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Can I Use Skin Changer CSGO

Take a look at this article if you’re wondering how to download and use a skin changer, and is there a possibility to get banned if you use it.

Updated on Nov 04, 2022
Can I Use Skin Changer CSGO

Have you ever wanted to have custom skins in CSGO without having to actually buy them? Is the AWP Dragon Lore too expensive for you? Well, if that's the case, and you want to use a CSGO skin changer to get all of those skins, you should read this article where we cover everything you need to know about the CSGO skin changer and the most important question, can you get a vac ban for using it?

What does the skin-changer do?

Before downloading the skin changer, we need to know how it works exactly. Each and every skin is saved in the data files of your Counter Strike Global Offensive, but the problem is they're being blocked by a certain paywall.

Meaning that each and every CSGO skin is already installed in your game, but you'll not be able to use it until you have the actual skin in your inventory or if you picked it up from someone else. So the skin changer removes that security wall between the game's skins and the player.

Using a skin-changer, you'll be able to choose any skin you want, along with custom knives, gloves, stickers, and graffitis. There's even an option to add StatTrak to your custom skin in the game. So, for example, you can have a butterfly knife and a minimal wear AK47 Aquamarine Revenge at the same time.

How to download and use the skin changer?

Downloading a skin changer isn't hard at all. All you have to do is find a free skin changer on the internet or a paid one if you're looking for something of higher quality. Then once you find the right one follow this guide:

  1. Download the .zip file

  2. Ignore any warnings about a virus

  3. Open the .zip file and move its contents to somewhere on your pc

  4. Open the CSGO Skin Changer shortcut

  5. And then open the game via the skin changer program menu

Now that you've opened the game using the skin changer shortcut, a special window with an entire skin changer menu will appear on your screen. And there, you'll be able to change which and what skins you want to use in the game, as well as player models, stickers, graffiti, knives, and gloves.

Most CSGO skin changers work on the same principles, so this guide is quite frankly universal for every Counter Strike Global Offensive skin changer.

Can you get vac banned if you use a skin changer?

Now, one of the biggest problems with using a skin changer is the high possibility of getting vac bans. Yes, you can get vac banned for using a skin changer because skin changers change system files which a vac system can easily detect.

The ban doesn't have to be immediate; it can happen after quite some time after using the skin changer. But it's better to be safe than sorry because the game recognizes the skin changer as a regular CSGO cheat.

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