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Best Farming StatTrak Workshop Maps in CSGO

Just got a cool new StatTrak™ skin? Here are the best StatTrak™ farm maps you can use to boost up your stats!
Best Farming StatTrak Workshop Maps in CSGO

On most Counter Strike skins, a StatTrak™ option is available. The StatTrak™ feature on a weapon is used to track how many kills a player has gotten with that weapon skin. So, having an extremely high kill counter on your best weapon skin can be a massive flex. In this article, we'll be showcasing some of the best StatTrak™ farm maps to help you farm stats easily!


TGS - Best StatTrak Map

The first map we'll be showing you is the Best StatTrak Map created by TheGameStudio. In the workshop map's description, it is advertised that you'll be able to farm up to 200,000 kills per hour! The map currently has over 520,210 subscribers, making it the most popular map for StatTrak™ farming workshop maps. You can expect lots of idle servers to be using this map.

Map 1

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StatTrak Boost

Up next is a workshop map called StatTrak™ Boost. The description of the workshop map says that you can easily generate around 1,000 StatTrak™ kills per minute. The creator of the map has also included the necessary commands for the StatTrak™ farming process to work. The map currently has over 60,660 subscribers, so definitely a map to check out.

Map 2

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StatTrak Farm

The next map on the list is called StatTrak Farm. The map was created in 2018, and the description on the workshop map basically gives you a step-by-step guide on how the map works. In this map, you'll have to join the T side and use a console command that will increase the warm up duration. The map currently has 32,689 subscribers.

Map 3

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StatTrak Farming Map

The StatTrak Farming Map will be the fourth best map on the list. The creator of the map has mentioned that you will need a friend to boost your StatTrak™ kills, and that you can use the host_timescale console command to speed up the process. The map has 15,193 current subscribers and will get the job done.

Map 4

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StatTrak Booster - T

Last but not least, we have the StatTrak Booster - T workshop map. It's important to keep in mind that this map will only work for the Terrorist side, so you can only farm weapons that are available for Terrorists. Despite the limitation, the map has 13,430 current subscribers and a link to the CT map is also provided in the description of the map.

Map 5

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That concludes it for our top five StatTrak™ farm maps available in the CSGO community workshop! Keep in mind that you will need to use some cheat commands such as infinite ammo, increased round time, etc. You will also need a friend that will go AFK in your idle server, as you will be farming them for your StatTrak™ stats. Unfortunately, farming bot kills no longer works anymore.

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