CSGO Best Smokes Nuke

Nuke can be quite tricky if you’re playing on the Terrorist side. To increase your chances of success, smoke lineups can help you out. Learn some smokes here!
CSGO Best Smokes Nuke

Nuke is known to be one of the most CT sided maps in the entire game, so knowing a handful of useful smokes can definitely increase your chances of grinding those T side rounds. However, the bomb sites are pretty closed and compact, making it quite difficult to have lineups to throw for each site. This makes it important to know some useful smokes to help you take control over the map. Here are the best smokes on Nuke!

A Site Smokes

A Site is arguably the trickier one to hit out of the two, as Terrorists will have to worry about many angles, and any potential CTs that are holding from elevated angles. Yeah, it’s a pretty difficult site to take. However, a few smokes will definitely make it easier!

A Heaven Smoke

The Heaven area is the perfect place for Counter Terrorists to defend the A bomb site, whether they’ll be using rifles or the AWP, making Heaven an angle that must be smoked off whenever possible. 

First off, make your way onto the roof, then jump on top of the shortest silo in sight. Then, jump towards the golden spot which is right next to the large silo. The next steps may be complicated, but bear with us.

The first point will be the bottom right corner of the massive hemisphere building, where the corner connects to the top of the roof. Next, if you look closely, another large building is visible right behind the hemisphere shaped building, so we will be aiming at the lowest point where those two buildings connect.

Once both points have been located, use the grenade crosshair bind to find the middle of the two points, then throw the smoke normally. Though the smoke doesn’t land perfectly on Heaven, it will still get the job done.

A Main Mini Smoke

The Outside area is a very important part of the map, so it’ll be no surprise to see CTs around the area. Mini is the fastest way for Middle CT players to rotate from, so smoking it off when you’re doing a fast A execute is recommended.

This particular lineup is quite easy, but there are two steps to it. First, we will need to break the Squeaky Door, and the fastest way to do so is by throwing a HE Grenade right at it. For this grenade, aim at the general area of the “A” sign, and the door will blow up.

Since the door no longer blocks it, we can now throw a quick smoke to block Mini off. Simply aim for the general area of the entrance to Mini, as shown in the video, and the smoke will most of the time block the angle off perfectly.

The great thing about this smoke is that you can do it very early in the round and surprise Counter Terrorists with your fast tempo.

Outside Smokes

The Outside area covers a huge portion of the map, meaning it gives lots of pathways and entrances to both bomb sites. The area is usually highly contested by both teams, as controlling Outside means that you are controlling a large part of the map. Let’s check out some smokes for the area!

Outside Cross Smoke Wall 1

One of the greatest challenges for Terrorists is to make their way safely to the Secret area, as the Outside is the only way to get there. The Outside area is extremely open, so it makes it very easy for CTs to pick Terrorists off. Creating a smoke wall will greatly help Terrorists cross over.

For the first half of the wall, line yourself up in the middle of the two fences, right next to the “Caution” sign. If a yellow forklift is on your crosshair, then you’re at the right spot. Next, look for the top right corner of the tallest rectangular figure, which will be the first point of this lineup.

Next, look for the pole that is right next to it. Simply move your crosshair horizontally from the corner, until your crosshair meets the pole. Once that is done, simply throw the smoke.

The smoke will cover the back half of the wall. Make sure to get someone to do the second part of the wall!

Outside Cross Smoke Wall 2

To complete the smoke wall, this particular smoke will be needed as well. This smoke will land on the front half of the Cross area, and will completely block off any vision that Counter Terrorists may have.

For this lineup, we will be going into the middle of the see-through fence, and the solid colored fence on the right of it. Once you have lined yourself up properly, face forward and look at the direction of Silo.

You will notice that there is a line of a thin pipe on the right of Silo. We will be using this pipe for our vertical lineup. Next, telephone wires will be visible behind this pipe. Aim your crosshair at where the pipe meets the highest wire, then throw your smoke normally.

The smoke will go through the pipe, then land on the back end of the cross, completing your smoke wall. A proper smoke wall should look something like this:

Outside Garage Smoke

Garage is arguably the best spot for Counter Terrorists to hold using an AWP, as the Outside area offers lots of long ranged battles and open positions. If you’re not planning on using the smoke wall to go to Secret, this Garage smoke is a must-know.

For this smoke, climb up the ladder and get on top of the rectangular blue box that is directly outside of T Spawn. Once you’re up there, head over to the top right corner of the box and line yourself up there. 

Next, look up towards the Silo. You’ll notice a hinge on the right side of the Silo. Line your crosshair slightly above the dark dot that can be seen on it. Then, simply throw your smoke normally.

The smoke will land perfectly in front of Garage, and will prevent any AWPers from safely peeking behind cover.

B Site Smokes

The ideal way to break into the B site is through Secret, but that can never be the case all the time. The substitute method is to go through B Ramp, but it can be a tricky area of the map to control. Here are a few smokes that will help you out!

B Ramp Cross Smoke

Going through B Ramp makes the lives of Terrorists much easier, but getting into the area in the first place can pose lots of problems. Smoking off the Ramp Cross will allow Terrorists to take more favorable fights instead of peeking dry. 

First off, make your way into Trophy Room. Once you’re there, you’ll notice a few white chairs on the side. We will be using the most outer chair on the right, and bumping ourselves into the corner. 

Next, look for the glass doors and windows on your left hand side. You will notice a line on top of these glass windows, where we will be using the line on the far left. Aim around the middle of the line, then run and throw your smoke. You can also throw a pop flash from the same lineup, which can help you further take better gunfights.

The smoke will land perfectly on the Ramp Cross and allow you to cross safely.

B Window Smoke

If you’re going into the B site with little to no information, CTs can pounce on you from many different angles. The most common angle could be from B Window, so smoking it off can help you reduce the risk of getting caught off guard.

For this smoke, you will need to take control over B Ramp. Then, go to the furthest left corner, which is right next to the red box. Make sure you line yourself up on the left corner instead of the right one. 

You will notice two sets of handles that are on the top area of the boxes. We will be using the right handle, where we will be aiming slightly left from it, following the lowest point of the handle horizontally. When everything is set up, simply throw the smoke.

The smoke should land straight outside of Window without bouncing off any wall. Try to practice this lineup so that you can throw it as quickly as possible.

That concludes it for some of the most useful smokes on the map Nuke! If you’re looking to increase your Competitive map pool, definitely check out our smokes articles on Dust II, Mirage, and Overpass as well!

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