The best sites to sell your CSGO skin in 2020

While the following five are our favorite websites for selling CSGO skins, there are many available which you might also want to check out. They all have their own restrictions, payment options and trading fees attached to them. 

If you were trading skins at the time then you’ll remember 2018. If you’ve only just started trading CSGO skins then you might have not heard about the updates which upset the trading communities of not only CSGO but later every other trader as well. Essentially, Valve introduced a 7-day cooldown for CSGO Steam Items which meant items have a 7 day cooldown time before they can be traded. Since then, Valve has introduced a variety of new trading and market restrictions which means it takes longer to complete trades or makes them more awkward.

When the 7-day lock hit CSGO traders, it damaged trading sites. OP Skins was the biggest CSGO skin trading site in existence and the new trading limit ultimately led to the downfall of the trading platform. The traders who are left are still able to trade, there are just more restrictions in place which makes trading human-to-human more difficult and unpredictable. This is why many websites now use bots for trades.

Remember, if you wish to sell your CSGO skins then you need to compare the different websites to see which one is best for you. There are many CSGO trading websites to choose from and we’ve only listed a few of the best sites here to sell your CSGO skins on.


Skinport (formally known as Skinbay) is one of the sites that use trading bots and has adapted to the new 7-day trading restrictions. When someone places an item up for sale, they put it into the Skinport inventory where it is held for the 7 days until it can be sent to the buyer. The seller still gets their money for the trade as soon as the item is added to the buyers’ Skinport inventory. It will just take 7 days for the buyer to add it to their Steam account. This website is focused on buying and selling skins only, there is no trading here.

For sellers, there is a 10% sales fee in place which includes the VAT. This can be lowered to 5% though by adding “” to your Steam profile name and keeping that in your name during the sale. Money can be left on the account to be used to buy skins or can be withdrawn through Payoneer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Euro Bank Transfer. However, you can only withdraw a maximum of 10,000 Euros a year if your account is verified, without verification the limit is 5,000 Euro per year. Daily you can do up to3,000 Euros for verified accounts and withdraw up to 1,000 Euros for non-verified accounts.

The website has an active social media presence in various places including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram while also have a Twitch account, a Steam group, and a Discord for their community. It also has a long FAQ on the website so if you can’t find the information there, you can also contact the support team directly or ask for help on social media. Skinport has a sleek UI which is professional and easy to use. They do allow trading for various games but the CSGO section has a good range of content for buyers and sellers.

Skin Wallet

The home page of Skin Wallet looks like a website that’s trying to sell you a service, you can only access the trading part of the websites by making an account with them. If you’re just looking through them to see what site to join, this makes it much harder. However, it does explain how to sell your skins.

Players must log in to the site via Steam, select the skins in their inventory they want to sell the site will buy the skins and you can get your money through Payeer. Some skins cannot be sold on the website such as if the value is too low or if the price is unstable. The minimum value of skins you’re trying to sell should be $0.5 for skins and then $1 for cases, souvenirs and graffiti as well.

Skin Wallet has a blog as well which covers a range of topics including CSGO updates, skins, eSports, game advice, and more. To go along with this is a regularly updated Facebook, Twitter, and Steam group accounts for the website. The FAQ helps with a few issues but is not extensive, for further support you will need to sign in before being able to contact the support team. Of course, you can ask for help through social media channels too.

Skins Cash

This global market operates for a large number of countries and has official translations for many as well. It’s mostly a sale website for CSGO skins which means users can sell their unwanted CSGO skins almost immediately through the site. However, there are some skins the Skins Cash will not buy, and to make this easier the website is designed to only show the skins they will buy. This means the filter doesn’t show skins they won’t take to reduce confusion. The only skins they don’t purchase are unpopular ones and those with a recently unstable price.

All sale money is placed into your account to withdraw through a large number of potential methods including PayPal, Bitcoin, Bank Wire, Visa, Payeer, and more. Users have the freedom to select the method they prefer and there is also a Loyalty Program in place to give users bonuses for future transactions. Skins Cash does not add any hidden commissions though the 11.5% cut that Steam takes from every trade is sill applied. The website also holds CSGO giveaways.

Skins Cash has a strong social media presence which includes accounts for Facebook, Twitter, and also a Steam group. They are highly rated on Trustpilot, have a live chat for support if there are any transaction issues and an email support option as well for other questions or problems.


DMarket is designed to be a fast trading place for CSGO skins which means you can quickly sell your skins here. Sellers can immediately sell the items they don’t want to the website for immediate payout and the website also makes it clear what the prices are for skins so you can instantly sell it at that price if you wish. If an item does not have any trading targets placed on it, then there is no instant sale available for it. This means you can still put it up for sale, the item just won’t sell instantly.

While there are a lot of deposit methods for the site, there are considerably fewer withdrawal options available for DMarket. You can withdraw money using Visa, Payoneer, WorldMoney, and some other options. In addition to sales, you can also buy and trade items too through this website. It’s also possible to trade items to get something from another game as well.

The website has a lot of potential social media accounts for you to take a look at including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others. They also have a Steam group, a Discord channel, and a Reddit subreddit that users can use to ask questions and get involved with the community. Their pages are quite active from both the DMarket team and their community.

Trade it

Trade It operates for CSGO, TF2, DOTA 2, and other games. It allows users to sell and trade their Steam inventory items for cash or other skins according to their needs and wants. The site explains exactly how it works on the home page, users just need to sign in through Steam and select what they want to trade then make the trade. It’s all done through bots which means users can complete trades very quickly and with over 22 million completed trades, Trade It is a trustworthy website. However, they do lack a social media presence for most platforms. You can kinda semi-active Twitter page and Steam group for the site.

When it comes to the actual trades,  some items are unavailable for different reasons. Some items are not accepted by the site for trading due to “overstock” or if they are low-value items. For selling items, you just need to click through to “Sell for Money” from the Trade screen on the homepage. This allows you to select what skins to sell to them and select from either Paypal, Bitcoin or Ethereum as your payment option where the site also displays what the transaction fees are for each one.

Support wise, the FAQ isn’t very detailed. It only covers a few issues however they do include some information specific to China users to get around any blocks. There is an email address that can be reached out to for support.

Selling, buying and trading CSGO skins is something that often has a bad reputation but this isn’t always the case, When using legitimate websites with trading bots, trading and selling CSGO items becomes easy and safe. The above websites are some of the best ones currently available to CSGO players though keep in mind that things can change over the years. So always remember to do your own research and checks as well to make sure you stay well-informed and can feel safe with your decision.

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