The Best CSGO Skins You Can Get For Under $1

Everyone wants awesome CSGO skins, but not everyone can afford high-end skins. Check out this article for some of the best affordable CSGO skins!
The Best CSGO Skins You Can Get For Under $1

Weapon skins have become a massive part of what CSGO is today, but not everyone can afford amazing skins at high prices. Luckily, there are an abundance of cheap CSGO skins that come in affordable prices. In this article, we'll help you decide on the best cheap CSGO skins that will cost you less than a dollar each. This list will help you pick out few skins if you're low on your Steam Wallet.


AK-47 | Uncharted 

The AK-47 | Uncharted is the first skin to make this list. The gun skin features a tribal design, involving tribal patterns using brown and black colors. It's honestly one of the only good choices for an AK-47 if you're looking for cheap CSGO skins. A Minimal Wear condition on this skin is easily affordable.\


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M4A1-S | Flashback

There aren't many M4A1-S weapon skins close to the price range of less than a dollar, but an M4A1-S | Flashback in it's worst condition can make it slightly above that price point. There's a lot of stuff going on on the skin, but the main idea of it is an attempt to make a suggestion about the duality of man.


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M4A4 | Magnesium

The M4A4 | Magnesium has a very clean design when you look at it at first glance. It's overall such a simple skin with hand painted flames on it. This is an amazing choice for all the minimalists out there, and you can get a Factory New one for less than a buck!


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FAMAS | Neural Net 

Next up is our favorite budget FAMAS skin, the Neural Net. The Neural Net is a yellow-colored skin, which has translucent hydrographic paints throughout the entire skin. It's a bright colored skin that'll make you stand out over the rest!

Neural Net

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AWP | Capillary

The AWP | Capillary is the only AWP skin you can get for this price range, and this particular skin still does a decent job! The Capillary has a dark-colored theme to it, with teal and coral veins applied to it to give the skin some life. Minimal Wear is the best you'd get for this budget though.


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SSG 08 | Abyss

The SSG 08 | Abyss is a classic skin that has been out for a very long time. This skin is arguably one of the best CSGO skins for less than a dollar, as it has an extremely cool design and color scheme. The hydrographic paint pattern along with the oceanic colors make this skin look absolutely amazing for its price.


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Glock-18 | Bunsen Burner

The Glock-18 | Bunsen Burner is arguable one of the easiest choices if you're looking for a cheap Glock skin. The skin has been given a blue patina which is polished off with a flame design on the tip of the weapon. Overall a super nice and simple skin.

Bunsen Burner

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P2000 | Handgun

The P2000 | Handgun will help us get started with the pistols section. The Handgun is a super lively skin, with bright blue and white colors visible throughout the skin. The skin features a custom paint of a hand making an aiming gesture. Just a super cool skin in general.


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Five-SeveN | Kami

The Five-SeveN | Kami is yet another classic CSGO skin. It has a white color, and the main idea of the skin is that it has been painted with hydrographics of Japanese manga patterns. It's a super cool and simple skin that is 100% worth the selling price.


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Tec-9 | Isaac

The Tec-9 | Isaac is an incredibly popular choice for cheap skins, and you can even get them for below a dollar! The skin features a sci-fi design with a color combination of black and red. This color combo can never go wrong and it still is one of the cheapest skins for the level of it's design!


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CZ-75 | Tigris

The CZ-75 | Tigris comes from the popular Breakout collection, and is an amazing low-end skin. The weapon skin has been custom painted with gloss-paint in a tiger stripe pattern. A super cool design that works well with the small size of this pistol.


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Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze

Let's be real. The Oxide Blaze is just a cheaper substitute to the Desert Eagle | Blaze. But when we say cheaper, we mean REALLY cheap. You can get a Factory New one for fifty cents, and the gun skin still looks cool for such a low price. 

Oxide Blaze

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PP-Bizon | Osiris

The PP-Bizon | Osiris is one of the best cheap CSGO skins for under a dollar. You get so much value and design on this skin for such a low price. The high-tech design in black, white and amber colors do an amazing job to make it a minimalistic, yet creative skin.


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MAC-10 | Candy Apple

The Candy Apple MAC-10 skin is a plain apple red skin. It's super simple but gets the job done with being a decent skin at a low price. A popular choice for minimalists who prefer simple, cheap skins and nothing too chaotic.

Candy Apple

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MP9 | Ruby Poison Dart

The MP9 | Ruby Poison Dart has a red and purple metallic paint concept, with a black color as its base coat. The skin looks a little chaotic, but that doesn't make it bad. It is a very solid skin for this price range and we definitely recommend you to get one for yourself!\

Ruby Poison Dart

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MP7 | Cirrus

The MP7 | Cirrus is quite an eye-catching skin at this budget level. It has a really cool blue and black metallic color scheme, and even has a skull decal imprinted on the weapon. This is a super awesome looking skin at such an affordable price.


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P90 | Module

Another classic CSGO skin. The P90 | Module makes it to the list. The Module weapon skin has been painted using metallic paints of blue and dark colors, giving the skin an interesting dynamic of colors. However, the main highlight is the hexagonal pattern which makes the skin look awesome.


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MAG-7 | Heat

Moving on to the shotguns, we have the MAG-7 | Heat. The skin has been custom painted to look as if it just came out from a forgery. Overall a super clean skin which has red, glowing colors to make the skin stand out a little more. 


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Sawed-Off | Origami

You can get a Sawed-Off | Origami in Factory New condition for less than fifty cents making it one of the cheapest CSGO skins on this list. In our opinion, it's worth every cent and more. The skin's main concept is an origami-inspired design, and the bright yellow colors on the back of the skin make the skin look really good.


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Nova | Koi

The Nova | Koi has a very interesting concept that works really well with the Nova as a weapon. Like the name suggests, the central concept of the skin is a custom paint of koi scales from a koi fish. This is a super nice skin that you can get for below a dollar, as it is one of the cheapest CSGO skins on this list.

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XM1014 | Slipstream

The Slipstream skin on the auto-shotgun is honestly a very clean skin for such a cheap price. The skin has a mix of smoky greys and vibrant blues custom painted onto it. The skin looks extremely appealing considering the budget and is not a bad choice at all.


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Negev | Man-o'-war

The Negev | Man-o'-war shares the same weapon skin as the famous AWP | Man-o'-war, but the difference is that you can get this Negev skin for extremely cheap. The metallic blue base coat and hand-painted metallic gold swirls and accents always makes the Man-o'-war gun skins a solid choice.


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M249 | System Lock

The M249 | System Lock is another popular choice for players who look for skins in this price range. The gun has a custom painted sci-fi design, with black and red being the two main colors. If you have extra money to spend, apply some red-colored stickers on this weapon and it'll look amazing. 

System Lock

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That concludes our list for good cheap CSGO skins. We hope that this article has helped you pick out some cheap skins that'll improve your loadout. If you're looking to upgrade from the best cheap CS skins, maybe trading skins or buying better skins on websites could help you. 

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