Best CS2 Blacksite Drop Locations in Danger Zone

So let’s begin with our guide on all the best hot spots on Blacksite 

Updated on Aug 14, 2023
Best CS2 Blacksite Drop Locations in Danger Zone

It was only a matter of time before CS: GO made a battle royale-style mode to rival the likes of Fortnite and COD: Warzone and CS: GO Danger Zone with its first map Blacksite offers a format that really shakes things up. Within each of the diverse and compact maps, you have access to a series of set drop points, each with their own perks and pitfalls. For a newcomer to the series or to the game mode, it can be quite difficult to establish which is best to begin.

Thankfully though, we have done the research for you and have compiled an extensive guide to all the key areas on each map.



If you want a safe spot to land in your first few games of Danger Zone and get your bearings, you’ll want to stay away from the middle of the map and hit the coast. The cliffs are an excellent location to stay away from the heat of battle but still get enough gear to get you started. It may seem like there isn’t a lot of loot when you first land but you’ll soon find that it’s just less densely packed. Here you can grab supplies, usually with no one else to contend with and you’ll have the option to head south to Delta through the tunnels or alternatively, you can head to Overlook in search of better gear.



Next we have lighthouse. This area can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you use it. It usually offers at least one decent gun and some armour to get you started and has the added advantage of offering no hiding spot for any players looking to sneak up on you. However, it’s very easy to get pinned down in this area so its best to get what you can and move along the coast before someone notices you and simply waits for an easy kill when you inevitably have to cross the bridge.



Radio is a great spot if you are looking to acquire more loot than you could possibly need at the start of the game and its position in the centre of the map means that you can move in any direction you feel will get you easy kills. The only downside is that most players will have the same idea in mind, meaning that this area is highly contested and due to its large hexagon size, you’ll struggle to locate players with the use of your map. If you can conquer this area and make it your own then you’ll have a real advantage but don’t expect it to be easy.



This location is arguably the most loot heavy and tactically sound starting point when playing Blacksite. If you manage to lock this area down you’ll have the ability to move on towards radio, lighthouse or picnic when your done looting. Plus, due to the raised nature located near the coast, it’s very difficult for enemies to get the jump on you. You’ll often get some nice armour, a decent rifle and other useful gear here but just bear in mind, almost every player will want to start the matchup in this zone, so lock it down fast.



When you land in Beta, you’ll find that there is more than enough gear to get you going but it isn’t without its dangers. This area is in close proximity to crane, industry and Charlie, so you need to gear up and get to safety fast. The location of Beta allows for a more swift escape from the early firefights than say Charlie for example, so players looking to stay alive in the early game when landing in the south-west region should really consider this spot.



Tourist is hands down the best location for loot on the entire map. If you find yourself with time and space in this area to loot, you’ll have everything you could possibly need. The only issue with that plan is that due to the massive area that tourist covers, you’ll likely be sharing the spot with a number of enemy players. If you want a spot that allows you to get in and out fast with a good supply, tourist may not be for you. However, if you want to lock down the location and leisurely scavenge for the early game this choice can pay dividends.



Charlie is a phenomenal location when it comes to great loot that’s really densely packed together. However, this loot comes with a large risk. If you choose to land here you will quickly be attacked from all angles, making your map a useless tool. Players will come from Beta, Industry and Silos with the goal of taking you out, stealing your loot and conquering the south of the map. If you aren’t in the mood for a firefight right out the gate, Charlie isn’t for you but if you fancy your chances and want some kills early, there is nowhere better.



Silo is a very hit and miss area to begin your assault on the enemy players. The loot in this area can be excellent but can also be rather scarce. There is a real lack of consistency in this area, not to mention that you can get caught up in the crossfire with the fight for Charlie happening in close proximity. In short, this is an area that can reward you but it’s a gamble that can make or break your entire game.


Gas Station

Gas Station is very similar to Silos in terms of loot. It can be a very lucrative area at times but not consistently, meaning that you’ll be smack bang in the middle of the map in close proximity to Radio, Echo, Military and Silos with little to no means of defending yourself. It’s probably the riskiest place to drop and for that reason you’ll probably have all the gear to yourself, providing there is anything worth having. Only choose this spot if there are no more consistent options.



If given the choice to land on Echo our military which is in very close proximity to each other, you have to ask yourself, do you want loot or do you want the high ground and access to radio. Echo is the option of the two that offers more accessible loot but will have you fighting to escape from a player making their way downhill from Military. If you can get some great and make your way to the loot file tourist area it can be a good spot but it can be a serious one if you don’t move fast.



When you land in military, you’ll have access to a decent amount of weapons and loot, however, the loot is rather spaced out making it a longer area to loot. However, if you can get your gear together fast it offers a top-down view of areas like Echo and gives you access to Radio as well. So if you can clear those areas and dominate the middle of the map, you’ll have the ability to turn on your heel and attack from any angle you choose.


As you can see, each drop zone has its own tactical advantages and disadvantages, consistency of valuable loot drops and positional safety in relation to other zones, meaning you have to choose your starting zone carefully. To be clear, none of these zones is inherently bad but it’s true that each will suit one playstyle better than another. So be sure to test each of these out and make sure you are familiar with the area before you make it your first choice.

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