Useful CS:GO Chat Commands

This article will discuss the most useful CS:GO chat commands that can help you communicate with your team, through text, radio and chat wheel.

chat commands csgo
chat commands csgo

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is well known to be a competitive video game that requires heavy amounts of communication. Though the most efficient way to communicate with your team is through a microphone, some players are not comfortable with using their voice and prefer to communicate through chat, but typing while focusing on the round can be very distracting. If you’re that type of player, don’t worry, this article will tell you the different chat commands that can be used to make your chat communication more efficient! 

What are Chat Shortcuts?

Many Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players make use of chat shortcut commands. Chat shortcuts are basically keybinds with the purpose of sending custom messages to your teammates via the team chat. Learn more about keybinds in our article on the best bind commands.

These chat shortcut messages are usually informative messages such as “They are coming B!”, “I think we should eco this round!” etc. These shortcuts can be helpful especially when you want to communicate while you are focusing on the round, so instead of having to type, it would be nice to have messages that are ready to send with one click of a button.

Best Chat Shortcut Commands CS:GO

Here is a list of chat shortcut suggestions that can be useful in your Competitive matches!

Command Use
bind <key> say_team “I think we should eco this round!” Tells your team that you want to eco this round.
bind <key> say_team “I can drop someone a gun!” Tells your team that you have extra money and can buy a gun for them.
bind <key> say_team “They are coming B!” Tells your team that they are coming to the B Bombsite.
bind <key> say “Good luck have fun everyone!” Tells the entire lobby GLHF!

How do I bind Chat Shortcuts?

Setting a bind command for a chat shortcut will require you to open the console. Read everything you need to know about the console here. These commands do not require sv_cheats to be on. Once the console is open, the console command to bind will be:

bind <key> say_team “I think we should eco this round!”

How to bind chat shortcut

In this example, I have binded the key to J, so whenever I press J, the command will come out as follows:

Chat shortcut result

The message can be set to anything you want. You are also able to set a shortcut command to type in all chat where the enemies can read, simply remove “_team” so that the command will only be “say”. 

Radio Chat Commands 

In a more recent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update, Valve has allowed players to send old Radio Chats manually. Radio commands can help you communicate with teammates who do not speak English. These commands do not require sv_cheats to be on. We have a full article on radio commands on our site in case you want to know more.

What are Radio Chat Commands?

Radio chat commands will make your in-game character in CS:GO speak for you. This means that not only will a message of your communication be sent as a text in team chat, but the in-game character will also speak out the message which can be heard by your teammates. It can be more effective that normal text chat as teammates will be able to see and hear your message at the same time.

Best radio chat commands CS:GO

Below is a list of some of the best radio chat commands that you can use to communicate with your teammates.

Radio Chat Command Use
go_a Tells your team to go to Bombsite A
go_b Tells your team to go to Bombsite B
followme Tells your team to follow you
coverme Tells your team to cover you
go Tells your team to go
fallback Tells your team to fall back
sticktog Tells your team to stick together
cheer Tells your team a positive “cheer” message
roger Tells your team you agree
negative Tells your team you disagree

How to manually send radio chat commands

Sending radio chat commands will once again require the console. All you need to do is type in the radio command into the console, and your in-game character will mention the command for you!

The image below is an example of the radio command “go_a” which makes the in-game character say “Bombsite A” through the radio.

Radio command example

Chat Wheel Commands

Chat wheel commands have been proven to be very helpful in games such as Dota 2, so Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has also added them to their game.

What are Chat Wheel Commands?

The Chat Wheel is a method for people to communicate with each other very quickly, saying simple messages. Players only need to press one button and will be able to efficiently give brief information such as Bombsite locations, economic strategies and information on the enemy.

Best Chat Wheel Commands

Here is a list of the best Chat Wheel commands that you can use to communicate to your team.

Chat Wheel Command Use
We should buy Tells your team to buy this round
We should save Tells your team to save this round
Pep talk Keeps your team motivated
Ping site A Tells your team to watch out for A site
Ping site B Tells your team to watch out for B site
Heard noise Tells your teammate that there are enemies in a nearby area
Enemy spotted Tells your teammate that there are enemies here
Ping bomb Pings the presence of the bomb to your teammates
Area clear Tells your team that the area is clear
Sniper spotted Tells your team to be careful of an AWPer in the area
Chat wheel example

How do I activate Chat Wheel Commands?

The Chat Wheel can be activated by doing the following:

  1. Launch CS:GO and go to Settings
  2. Head over to Keyboard / Mouse, then Keyboard and Mouse Settings
  3. Scroll down until you find “Chat Wheel Keys”
  4. Set your preferred bind key
How to enable chat wheel

That’s it for the best CS:GO chat commands! Make sure to apply some of these commands to your game, as being a team player and providing communication is key to ranking up fast in CS:GO. If you’re interested in learning more about commands, you can check out our article on the best commands in CS:GO.