The best 5 sites to buy CSGO skins

Buying CSGO skins is a good way to get brand new and rare skins to use in the game however, it's a dangerous thing to do. There are many buying websites to choose from so we compiled a list of the bests.
Buying CSGO skins is a great way to get brand new and rare skins to use in the game however, it’s a dangerous thing to do. Most websites are based on a human exchange system which can result in all kinds of issues ranging from slow deliveries, scammers and inflated prices. Buying and interacting directly with other real humans can be very frustrating for a multitude of reasons. In short, these are the best sites to buy skins from our point of view: wpDataTable with provided ID not found! This is why some websites use trading bots instead to automatically manage the trades. On a CSGO trading website, the best websites trade money for skins very quickly. They use bots to do this. It results in an instant cashout allowing you to trade skins for real money without needing to spend lots of time chasing the other person and reducing the risk of fraud. Regardless of if you want to sell or buy a CSGO skin, you need to compare the different trading websites to decide which one you want to use. Remember to consider the safety mechanisms, reviews and the value. There are many buying websites to choose from so it’s a good idea to do your research before joining one!


Dmarket is a German website that can be translated into English with Google but keep in mind that some words might not have translated well! As you look through items it provides a lot of information about past prices for items, other current prices and more. The market allows for instant trades and also bidding for items also. Developers also work with this company to bring their games into the trading arena. Outside of 1-to-1 trades, users can purchase items either through bidding or by making an offer. To make any kind of purchase, you need to deposit the money onto the website by adding money through several different options such as a Visa card, bitcoin and others. While deposited funds can only be spent on the website for trading, you can withdraw the money earned from trades back to your account. If you run into issues, there’s a live chat window that you can access from the top menu. There shouldn’t be any issues with this user interface, the website is well designed and quite modern. If you have trouble finding the FAQ, there’s a little drop-down button by the login and Account buttons at the top. To set-up an account, you can sign in through Steam or use an email to set one up.


CS Money visually might look a little “sketchy” when you first visit the website however, this is one of the best sites to buy or trade CSGO skins on. To access it, you must sign in through Steam before you can even look at making a trade or sale. All of which is done through bots to ensure maximum security and to reduce the annoyances of dealing with a human and all those potential errors. The website uses buy and trade “modes” so that users separate their transactions a little bit. It seems a little confusing but it’s not that bad once you get the hang of it. Essentially, you use the Buy Mode if you want to make an instant purchase of items but you cannot add items from your inventory to use wallet funds like this. When using Trade Mode, you can only purchase items for your wallet fund. So these are separate things that cannot be combined. CS Money allows for multi-trading as well so that you can make several trades with more than one bot at once. Once you’ve finally set up a trade, just go to Steam to check and then accept the trade. The item will be added to your inventory! While support can only be accessed once you’ve signed in with the website, there is a “Bug Bounty” system in place here. If you discover any kind of vulnerability that affects the services in any way then you can contact the CS Money team about the issue. They are willing to pay users who discover any kind of potential fault so that the team can fix the problem. They are dedicated to security and work with their community of 3 million+ to keep everything secure.


Skin Bay is a trading marketplace for more than just CSGO, it also includes Dota 2, Rust and others that Dmarket doesn’t include in their long list. The long line of drop-down menus allows users to see a wide range of different types of items, not just skins. They also allow the trade of collectibles, stickers, passes, keys and more. Making this a very diverse trading website in terms of CSGO items. The UI is modern and quite user friendly as it’s very easy to navigate this website. The market also lists different prices for items so that you can find the right person to trade with and the perfect price to suit your needs. They include a list of current Steam prices for the item. This means you can decide if you’d rather purchase it through Steam. While Skin Bay allows for selling and buying, it does not allow 1-for-1 trading of items. Using their security algorithms, certain payments are blocked unless your account is verified with them. This is to limit and to prevent fraud so that all traders on the site are safe. Skin Bay offers support by talking with a member of staff however, you must be logged in to an account to do this! Additionally, they have a large support self-help section which assists in a wide range of issues as well.


Skin Baron has a marketplace UI which is assembled with users in mind. It’s simple yet clearly displays everything a user needs to track down the item they want to buy. Clicking the options in the menu reveals an extended menu for each option which results in something that uses the space perfectly. The website also allows the sale of cosmetics and items from other games too such as Dota 2 and TF2 while also providing the option to change the currency into various options. Skin Baron is focused on ease of use for all users. The website claims that “scams are not possible” because they act as a trustee so all trades and payments are handled directly by them. They offer guarantees for both sellers and buyers to keep both sides safe during the trade. To use the site you need to set-up a Steam tradelink for Skin Baron then you can find an item to buy or deposit some money into your account for later trading. The options here are limited however, you can only pay for purchases directly via SOFORT, bank transactions or Paysafecard and deposit money using a bank transfer. Money can be withdrawn via bank transfer. There is a detailed FAQ/ Self-help section on the website and you have direct access to the support team when making a trade. Skin Baron also offers a “Contact Support” option in the footer of the website that allows you to reach out for help with other issues.


BitSkins does look a bit more basic visually compared to the rest of the websites on this list however, they are a good trading website. They allow you to withdraw skins you’ve deposited as well if they’re unlisted from the Pending page which is nice though this is not a storage website and should not be used as such. Sadly, there is no option to withdraw deposits unless it meets the specific circumstance of there being website error. There should be no surprise then that they do not offer refunds for any purchase. The only things that can be withdrawn are the money earned from sales and skins. Security is a concern for the Bit Skins team so they have implemented “secure access” which means the site requires two-factor authentication every time you log into the website. The website is willing to ban users and only does so in cases of potential fraud attempts and anything that may endanger the safety of other uses such as phishing or misleading trade offers. They also offer a bug bounty for those who discover bugs! Support is only accessible once you’ve joined the website and can be used at any time.   While the above 5 are some of our favorites, there are more potential websites to trade skins on and through. We generally recommend using websites where trades are completed through bots as that reduces the risk of fraud and that you check the websites’ policy for refunds, withdrawals and support systems as well. So…Where can I buy CS Go Skins in 2020? The best places to buy CSGO Skins in 2020 are DMARKET, CS.Money, Skinbay, Skinbaron and Bitskins. While there are many scammers and scammer websites on the internet, there are also some websites that are great and very safe to use. The ones listed above are just some of them however, these are some of the best ones (in our opinion) for safety. Using websites that trade through bots is key for avoiding a lot of frustration that can otherwise come from dealing with other humans, even if they don’t have any intention to commit fraud. The best websites generally have a strong support system so that you can try some self-help techniques first and contact them if that information doesn’t help. While we’ve listed some of the best websites around, the number one thing you need to do to protect yourself is to look through the websites yourself. Take a close look at what they all offer and have a search for legitimate reviews as well, join their social media communities and see what other users are saying. Being well-informed means you can make the best possible decision about which website to start trading with. Being happy with the website before linking your Steam account is incredibly important!

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