Best Cheapest Cases in CSGO

In a world that offers a multitude of options, we offer you guidance to selecting your cheapest CSGO cases that don’t require you to sacrifice quality.
Best Cheapest Cases in CSGO

If you want to get skins the old-fashioned way, by unlocking boxes with a key, you need to know which cases offer you the highest likelihood of getting a high-value item.

The price of opening each case is always $2.50 for a key that fits the same case. Also, keep in mind that the chances of acquiring a desirable weapon skin are slim, so don't spend money on cases and skins that you wouldn't be ready to lose. Having said that, here are some of the different cases you may get for CSGO, rated by their value and potential rewards.

Snakebite case

Fifty dollars is a lot of money to spend on a CSGO items case, particularly since the chances of acquiring an item worth more than you spent are slim. There is a collection of cases available for just $1 for users searching for some great skins without spending a lot of money.

The well-known Snakebite Case, which costs less than a buck on Steam, is one case to consider. The even more popular Traitor USP-S skin, the In Living Color M4A4, and a rare shot at a set of Snakebite gloves are among the big price goods in there. All of the Snakebite glove variants are worth hundreds of dollars or more.

Broken Fang case

Broken Fang is a practical example, with a few good $100-plus skins and the possibility of winning a precious set of gloves. 

Items like  Printstream M4A1-S, the Neo-Noir Glock, or a set of Broken Fang gloves, which, like the Snakebite gloves, can sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars, await players who open the Broken Fang Case. The Broken Fang Case currently costs $0.62 less than the Snakebite Case.

Prisma case

You're probably not delighted to pay extra on the marketplace to buy the cases themselves because the keys to open cases cost $2.50. With that in consideration, there are some cases available for as little as $0.10; in fact, three are now available for less than $0.10.

The Prisma Case contains a few weapon skins that, if sold, might net you a profit, such as:

  • Angry Mob Five-SeveN
  • Momentum AUG

Its most valuable weapon is the “Emperor M4A4”, which can fetch more than $100 in Factory New condition, and even more than $500 in Factory New with Stat Trak condition.


Prisma 2 case

The Prisma 2 Case has the lowest case price in the game, costing $0.07. The “Bullet Queen Glock” and the “Player Two M4A1-S” are the most valuable skins in Prisma 2, with Factory New wear ratings fetching over $100 and exceeding $100 if StatTrak is enabled.

The most value you can gain from all three of these scenarios is stumbling on a knife, but the chances of that happening are slim. However, the price of this case makes it very attractive since it cost almost nothing to obtain, but profits are indeed massive in the event of a good drop.

Danger Zone case

The “Asiimov AK-47” and the “Neo-Noir AWP” are two expensive Covert tier skins worth a lot of money in the Danger Zone Case, which commemorates the birth of CSGO's battle royale mode. 

Those two pieces are one of the main reasons people go after the Danger Zone case, since they can be sold for a very good amount of money, and it seems there is also never a lack of demand when it comes to “Asiimov AK-47” and the “Neo-Noir AWP”.

CSGO Weapon case

If you have the cash on you, opt for the classic CSGO Weapon Case to get those legendary skins worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. The first case introduced following the game's release was the CSGO Weapon Case, which gives it a unique status within the community.

There are predictions that items from this case will cost even more in the future, simply due to its reputation among the CSGO collectors.

This case is the only one on Steam containing multiple skins worth at least $100, despite lacking the StatTrak feature (the kill tracker). The CSGO Weapon Case offers valuable skins like:

  • The Lightning Strike AWP, 
  • The Case Hardened AK-47
  •  Dragon Tattoo Glock

On the Steam marketplace, the Lighting Strike skin featuring StatTrak costs roughly $1,000.

Operation Bravo case

What makes Operation Bravo case so attractive to the players is a chance to win the skin that holds the title of one of the most desired in the CSGO world. The famous Fire Serpent AK-47 costs around $1,800, which is more than enough to probably buy your whole Steam inventory three times over.

In case you don’t win the Fire Serpent, other several fabulous items might fall into your lap:

  • Graphite AWP
  • Emerald Dragon P90
  • Ocean Foam P2000

Since the start of 2021, the value of the Operation Bravo container has doubled, which means now is probably a good time to consider getting it, before its price increases as well. Whether you choose to go for Operation Bravo or any of the other cases, we hope that we helped you with our list and made your decision easier to make.

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