The best CS:GO Skin Trading Sites in 2020

There are many types of CSGO trading websites available to select from. However, the best ones use bots to complete trades. This means that the traders have no direct interaction which removes all of the frustrations which can come from dealing with another human. It results in trades that are almost instant, safer and no frustrating communication issues.

The difficulty with other humans is that you can be left waiting quite some time before they respond with any kind of answer; not to mention the potential for scammers. Using a website that trades through bots, however, reduces the risks attached to trading while also reducing the waiting time for trades to take place.

We’ve compiled a list of the best CSGO trading websites so you can see what we think of them. Don’t just take our word for it, remember to do your own checks as well afterwards too! Take your time deciding which one to sign up with and remember, there’s a lot of options to choose from! Here are our best csgo trading sites:

CS.MoneyCSGO skin trading

CS Money makes it clear how the trading system works and even includes a video tutorial for those who are still a little confused. The site has an active social media presence on a variety of websites including Facebook, Twitter, Steam, and Instagram. They also have a Discord group for their community to get involved in discussions which is a great place to see what users are actively saying about trading on this website.

While trades can be almost instant, there can still be delays on items which is due to how the Steam marketplace currently works for trading. CS Money allows you to trade them so you have a virtual copy that can be traded for other skins on the website instead if you don’t want to wait. If you were willing to wait then as soon as the trading cooldown is over, it can be added to your Steam inventory.

The variety of items on the website is great, there’s a lot of choices here when it comes to trading and the UI is nice as well. How the website falls flat, however, is the support. It’s not that obvious how users can contact support and for those who are just investigating to see if it’s safe enough to join, there’s no easy contact method. The fastest way is through social media platforms.

SWAP.GGCSGO skin trading


Swap immediately brings users to the trading screen which is easy to use; players just select what they want to trade and what they want to trade for while showing off the value of the items too. It’s very straight forwards and simple to use which is great. This matches the UI which is pretty minimalistic however, it’s simple and easy to use which are the most important things.

While Swap does allow for CSGO trading, it’s a multi-game trading site that includes others such as TF2 and Payday 2.

The bots on this website operate through Steam so that users are sent trade offers through there. So users can also check the trades on Steam before accepting the trade offer. There is also the freedom to decline the offer and make another trade. There is a website commission for withdrawals and it can be lowered by 3% for adding “” to your Steam nickname.

This is standard for trading sites, adding part of their name usually gives you a discount. If you wanted to take a look at their social media, both Twitter and Instagram are active while Facebook hasn’t been updated since 2018. There is also a Discord for community discussions.

Swap does have an okay variety of items for trading. It’s not amazing but it’s enough for most users. Some items are not accepted for trades due to various reasons such as the pricing being unstable, lack of popularity for that item, people are manipulating the prices or the might be too many of that item on the bots already.

The FAQ does a decent job at explaining this and their 24/7 support team has an average of less than 30 minute response time.

LOOT.FARMCSGO skin trading


Loot Farm immediately gives you the trading screen which is very easy to understand, It shows the values of each item and the total value of the trade as well which allows you to trade several lower value items for a higher value one. While there are not only CSGO focused, they do have a great variety of items for users to get through trades. They also have an active presence on Steam and Facebook.

Loot Farm uses bots for trading and also have a list with links to all their active Steam bots which also means users can take a look to see what they currently have in stock. Trades are set-up and run through the Loot Farm website before the bot sends a trade request. It’s possible to “reserve” CSGO skins which are not currently able to trade from the bots due to the Steam restrictions.

This means you will be sent the skin once it becomes tradeable. There’s also an “Auction” where all players can bid for any item they find interesting.

Loot Farm has a nice UI that’s easy to navigate and is focused towards being ‘clean’ so it doesn’t look too cluttered.

This makes it easy to find their FAQ, email support button, see their bots and find any other information you might need. Their team is also dedicated to security with a lot of information about how they operate and what to do if you believe someone is trying to scam you by pretending to the website.

CS.dealsCSGO skin trading


While having a chat window on the left side of the screen is a nice touch to show off the community, it does make the CS Deals homepage look more cluttered. As a result, the UI looks a little unprofessional despite the decent variety of items they have available for trading. They have a fairly active Twitter page and a Steam community group as well.

CS Deals makes it very obvious what the service fees are which is something many other websites don’t do very well.

This information is very easy to find along with the FAQ and the needed contact details for support. They explain different points of concern in detail through the FAQ including why a Steam trade offer might be missing items from a bot, information about trade locked items and other trading issues.

For this website, you’ll need to deposit some money into the account which can be used to purchase “Trade Tokens” which can be used in trades. Real money can be used for their Marketplace but Trade Tokens are needed for their Trade bots. It is also possible to withdraw any money made from skin sales or trades.

TRADEIT GGCSGO skin trading


Trade It has been running since 2017 and now over 22 million trades have been completed through the website over that time. The UI is very straightforward, the site details the steps users must take to complete a trade.  Trade It has a somewhat up-to-date Twitter page and also a Steam group which includes a FAQ and support email as well.

The trading system lets users see the exact value of the items listed which makes it easy to create a same-value trade.

Like some other websites, Trade It also sells any unclaimed items after 14 days with a fee on top. Any items that are purchased through them cannot be sold on, users need to withdraw them. This prevents people from buying all the copies of a certain skin to resell them at a higher price.

While some information is clear, the FAQs don’t answer all concerns so if you wanted to do more research for yourself then it’s best to contact support. There is an email that can be used along with the Steam group and Twitter providing a few different options. Trade It also includes some detail for users in China to explain how to get around any gateway blocks.

Trading CSGO skins is something that a lot of people do through Steam, forums, and websites. The safest options, however, are through Steam or through a trading website that uses bots for the exchanges. Avoiding dealing with other humans removes most of the risk and ensures that trades are completed relatively quickly.

There will always be issues with “overstock” or trade restricted items which does add some delays into trading sometimes but most websites provide you with the information needed to make the best decision possible.

When it comes to trading, always thoroughly scout a website. Check their social media, their reviews, what information they publicly provide and what the support is like as well.

If it takes a lot of time for support to answer any of your questions then the website might not be one you want to join. Always remember to take precautions and ensure it’s a safe website before logging in through Steam to use it.