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Best Smokes CSGO Inferno

Looking to increase your map pool and become a more versatile player? Learning smokes on Inferno can help you with that. Check out the best Inferno smokes here!
Best Smokes CSGO Inferno

Inferno is known to be a utility-heavy Counter Strike Global Offensive map, as grenades can be incredibly useful with taking map control. This means that learning a thing or two about the Inferno smokes can be a great idea, doesn’t it? Well don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered! Continue reading to find out some of the best smokes on the map Inferno!

A Site Smoke Lineups

The A Site can be a tricky bomb site for Terrorists to execute in, as there are many angles and positions that Counter Terrorists can hide in. Having to clear so many angles in a short period of time can be really troublesome, so check out some A Site Inferno smokes that can make the process easier!

A Site Balcony Smoke Spot

The Balcony is a common angle that Counter Strike Global Offensive players like to abuse, so smoking it off can be a fantastic idea. To line up the smoke, you will need control over Second Mid after leaving T Spawn, as that is where you will be throwing the smoke grenade from.

The first step is to locate the lined pattern on the ground. Line yourself up with the line on the back, and bump yourself onto the white wall. Once you have done so, look forward and face the sky, until you see an antenna on top of the house that is sticking out.

The last step is to aim exactly at the tip of the antenna, then throw the smoke grenade normally. The smoke grenade will bounce off of the top of the house, and land perfectly on Balcony, blocking out CT Side players that are playing there.

The Balcony smoke will make pushing into the A Site much easier, as it covers off a common angle.

A Site Pit Smoke Spot

Pit is one of the strongest places that Counter Terrorists can play, as the area gives a lot of cover for them to hide behind. To throw the Pit smoke, you’ll need Mid control first, so that you won’t get picked off while lining up the smoke grenade.

First, you will need to line yourself up with the center of the gray line which can be found on the wall of the orange building. Next, look right until you see the left corner of the roof, and the top right edge of the flower pot. 

Once you have identified both corners, you will need to line your crosshair up with the middle of where the two corners meet. Then, throw your smoke normally. The smoke will land right outside of Pit. The grenade crosshair bind can be very helpful for this lineup.

Smoking off Pit will reduce a lot of your concerns when you are rushing into the A bomb site.

A Site Top Mid Smoke Spot

Aside from Apartments, Terrorists can go to the A Site through the A Long side. A Top Mid smoke can be very useful to block off the right side of the entrance.

The good thing about this Top Mid smoke is that you can throw it from a safe position, which is from lower mid outside of T Spawn. First, bump yourself onto the corner on Underpass. Next, look at the roof of the yellow house on the right. 

The first point of the Top Mid smoke lineup is the left edge of the roof, and the second point will be the top edge of the roof. Once you have located both points, line your crosshair up in the middle and throw the smoke grenade normally.  

The Top Mid smoke will block off the right side, which can be really useful for Terrorists to make their way to A Long. Make sure to line it up properly so it won’t turn into a one way smoke for the CTs!

A Site Arch Smoke Spot

The Arch smoke can be crucial if you’re looking to do an A split, as Arch in A Long is a common contact point that rotating Counter Terrorists come from. This makes knowing the Arch smoke very necessary for Counter Strike Global Offensive players.

Locate the broom which is located between Mid and Second Mid. Then, look left, and you’ll notice a pair of windows on the orange house. You will need to focus on the line that separates the windows on the right side as the first part of the lineup. 

For the second part of the lineup, you will need to locate the bottom corner of the roof on the yellow-painted house. Once you are able to find both of the required spots, line up your crosshair between both of them. If you have succeeded on the lineup, simply throw the smoke grenade, and it will block off Arch nicely.

This will completely block off CTs coming from CT Spawn, forcing them to either push through the smoke or rotate from Library.

A Site Library Smoke Spot

Library is another angle that Counter Terrorists usually rotate from. A Library smoke that blocks the angle off can help Terrorists advance through Arch side easily.

To throw the Library smoke, you will need to control Top Mid. Once you have made it to Top Mid, bump yourself into the corner on the left. Then, face the white wall that has lots of dark details.

You will need to look for the dot which is the lowest point of the dark details, as shown on the video below. After locating the dot, you will need to jump throw your smoke. If the Library smoke is done successfully, Library will be completely blocked off.

The Library smoke can really annoy rotating Counter Terrorists and buy Terrorists lots of time to make their way onto the A Site.  

B Site Smoke Lineups

Unlike the A Site, the Inferno B Site on Inferno is more straightforward, as it only has one main entrance, which is Banana. However, there are still many objects that Counter Terrorists can hide behind, so learning a smoke or two for the B Site can make your life much easier.

B Site Coffin Smoke

Coffin is a very common angle that CTs abuse, as it provides cover and a quick escape route once things get messy. This makes the Coffin smoke very significant when you’re looking to run into the Inferno B site.

To line up the smoke, you will need Banana control after you leave T Spawn. Once you have reached Banana, go to the right hand side of the logs, then push yourself onto the corner until you get stuck. Then, look for the two sphere-shaped tips on top of the railing. 

Both of the spheres will be needed for the lineup. After locating both tips, line your crosshair up on the center of both spheres, then simply throw the smoke. The Coffin smoke will completely block off CTs holding B site from the same corner, and won’t become a one way smoke for the enemies.

The Coffins smoke will allow Terrorists to have one less angle to worry about, and can focus on the B Site itself and CT Spawn.

B Site CT Smoke 

Counter Terrorists can hold B site from CT Spawn, which can be extremely troublesome for incoming Terrorists if the angle isn’t smoked off. Learning the CT Smoke to smoke off CT Spawn can solve a lot of problems.

Once again, you will need to go from T Spawn to Banana to line up this smoke. Look for the brick detail on the right side of the walls, then line yourself up on the left side of the bricks. Next, look for the tip of the chimney as your first spot for the lineup. 

The second part of the CT smoke lineup will be the corner of the roof directly on top of where your character is standing. Once you have located both parts, aim on the middle of them, and throw your smoke normally. 

This CT smoke will completely block off CT Spawn which can help Terrorists cross to the B site in a safe manner. The CT smoke is one of the two smokes that is necessary for Terrorists to utilize.

That will be all the smoke lineups that we can cover in this article. Know that there are still many smokes that you can find out on Inferno, including finding a one way smoke as well. If you’re looking to learn smokes on other maps as well, check out our articles on Dust 2 and Mirage!

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