Cheapest P250 Skins in CSGO

Every player deserves a skin for the legendary P250. So today we’re showing you the cheapest P250 skins in CS:GO, while also still taking the design into consideration.

cheapest p250 skins csgo
cheapest p250 skins csgo

The P250 is mostly known for its role as an eco round pistol, but it also serves as a great all-around secondary pistol. Another reason why the P250 is so popular amongst players is the fact that it bodes well against armoured opponents, yet it’s inexpensive. Long-distance fights are what this weapon excels at, which is also why accuracy plays a big part in this pistol’s efficiency. If you’re into CS:GO skins, having a skin for this weapon is a must. Luckily, there are quite a few nicely designed and cheap skins for this weapon, so if you’re in the market for one, this list will be perfect for you!


The P250 Valence was added to CS:GO on the 15th of April, 2015. It was released as part of the Chroma 2 Collection, and currently starts at $0.07 on the Steam Market.

  • Description: Your skills aren't in question, your attitude is - The Teacher and The Iconoclast Part 1
  • Cheapest-Highest Steam Price: $0.07(BS) - $0.60(FN)
  • Drops From: Chroma 2 Case
  • First Appeared: 15 April 2015

The P250 is an all time favourite for many, and its futuristic design is what makes it such a solid option for budget builds. The color pattern is definitely something that would catch a person's eye, but the rarity tier it’s located in is why the price is so cheap. Getting this in factory new is our recommendation, but minimal wear quality is also acceptable. Despite its age, it still manages to find itself a home in the inventories of many players.

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The P250 Muertos was added to CS:GO on the 8th of January, 2015. It was released as a part of the Chroma Collection, and currently starts at $3.20 on the Steam Market.

  • Description: This one is steeped in tradition and blood
  • Cheapest-Highest Steam Price: $3.20(BS) - $6.80(FN)
  • Drops from: Chroma Case
  • First Appeared: 8 January 2015

The design of the Muertos is one to behold. The black circular patterns and the image of a skull fit nicely with the sharp red gradient. The Muertos might be a bit more expensive, but it’s one of the best looking classified P250 skins for the price. It’s also quite old, which is another factor you can use to your advantage since it’s rarely seen in games. Buying a field-tested version for $3.35 would be the best choice here, mainly since you’re not losing out on a lot of quality.

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Cyber Shell

The P250 Cyber Shell was added to CS:GO on the 3rd of May, 2021. It was released as part of the Snakebite Collection, and currently starts at $0.25 on the Steam Market.

  • Description: You represent the front line of our cyber security effort
  • Cheapest-Highest Steam Price: $0.25(BS) - $1.11(FN)
  • Drops from: Snakebite Case
  • First Appeared: 3 May 2021

The P250 Cyber Shell is very similar in design to the P250 Valence earlier in this list, but the Cyber Shell has more color variety and different futuristic patterns to it. This is a very new skin, but the prices are cheap due to its rarity tier. A great balance for this skin would be to get it in minimal wear condition for $0.53. Other than that, this skin is more than enough for a budget build.

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The P250 Supernova was added to CS:GO on the 1st of July, 2014. It was released as part of the Breakout Collection, and currently starts at $0.40 on the Steam Market.

  • Description: N/A
  • Cheapest-Highest Steam Price: $0.40 (FT) - $1.07(FN)
  • Drops from: Operation Breakout Weapon Case
  • First Appeared: 1 July 2014

The Supernova has been a staple skin for the P250 since 2014. The hexagonal grid that covers the entire weapon is quite cool, but what symbolizes it are the colours. A sort of cosmic, but also apocalyptic vibe is what this skin transmits. Funnily enough, field-tested variants are cheaper than well-worn ones, but what we’d recommend you is minimal wear since it only costs $0.65. The old age of this skin is once again an advantage, mainly because you won’t be seeing a lot of newer players owning it.

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The P250 Wingshot was added to CS:GO on the 17th of September, 2015. It was released as part of the Shadow Collection, and currently starts at $1.03 on the Steam Market.

  • Description: Sometimes a subtle nudge is all it takes to get what you want - Franz Kriegeld, Phoenix Tactician
  • Cheapest-Highest Steam Price: $1.03(BS) - $3.65(FN)
  • Drops from: Shadow Case
  • First Appeared: 17 September 2015

The Wingshot is in our opinion one of the coolest looking skins out of this entire list, and this is due to how well the patterns complement the colour scheme. Not to mention the white skull on the handle that successfully completes the look. The contrast of the yellow stripes and black/gray lines is also nothing short of awesome. Although factory new is a bit more than what you imagined, a field-tested variant is good enough and costs about $1.12. With that being said, the Wingshot has potential to bring you out on top during those hopeless eco rounds.

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That was our list of the cheapest P250 skins for CS:GO. Skins for a legendary weapon such as the P250 will always exist, and it’s very hard to pick a skin you know you’ll like in the first place. And putting a tight budget on that might make the process even harder, which is why we hope this list helped you pick a cheaper alternative. Except for Skinport, we reviewed a lot of skin marketplace. So feel free to refer here to know if CSGOEXO is legit, if is legit, if Skins.Cash is legit, or if SwapGG is legit. These reviews will help you make a good choice.