CSGO Best Smokes Ancient

Ancient is the newest addition to the Competitive map pool, so it is understandable to now know any smokes on it. Start learning the best smokes in Ancient now!
CSGO Best Smokes Ancient

Though Ancient has been out for quite a long period of time already, not many players have actually tried the map yet. That is up until the announcement where Ancient would be joining the Competitive Map Pool. Now, professional teams and competitive players are starting to give Ancient the popularity that it deserves. If you’re also looking to get started on this map, we’ll teach you some of the most handy smokes that you can use in this map.

A Site Smokes

The A Site on Ancient has lots of angles that pesky CTs can hide in. That is why a couple of smokes can really make it easier for Terrorists to hit the site!

A CT Spawn Smoke

Just like any other map, the CT Spawn on every site is a common positions where rotating Counter Terrorists will show up to defend or retake the bomb site. Lots of potential gunfights can occur in this point of contact, so it is best to smoke it off!

For this smoke, we will find ourselves in Long A. Look for the short, mossy wall on the left side. Once you have located the specific wall, line yourself up with the middle of the two rocks that are shown in the video. 

Next, look forward towards the direction of the leaves that are directly in front of you. We will be using the right half of this particular leaf. Now, look for the line that separates a lighter and darker shade of the leaf. Move your crosshair along the line to the right side, then jump throw your smoke.

This smoke will land on CT Spawn and smoke off any potential rotators, slowing them down.

A Tunnels Smoke

The Tunnels area in the A Site is an incredibly common angle to hold, and CTs coming from Middle will most likely end up in Tunnels as well. Smoking off Tunnels can be a great idea, so that Terrorists will have less angles to worry about when entering the site.

First, make your way to Long A. Then, look for the left side of the short staircase. You will notice lots of details and different lines, but for this particular lineup, we will be lining ourselves up in the middle of the two lines on the far left. 

Next, look up and locate the top right corner of the brick details on the wall. Once you have found the correct corner, move your crosshair upwards until you meet the line that is sticking out of the dark wall. When everything is set, jump and throw your smoke.

The smoke will bounce off the wall, and land exactly on Tunnels, blocking off any potential AWPers that may be playing there.

Middle Smokes

The Middle area has lots of pathways that allow players to make their way into any of the two bomb sites, so taking control over the area can be very advantageous. Here are some smokes that you might find helpful!

Middle House Smoke

The House callout which can be found in Middle is probably the area with the most frequent point of contact, since it is the best position for CTs to fight for Mid control. This makes the House smoke a must-know for any Ancient player.

The good thing about this smoke is that it can be thrown from T Spawn. Line yourself up with this corner of the broken pillar in T Spawn. Next, look for the oval bricks that follow the outskirts of the large door. 

For this smoke, we will be locating the first full brick on the right side, starting from the top. After you have located the correct brick, aim for the top left corner of it. The last step will be to jump and throw the smoke.

If thrown properly, the smoke will bounce off the stairway in Middle, and land perfectly on the entrance to House.

Middle Tunnels Smoke

The Tunnels area in Middle refers to the pathway that players can take to go to the A Site, meaning that Tunnels is located on the left side of Mid if you are coming out of T Spawn. This Tunnels smoke is used to get into House safely.

Once again, we will find ourselves in T Spawn. For this lineup, we must locate the trapezium-shaped tunnel and use the left side of it. Roughly line yourself up vertically with the point where the lower brick meets the upper brick.  

Similar to the previous smoke, we will be using the first complete brick on the right side of the door, starting from the top. Instead, we will be lining our crosshair up with the bottom right corner of this specific brick. When everything’s set, jump throw the smoke.

When thrown properly, the smoke will bounce off the “A” sign and completely block off the angle. This smoke can help Terrorists gain Mid control.

B Site Smokes

The B site can be quite tricky to hit, as all the entrances into the bomb site are pretty tight. Counter Terrorists can easily spray incoming players down, so smoking off the required angles will be the best procedure.

B Site Square Smoke

“Square” is one of the two locations where CTs can peek from the CT Spawn area. Counter Terrorists love to hold this angle as it provides them lots of cover, and offers a quick escape route when needed. This is a must-know smoke if you want to have clean B Site executes.

First off, we will need to locate the right side door in B Main. For this lineup, line yourself up with the corner of the door, next to the circular handle. Then, look upwards and to the left.

Once you have looked towards the correct direction, you should notice a set of leaves on top of the brick wall. Locate the leaves that look like it is just a straight line, as shown in the video. If you have located the correct leaf, aim for the tip of the leaf, then throw your smoke normally. 

The smoke will do a short bounce off the wall, then completely cover Square in the B site. This smoke is best paired with the Stairs smoke, which will be covered next.

B Site Stairs Smoke

“Stairs” in the B site refers to the furthest angle from CT Spawn, which can also be known as Back Alley. The Stairs smoke is incredibly useful as it is a very common angle for an AWPer to hold. Let’s check out how to throw it.

The first step is to position yourself next to the left door in B Main. On the back side of the door, you will notice a black circle. We will be lining ourselves up with this circle for the lineup. There will be two parts to aim for in this lineup, so bear with us, and make sure that you crouch for the entirety of this lineup. 

The first point will be the top right corner of the highest point in the wall that is in front of you. The second point is the roof which is directly above you. Once you have created this vertical line that connects these two points, look for the general middle of the two. After everything is good, throw your smoke. Remember to be crouched for this entire process.
The smoke will softly bounce off of the wall, and bloom perfectly in the Stairs angle, blocking off any pesky AWPers. However, be careful of a potential boost that will allow the enemy team to peek above the smoke.

B Site Cave Smoke

Cave in B Site is another extremely popular angle for Counter Terrorists to play in, as the same position allows CTs to also watch Mid and the outside of B. You can always expect to see CTs peek out from there, so smoking it off will never hurt. 

For this lineup, we will be in B Main, right outside of T Spawn. Look for the open area, and then bump yourself into the corner where there are lots of random bricks visible on your screen. 

Look for the wavy design on top of the doorway, then identify the line that is on the left side of the middle of the detail on top of the doorway. Then, follow the line all the way down to its lowest point. Once you have properly done so, simply jump throw your smoke.

The smoke will hit the wall and bounce right into the middle of the Cave angle, slowing down and blocking off any potential Counter Terrorist that is rotating from Mid.

That concludes it for all the best must-know smokes in the map Ancient. If you’re unfamiliar with some of the callouts that were featured in this article, check out our guide on this particular map! If you’re looking to expand your map pool as well, learn the best smokes in Vertigo, Cache, and Nuke on our website as well!

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