The 5 Best Terrorist Agents in CSGO [Ranked]

When you're doing a bomb job, you need to look serious. These T agent skins will help you achieve that!

csgo best t agents
csgo best t agents

Although most maps in CSGO are CT-sided, there is one aspect in which Terrorists always win – agent skins. There are more of them, and they just look a lot better; the CT ones are not even close in any aspect. However, which ones are the absolute best out of all the agents? Here are our top 5 picks!

Jungle Rebel | Elite Crew

Jungle Rebel Elite Crew Best Terrorist Agent CSGO
  • Rarity: Distinguished Agent
  • Added: Operation Riptide
  • Cheapest Steam Price: $0.67

Let's start with Jungle Rebel, which is a heavily underrated skin. First, it's one of the few agents that can blend into the background and be invisible to the enemy team. Second, it is just so cheap, meaning that you can grab yourself a cheap AK-47 skin, plus this agent skin, and you’re pretty much good to go for any map (but especially Ancient).

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Little Kev | The Professionals

Little Kev Best Terrorist Agent CSGO
  • Rarity: Exceptional Agent
  • Added: Operation Broken Fang
  • Cheapest Steam Price: $3.39

This agent gained a lot of popularity after pro players like Arseniy Serhiiovych "ceh9" Trynozhenko or Michał "snatchie" Rudzki started playing it in competitive matches. It doesn't stand out too much from the default agent models on maps like Vertigo or even Inferno, and it looks really exceptional. Plus, these glasses give such a serious vibe, you feel it would be better not to mess with this gentleman.

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The Elite Mr. Muhlik | Elite Crew

The Elite Mr. Muhlik Best Terrorist Agent CSGO
  • Rarity: Master Agent
  • Added: Operation Shattered Web
  • Cheapest Steam Price: $1.62

Another agent skins that just screams that he's the boss of the entire operation. He has a fancy haircut, and despite the slightly outlandish clothing continues to look quite elegant. It’s also a great pick on maps like Mirage or Dust 2; the character model doesn’t differ much from the default ones, but it still stands out the way we usually want agent skins to stand out.

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The Doctor’ Romanov | Sabre

‘The Doctor’ Romanov Best Terrorist Agent CSGO
  • Rarity: Master Agent
  • Added: Operation Shattered Web
  • Cheapest Steam Price: $2.76

We underestimated this agent at first, but then we matched up with a guy who used this skin on Train. It's so polished, and it's not even that expensive; it doesn't even cost $3. Doctor Romanov also works excellent on maps like Vertigo, and his radio commands can work as a retort in some situations (especially those where players are attempting to talk about their relationship with your mother). Sabre class agents may not be so fancy, but this one is really worth it.

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Sir Bloody Darryl Royale | The Professionals

Sir Bloody Darryl Royale Best Terorrist Agent CSGO
  • Rarity: Master Agent
  • Added: Operation Broken Fang
  • Cheapest Steam Price: $6.65

So, in our opinion, Darryl agent skins are generally overrated as they just stand out a little too much… but not this one! Not only does it fit great on many maps, but it's super stylish and actually gives you the feeling that you're dealing with a " boss of the operation". It's very similar to our no.4 (Little Kev) in many ways, but there's just something about it that makes it a lot better. This mask and red jeans are a pretty controversial choice for a Terrorist, but they match the overall design so well that we'd go for this skin every day.


Number K | The Professionals

Number K Best Terrorist Agent CSGO
  • Rarity: Superior Agent
  • Added: Operation Broken Fang
  • Cheapest Steam Price: $9.95

Putting it on the list of the best agent skins for Terrorists might be a bit controversial, but not putting it on this list would be a crime. For some (memers) this skin has no comparison. Sure, it’s pricey and doesn’t look so serious, but that is the point! And who knows, we may just not understand something about pantyhose on his head, but maybe "there is a plan in this madness".

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Those were our top picks for the best T agents in CSGO! If you care so much about style, be sure to equip yourself with the right AK-47 and Glock-18 skins to show off your fashion sense on the battlefield.