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The Best Mouse Sensitivity For CSGO

We will help you will learn everything you need to know about mouse sensitivity and how important it is for your gameplay
The Best Mouse Sensitivity For CSGO

If you want to improve your CSGO skills, you should be aware that your aim is likely the most crucial aspect of CSGO. To be effective at aiming, players must be capable of moving their mouse swiftly and accurately, thus it's critical that each player chooses the mouse sensitivity that works best for them. 

Mouse Sensitivity and DPI Explained 

Mouse sensitivity is the term that describes how fast your mouse pointer is, and how quickly it can move on your screen, giving you the ability to aim properly. 

Having an extremely low sensitivity, or a low DPI can make the game useless because your character will spin very slowly, preventing you from hitting any flicks on foes unless you can move your gaming mouse 20 inches in actual distance. Though the ability to hit quick flicks with high sensitivity sounds enticing, it will be nearly impossible to aim properly. 

"DPI" is the abbreviation for "dots per inch." DPI refers to the speed with which the mouse goes across your screen in relation to the physical distance over which the gamer is moving the mouse.

Mouse Sensitivity and DPI Explained 

What is the best sensitivity for CSGO? 

Because most esports professionals employ low sensitivity, it's a good idea to follow their lead if you want to begin your own CSGO journey or simply improve your game. There is no such thing as a perfect sensibility, but it’s worth looking at pros who are mostly using values from 300 - to 1000. Most of them settle somewhere around 400, but you are free to experiment with different settings and see what works the best for you. 

Since mouse sensitivity is one of those CSGO gray areas, there is no perfect sensitivity that will work for everyone. It is a matter of personal preferences and the only criteria you should take into consideration is how comfortable you are in the game.

After a thorough practice session in the game, decide on your particular CSGO best sensitivity. Take your time to experiment with a few different options and then switch them around to see how they affect you.

How To Know Your Real CSGO Mouse Sensitivity?

This is how to calculate your real mouse sensitivity:

  1. Look for your basic DPI number
  2. Look for your mouse sensitivity number
  3. Multiply these two and you have the final number that represents the final parameter for your real game sensitivity

The example for this would be: your DPI is 400, your mouse sensitivity is 2, so your real sensitivity is 400x2=800.

Despite the fact that some players recommend certain sensitivity numbers, you shouldn’t feel bound to choose one particular option, since all of this is a matter of personal preferences. Feel free to test different sensitivity settings as much as you can until you find what works for you.

How To Know Your Real CSGO Mouse Sensitivity?

How to Adjust Your Mouse Sensitivity?

CSGO offers two ways of changing your mouse sensitivity, the first one being through the game menu and the second one through the developer console.

How to Adjust Your Mouse Sensitivity?
  1. Start CSGO game
  2. Open Control Panel
  3. Click On Mouse Options
  4. Change Sensitivity Through Pointer Options Tab

What DPI and sensitivity are pros using?

You should always strive to learn from the best, and CSGO should be no exception to that. In case you have trouble deciding what sensitivity you should choose, here are some of the mouse settings that the best players are using.

Niko (FaZe Clan)4001.38
Stewie2k (EG)4501.85
S1mple (Natus Vincere)4003.09
tarik (EG)8001.1
ScreaM (GLeagion-retired)4002.5
kennyS (G2 Esports)4002.2
Coldzera (00 Nation)8001.1

There you have it. Hopefully, we have helped you get close to deciding which gaming mouse sensitivity is the best for you. Bear in mind that there are no perfect settings out there so don’t get too overwhelmed trying to find the ultimate setting combination. Remember that CSGO is all about having fun and improving your skills, so adjusting the settings will only be there to enhance them and give you the chance to showcase them in their full magnificence.

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