CSGO Best Smokes Train

Train, known to be one of the more confusing maps, can still be a fun map if played properly. Learning some smokes can make the Train experience enjoyable!
CSGO Best Smokes Train

Train was rotated out of the Active Duty Map Pool, due to its complex design, and how CT sided the map is. However, this doesn't necessarily mean the map is bad, as Train is a perfect fit for people who are looking for a challenge. If this sounds like you, then learning some handy smoke lineups can help you once you load into a Counter Strike match in this map. Check out some essential Train smokes below for your future games on the map!

A Site Smokes

The A bombsite has an open ceiling, as there are no roofs on top of the area. This gives players the opportunity to use smokes without the fear of hitting any rooftops or skyboxes, allowing lots of useful smokes to be thrown from afar. Here are the best smokes that you can use to take the A site.

A Sandwich Smoke

The “Sandwich” spot refers to the area in between the blue and red trains on the A site. This is a common angle that CTs like to hold, as Terrorists are expected to make use of this area to break into the bombsite.

First, locate the pipe next to the doorway in T Spawn. Once you have found it, line yourself up with the middle of it, as shown in the video. Then, look for the line in between the pipe and the box that is sticking out of the building above you. 

For the second point, aim at the top right corner of the circular structure, which is also the highest visible object on your screen. Then, aim between both points and release the smoke normally. The grenade crosshair bind can be very useful for this lineup.

A Bomb Train Right Side Smoke

It is common for AWPers on the CT side to play around the Bomb Train, specifically on the right side. This smoke will help Terrorists force the AWPer off the angle so that you they can walk into the site safely.

The first step is to climb up the large dumpster in front of T Main Spawn. Line yourself up with the top left corner of the square dumpster. The first part of the smoke lineup is following the left side of the middle chimney vertically.

The second part of the smoke will be to aim your crosshair on the top right corner of the building. Similar to the last smoke, aim between both points and then chuck the smoke regularly, no jump throw needed. 

A Connector Smoke

Connector is arguably the fastest way that Counter Terrorists can use to rotate from B to A, so you’ll expect to see lots of CTs coming from that direction. Due to that, it would be very wise to completely smoke Connector off to delay rotations.

You will be using the same dumpster as the previous lineup, but this time, you will line yourself up with the middle of the two boxes directly in front of you. 

Once you are positioned correctly, look upwards and head over to the left. You will notice the corner of a building standing out. This means that you will be using the same exact corner as the previous lineup. When everything is set, simply let go of the smoke. 

The smoke will provide lots of cover and allow Terrorists to have more options on how to approach the bomb site.

A Ebox Smoke

Though Ebox isn’t a common angle that CTs usually play in, it is still an important area as lots of Terrorists are expected to cross from A Main to the Ebox area. Smoking off Ebox can be a good idea so that you won’t get unnecessarily picked off.

For this lineup, look for the sizable gap between the two trains, then bump yourself into the corner of the furthest train. Once you have made it there, look upwards, where you will notice a telephone line that crosses the gap. You will be using that line for the horizontal side of the lineup.

Aim for the top right corner of the roof, then slowly move your crosshair along the line, towards the right. Keep moving your crosshair until it is slightly distant from the corner, as shown in the video. When it is all set up, do a normal throw with your smoke grenade.

B Site Smokes

Unlike the A Site, the B bombsite has closed ceilings, so throwing smoke lineups can be much trickier. However, there are still some open windows and hallways where you can line up your smokes from. Check them out!

B Lower Ramp Smoke

The Lower Ramp smoke is probably the easiest one on this list, but has immense impact for Terrorists who are pushing B. This smoke will greatly limit the vision that CTs have over B Ramp, and help Terrorists cross to the bombsite without facing casualties.

For this smoke, you won’t really need to line yourself up with anything. Simply walk towards the general area in front of the Lower Ramp, then look for the line where the shadow meets the light. 

However, try to aim your smoke slightly behind where the shadows of the telephone line and the shadow of the train meet. If you’re looking at something similar to our description, then the last step is to simply throw your smoke normally.

B Upper Ramp Smoke

If you’re not going to B from Ivy and CT Spawn, then realistically the two only ways to go in B are through Lower Ramp and Upper Ramp. Now that we’ve learned the Lower Ramp smoke, let’s check out the Upper Ramp one.

First off, locate the two electrical boxes that can be found at the end of the hallway. Once you’re in between the two boxes, you’ll notice a line in the middle of them. Line yourself up with the line.

When you look towards the Upper Ramp area, you’ll see a square above the doors. Use the right side of this box, where you can see a wall painted light brown. Aim at the middle of the rectangle, then let go of your smoke normally. 

B Connector Smoke

Same as the Connector in A, the B Connector area is also arguably the most common rotation route that Counter Terrorists tend to take, so smoking it off can never go wrong. 

For this smoke, bump yourself into the corner where the brick wall meets an extra, extended layer. This corner is quite slippery, as sometimes you can slide right off, so make sure to take your time. 

Next, turn around and look above the “B” sign on the wall. Then, aim your crosshair at the top right corner of the first vertical bar from the left. Once everything is correct, run a few steps and throw your smoke. This smoke may require some practice, so try to test it out yourself before hopping into a real game!

B Default Left Side Smoke

In order for Terrorists to cross from Lower Ramp to the area where they can plant the bomb, they will have to cross over a large gap between two trains. This cross creates the perfect opportunity for CTs to pick incoming Terrorists off. The following smoke will solve that problem.

First, look for the extended layer, the same one that was used for the previous lineup. On the left side of the layer, you will notice a line. You will need to line yourself up with this line.

For the horizontal part of the lineup, you will be using the top of the wall, right below the metal fence on top of it. Then, look for the left line next to the window panes that can be seen from far away. Then, chuck the smoke normally with the help of the grenade crosshair bind.

There you have it! These are some of the most essential Train smokes available in the game. Since it is usually difficult to secure rounds on the Terrorist side, using these smokes can really help you increase your hope and chances to do so. If you’re interested in learning more smoke lineups on other competitive Counter Strike maps, check out our articles on Overpass, Cache, and Ancient!

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