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Best Workshop Maps CS:GO

A list of the best Steam workshop maps to help you improve in CS:GO has been prepared for you in this article. Let’s have a look!

Updated on Sep 26, 2022
Best Workshop Maps CS:GO

Though CS:GO has been blessed with an amazing active duty map pool, players are not limited to only playing official maps, as CS:GO is well-known for having an extremely helpful workshop map system. 

Steam workshop maps are maps made by members of our very own CS:GO community, and they are completely free to download. The maps created by these people aim to assist Counter-Strike players with things such as aim training maps, 1v1 practice maps, and setting customization maps. #

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Aim Botz

Most players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have probably heard of this map, and for good reason. Aim_botz is a map created by community member uLLeticaL, and is widely accepted and known to be the best aim training map. This map is popular because of its clean and simple design, but it also offers a wide range of training options for players to practice in.

Aim botz 1

When you first boot up the map, you will be surrounded by stationary bots in four lanes covering your entire 360 degrees. The bots can range from close distances to far distances.

Aim botz 2

These settings can easily be adjusted with the complete settings menu. Players can then adjust training settings to their preferences, including the following features:

  1. Moving bots
  2. Adding walls and boxes to practice peeking
  3. Enabling infinite ammo
  4. Enabling and disabling sections of the map

Aim botz is also the home of the famous "Aim Botz Challenge," where players will try to get as many kills as possible in a short period of time. A lot of pro players have scored amazing results, and you can try it too!

Download this all-in-one complete training map to improve starting today

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Recoil Master

Recoil Master is another map created by community member uLLeticaL. Instead of an aim training map, like the name suggests, this map is created to focus on helping players improve their recoil and spray control using different weapons. The map provides every gun in the game, so players have the choice to select any weapon of their choice and start practicing.

Recoil Master 1

Players will be spraying their weapons at a wall, where the results can be easily seen. When players have chosen a weapon and started the practice, a picture of the spray pattern of the gun will appear on the top of the screen. This greatly helps players visualize the spray pattern, allowing them to easily follow and memorize it.

Recoil Master 2

There are many interesting features in Recoil Master that players can use, with key features including:

  1. Ghosthairs for all weapons that players can follow while spraying
  2. AutoSpray option which will show players how to spray
  3. A reset button that clears the bullet holes, reloads ammo and resets the spray pattern
  4. Many different distances to spray from

Playing this map for 10 to 15 minutes every day can easily help players improve their spray patterns by an immense amount.

Start your recoil training by downloading the map here

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Training Aim CSGO 2

As the name suggests, training_aim_csgo2 is another aim training map. Though Aim Botz is considered as the most complete training map, this map is very unique when it comes to practicing your flicks and reaction time. This map was created by community members kataS and pizza.

training aim csgo 1

This map has the option to have dots appear on the map at adjustable speeds, where players will focus on shooting these dots. The dots will appear at random locations on the wall, so players will have to quickly react, flick, and shoot the dots. This is great practice for flicking, and playing this game mode multiple times a day can quickly help players improve their aim.

training aim csgo 2

Aside from shooting dots, aim_training_csgo2 works like any other aim training map, with an abundance of customizable settings to choose from. Overall a very solid map for players to train in.

Get better at flicking your opponents by downloading the map now

Not only do CS:GO workshop maps help players with practicing their aim, but there are maps that can help players change and adjust their settings as well! There are workshop maps that assist players with changing their crosshairs and viewmodels. Let’s figure out what the best maps for customizing settings are.

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Crashz’ Crosshair Generator

A good crosshair is a key part of a players performance. If you do not understand the importance of a crosshair, you can check out our article on the guide to crosshairs. That is why community member crashz has designed a map for the sole purpose of helping players generate the perfect crosshair for themselves.

First off, the map includes all the crosshair related options that a player will need. A menu for crosshair styles and colors is provided, with an image of all of CS:GO’s active map pool added to it as well. This will allow players to find a suitable color that can work on every CS:GO map.

Crashz crosshair 1

The map also provides the crosshairs of the most relevant professional players and streamers as well! Shooting at one of the crosshairs will immediately change your crosshair. This makes it incredibly easy for players who want to try out many different crosshairs, as hundreds of crosshairs are available to the player with just one click of a button.

Crashz crosshair

Find the perfect crosshair for you by downloading this map!

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Crashz’ Viewmodel Generator

Community member crashz really loves helping players set up their preferred settings, so he has also created a viewmodel generator map to help players choose the perfect viewmodel to use. If you are not familiar with what a viewmodel is, have a read through our article about the ultimate viewmodel guide.

The map includes preset viewmodels, similar to the crosshair generator map. Players can shoot at the preferred preset viewmodel, and the viewmodel will immediately be applied.

Crashz viewmodel 1

Apart from the preset viewmodels, there is also a menu which provides all of the viewmodel commands, from the position, FOV, left or right hand, and viewmodel movement. Players can make use of this menu to tweak their viewmodel until they get the perfect fit for themselves.

Crashz viewmodel 2

Adjust your viewmodel to your preference by downloading the map here

Community members have also made great maps for you to practice 1v1 with your friends. These 1v1 maps include boxes and different elevation levels to help players practice their peeking and aiming. To learn about the commands required for 1v1 practice, you can always read our article on 1v1 commands.

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Aim Map

Aim_map is a very popular 1v1 map that players use to duel with rifles. AK-47s and M4A4s are scattered all around the floor, so players can easily pick up their preferred rifle choice. Since infinite ammo is usually turned off, players can quickly switch their guns for another gun if they run out of ammo.

Aim map

There are multiple boxes for players to take cover in, which allows players to practice their peeking skills. Some of the boxes only cover players up until their shoulders, making it the perfect scenario for players to try to headshot each other.

To practice your aim against one of your friends, download aim_map here

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Aim P2000

Pistol rounds are a crucial part of every Competitive match, as the winner of the pistol round will usually take the following two rounds. That is why practicing your aim with pistols can be a very good thing to do. Aim_P2000 is a map designed for players to 1v1 each other using pistols.

Aim p2000

There are a lot of walls that can allow players to take cover and peek carefully. The ramps on this map allow players to only poke their heads out when shooting, making players heavily focus on getting headshots.

To make sure you’re crispy on those pistol rounds, download aim_p2000 now!

That concludes it for the best workshop maps in CS:GO! Make sure to download some of these maps as they are made for you to improve. These workshop maps are completely free to download, so if you enjoy one of these maps, make sure to let the creator know that you have found their map useful!

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