CSGO Best Smokes Vertigo

Vertigo has been gaining lots of popularity recently. Let’s make sure you’ll always be ready for a game of Vertigo with some useful smokes up your sleeve.
CSGO Best Smokes Vertigo

Vertigo is one of the newer additions into the Active Duty Map Pool, but most Counter Strike players have already gotten comfortable with playing the map. If you’re looking to add Vertigo to your Competitive map pool, then learning some handy Vertigo smokes is definitely the way to go. Here are some of the best smokes that you will need to know in order to find success in Vertigo!

A Site Smokes

The A site in Vertigo can be quite tricky, as the site isn’t that open, so Terrorists may find it difficult to find space to work with. Due to the A site being compact, effective smokes can really help your Terrorist side going.

A Site Entrance Left Side Smoke

Since the A site can be quite hard to break into, smoking off the entrance to it can be a great idea. This smoke will allow you to go from Long A to the bomb site quite comfortably. Let’s check out how to throw it.

First off, you will need to be positioned on A Ramp, meaning that you will have to take control over the area first. Next, make your way to the sandbag that is visible on the left side of the ramp. 

You will now turn around to look for the corner where the floor meets the yellow wall. Then, simply jump throw the smoke, and it should smoke off the left entrance of the A bomb site. 

This smoke will allow you to cross safely, as this will completely block off the CT’s vision if you are coming from Long A.

A Site CT Spawn Smoke

Counter Terrorists often peek from CT Spawn, as it is an angle where CTs can shoot from far away and still have good cover to go back to. This makes the CT Spawn angle a must-smoke if you want to hit A.

For this smoke, you will once again need control over A Ramp. You will need to locate the sandbags that are in the front corner. Then, bump yourself into the corner between the sandbags and the right side wall. 

Next, look up at the electrical tower, where you will notice multiple hinges popping out on the left side of the tower. We will be using the lowest hinge for this lineup. Simply aim your crosshair slightly above the corner of the hinge, then throw the smoke normally.

This smoke will land right at CT Spawn if thrown correctly, making you have to worry about less angles when breaking in! 

A Site Heaven Smoke

Though smoking off CT Spawn can help a lot, Counter Terrorists can still abuse the Heaven angle which is located in the same place. Therefore, it is a good idea to pair the previous smoke with this Heaven smoke to completely block the area off.

Just like the previous two smokes, we will be finding ourselves in A Ramp to throw this particular smoke. For this lineup, we will be using the same sandbag as the first smoke that is featured in this article. First, line yourself up with the side of the sandbag, as shown in the video.

Next, look all the way up, until you see the upper part of the building next to the electrical tower. Aim your crosshair on the line that is poking out on the right side of the building. Once everything is set up, simply throw the smoke.

The smoke will land perfectly on Heaven, completely blocking off any potential AWPers holding that angle.

Middle Smokes

Just like any other map, the Middle area is always an area worth contesting for! Let’s learn some useful smokes that can make the process easier.

Mid Platform Smoke

The Platform at Mid is likely the most common angle that CTs hold mid from, so the Mid Platform smoke is an essential smoke to learn. Let’s see how we can line up and throw the smoke.

When approaching Mid, you will see a pole that is located in the corner. We will be bumping ourselves into the corner in order to throw this smoke. Once you are positioned correctly, look above the big box that is directly in front of you.

We will be aiming our crosshairs at the middle of the wooden line, before it is separated by the singular vertical line, as shown in the video. When your crosshair is at the right spot, do a normal throw.

The smoke will bounce off the wall and land directly on the platform, allowing you to gain control over Mid easily.

Mid CT Smoke

Lots of Counter Terrorists love to peek out mid through the CT area, which is why smoking it off can never go wrong. Check out this smoke to help your mid executions become much easier!

First, when you’re walking out middle, look for the white, rectangular plank that is out in the open. You will need to bump yourself into the corner. Next, look forward towards the big box with a green blanket on top of it. 

Aim on the general top right area of the right side of the box. The good thing is that you won’t need to be extremely precise for this lineup. Once you have aimed at the correct area, throw your smoke normally.

The smoke will block off Mid CT, and allow you to potentially cross over to A without losing casualties.

B Site Smokes

The B site is more open compared to the A site, but this also means that CTs have lots of room to work with and hold from. Learning a few useful smokes for the B site can never hurt. Check them out!

B Back Site Smoke

The most common position that rotating CTs come from is through the back site of B. This makes the B Back Site smoke a really helpful one, as the smoke can buy Terrorists lots of time to set up before rotating CTs come in to play.

For this smoke, we will be positioning ourselves in the corner of the staircase, right under the “51” sign. Next, look all the way up to the unfinished roof of the building. 

We will be aiming at the corner of where the horizontal and vertical lines meet, as shown in the video. Once you have aimed correctly, throw the smoke normally.

The smoke will land deep into the B site, covering rotators who have dropped from the Mid Platform, and incoming CTs from CT Spawn.

B Left Generator Smoke

Though the Back Site smoke can be very beneficial, most teams usually don’t want to spend smokes for angles that deep into CT Spawn, so a pair of Generator smokes is usually exactly what they need. 

The first smoke we will be covering is for the left side. For this smoke, look for the pillar and the wooden pole on the right side of the pillar. Make your way over and bump yourself into the corner. 

Next, look up towards the stairway. We will be aiming at two different parts for this lineup. First, look for the middle of the gap where there are no railings on the stairway. Second, look for the top left corner of the railing on the right. Aim between both points and throw the smoke normally. The grenade crosshair bind will make this extremely easy to throw. 

This smoke will block off the left side of Generator. Stay tuned for the next smoke, as you will need to pair it together with this one.

B Right Generator Smoke

To make a smoke wall, you will need to learn this right side Generator smoke with the previous one. This specific smoke will smoke off the right half of the area, so let’s quickly run down how to throw it.

Once you walk out towards the main B entrance, you will notice a large wooden box under the B stairs. Walk towards it, then bump yourself into the corner between the large box and the sandbags. 

The next step is to crouch and aim precisely on the top right corner of the box.  Once you have aimed correctly, stand up and throw the smoke. 

This smoke will complete the smoke wall that will help you easily take the B site, as lots of room will be blocked off, giving CTs limited space to work with.

There you have it guys! Those are the must-know smokes that can help you improve your win rate in Vertigo. If you’re interested in learning more smokes, check out our articles on Dust II, Inferno, and Mirage!

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