Cheapest P2000 Skins in CSGO

There are very nice skins for the pistols in CS:GO, but not all of them are cheap. That’s why today we’ll be showcasing the cheapest good-looking skins for the P2000 pistol.

cheapest p2000 skins
cheapest p2000 skins

We all know its silenced counterpart the USP-S is a headshot machine, but the P2000 excels at movement and jumping accuracy, making it a beloved choice for some. And although it may not be as popular, the Steam marketplace is still full of great and cheap alternatives. That’s what we’re aiming to show you here, a mix between affordable and nice. Here are our cheapest P2000 weapon skins for CS:GO.


The P2000 Imperial was added to CS:GO on the 5th of December, 2015. It was part of the Revolver Case Collection, and it currently starts at $0.22 on the Steam Market.

  • Description: My feelings are irrelevant Keo, I have an empire to protect - Booth, Arms Dealer
  • Cheapest-Highest Steam Price: $0.22(FT) - $0.37(FN)
  • Drops From: Revolver Case
  • First appeared: 5 December 2015

The entire look this skin went for is actually very clean, the red paint and gold stripes that adorn the top are very aesthetically pleasing. Another thing that complements it is that the name of the weapon is highlighted on the left side of the barrel. With that said, the factory new variant is a mere 37 cents, so any player looking for a very cheap and clean alternative wouldn’t go wrong with this skin.

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The P2000 Handgun was added to CS:GO on the 26th of May, 2015. It was part of the Falchion Collection, and currently starts at $0.30 on the Steam Market.

  • Description: No more fun and games
  • Cheapest-Highest Steam Price: $0.30(BS) - $2.20(FN)
  • Drops From: Falchion Case
  • First appeared: 26 May 2015

This skin’s design takes a comic approach, with the entire body of the pistol showing an aiming hand. It’s painted in different shades of blue, with the word “BOOM!” inscripted on the front part of the slide. If the factory new variant is too much for you, but you don’t wanna lose out on quality; minimal wear only costs about $0.85. This skin also doesn’t wear and tear as others would, instead it takes on a darker shade.

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The P2000 Gnarled was added to CS:GO on the 7th of August, 2020. It was part of the Fracture Collection, and currently starts at $0.07 on the Steam Market.

  • Description: From the dark corners of the infinite void
  • Cheapest-Highest Steam Price: $0.07(BS) - $0.22(FN)
  • Drops From: Fracture Case
  • First Appeared: 7 August 2020

The Gnarled has nice color patterns which include darker shades of pink and blue. The body of it shows a sea monster of sorts, with black seaweed on the handle of the gun. This skin is one of the best in terms of price and design, with factory new versions going for a really cheap price. Just like the Handgun, the Gnarled doesn’t really lose as much quality in worse conditions.

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Imperial Dragon

The P2000 Imperial Dragon was added to CS:GO on the 15th of June, 2016. It was part of the Gamma collection, and currently starts at $1.90 on the Steam Market.

  • Description: Look to the West
  • Cheapest-Highest Steam Price: $1.90(BS) - $5.33(FN)
  • Drops From: Gamma Case
  • First Appeared: 15 June 2016

This skin coats the weapon with brown metal paint, and the image of a Chinese Dragon is plastered over it. As you can see, the Imperial Dragon is one of the less cheaper alternatives on this list, but it’s one of the best classified P2000 skins for the price. If you can spare the money, getting this skin in any condition doesn’t really matter because it only attains a slightly darker shade when battle-scarred. We’re sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy being the star of pistol round clutches with this one.

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The P2000 Obsidian was added to CS:GO on the 18th of November, 2019. It was part of the Shattered Web Collection, and currently starts at $0.90 on the Steam Market.

  • Description: Giving the term "glass cannon" a whole new meaning
  • Cheapest-Highest Steam Price: $0.90(BS) - $4.00(FN)
  • Drops From: Shattered Web Case
  • First Appeared: 18 November 2019

The Obsidian offers a nice mix between a tiger and lava stripe design, whilst absolutely owning the red-gray gradient color scheme it has going on. It’s very sleek and has an enigmatic touch to it with the gray barrel tip. Unlike the previous skins, this one does wear and tear a bit the lower the condition. All in all, you won’t be disappointed by the clean look of the Obsidian as it propels you through countless pistol rounds. 

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So that concludes our list of the cheapest P2000 skins in CS:GO. We believe that this list established a good balance between cheap and stylish, allowing you to subtly boast to your friends about your pistol skins without hurting your wallet in the process. Regardless of whether you’re buying them through the marketplace or skin trading websites, the skins from this list will suit you nicely. Except for Skinport (check the legitness of Skinport), we reviewed a lot of skin marketplace. So feel free to refer here to know if CSGOEXO is safe, if is safe, if Skins.Cash is safe, or if SwapGG is safe. These reviews will help you make a good choice.