now-retired HLTV player is still considered to be one of the most legendary CS:GO players of all time. He stopped playing professionally in 2021.

Christopher GeT_RiGhT Alesund’s individual achievements can be seen in the table below:

2013Number 1
2014Number 1
2015Number 11
2016Number 18


Olof olofmeister Kajbjer

Olof olofmeister Kajbjer is one of Sweden’s star players in the Counter Strike Global Offensive scene. However, despite being one of the world’s best CS:GO players, Olof’s name isn’t entirely clean, as he was involved in the “Boostmeister incident” graffiti in DreamHack Winter 2014, where the bug abuse incident slightly reduced his reputation as a player.

olofmeister picture

Not only is he full of skill, but Olof is also one of the most creative CSGO players. He will always have some tricks up his sleeve in order to best his opponents.

Once olofmeister made his entrance to the fnatic roster, Olof was able to propel fnatic to the top of the scene, leading him to win two majors with fnatic, also receiving the MVP Award for his victory in ESL One: Katowice 2015.

Olof olofmeister Kajbjer’s individual achievements can be seen in the table below:

2014Number 12
2015Number 1, ESL One: Katowice 2015 MVP
2016Number 8
2017Number 19


Nikola NiKo Kovač

The Bosnian aimbot, Nikola NiKo Kovač, is considered to be one of the best aimers in the entire world. His accuracy with the AK-47 and Desert Eagle leaves everybody jealous of his skill.

NiKo kick started his career during his time in mousesports, and it didn’t take long for his potential to be recognized by the veteran in game leader Finn karrigan Andersen.

niko picture

He was invited to join FaZe Clan, CSGO’s first international super team, and the team was being built around NiKo himself. FaZe Clan fell short of winning their first major final, as North American team Cloud9 robbed FaZe of their first big feat.

After Nikola’s time with FaZe Clan ended, he was bought out by G2 Esports. Up to this day, NiKo is still displaying monster performances on the server, and is known to put up insane ratings as one of the most consistent CS:GO players.

Nikola NiKo Kovač’s individual achievements can be seen in the table below:

2016Number 11
2017Number 2
2018Number 3
2019Number 11
2020Number 4
2021Number 3


Ladislav GuardiaN Kovács

Slovakian AWPer Ladislav GuardiaN Kovács is known to be one of CSGO’s most consistent players who wields the AWP, previously ranked behind dev1ce. He’s always there when you need his AWP kills and is an incredibly reliable player.

guardian picture

GuardiaN made a name for himself in Natus Vincere by distinguishing himself as a world-class AWPer. He was putting up great ratings and consistency throughout his time on the team.

Ladislav was then recruited by FaZe Clan to join the international roster alongside karrigan and NiKo, where they unfortunately failed to win the major title in Boston.

Despite the loss, the community has expressed how GuardiaN is one of the CS:GO players that really deserves to win a major.

Ladislav GuardiaN Kovács’ individual achievements can be seen in the table below:

2013Number 10
2014Number 11
2015Number 2
2016Number 17
2017Number 9
2018Number 11

That concludes the list of the best CSGO players of all time! If you’re looking to be one of the greatest CSGO players, why don’t you check out how these professional players sit and what settings these professional players use?

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