CT Sided CSGO Maps

Counter Strike has leaned towards a game that favors the CT side, making it easier to play on the CT side. Let’s check out which maps in CSGO are CT sided!
CT Sided CSGO Maps

Counter Strike Global Offensive is known to be a CT sided game, as most players find success on the Counter-Terrorist side the majority of the time. This is because some CT sided CSGO maps have layouts where it can be incredibly hard for Terrorists to break in without proper communication and utility. With this handicap already existing, Terrorists may find it even harder to force their way into bomb sites in heavily CT sided maps. Let’s check out which of these CSGO maps can be considered as a CT sided map!


The Aztec themed map is Valve’s own map and the newer additions to the Competitive Map Pool, and is now known to be arguably the most CT sided CSGO map in the entire game. The T side has little ground to work with on the start of the rounds, and CTs have so many angles to play in both bombsites. The natural layout of the map has resulted in Ancient having a whopping 56.9% win rate.

One common trend that makes CSGO maps T sided is that Counter-Terrorists need to use a lot of utility to find success in these T sided CSGO map. However, only a few maps such as Ancient, are the only maps where CTs can have access to a handful of choke points without needing utility to take control over those areas. This allows Counter-Terrorists to save lots of utility and use them in other situations such as retaking bomb sites. 

Ancient picture 1

Not only do CTs have the layout advantage, but the entryways of many parts of this CT sided map are incredibly narrow, making it easy for Counter-Terrorists to spray down incoming T side. The CT players can also simply throw a single Smoke or Molotov to block off a pathway with ease.

Even if T side manages to successfully go into a bomb site, there are many wallbang positions that CTs can abuse on both bomb sites to deny default plant positions, as some walls and boxes are paper-thin, making the map less and less of a T sided map.

Ancient picture 2


Before the arrival of Ancient, the nuclear power plant that is Nuke, is one of the most fun maps that has been taking the top spot of being the most CT sided map in the Competitive Map Pool for many many years. The unique part of the map, which is the fact that the bombsites are directly on top of each other, makes the map extremely CT sided. Nuke favors the CT side with a CT win rate of 55.2%, second on the list for the least T sided map. 

The layout of the map itself already screams “not a T sided map,” as Terrorists on Nuke have nightmares of making it into a bombsite unscathed. The entryways on the map is incredibly narrow, with examples of Hut, Squeaky and Ramp all being locations that can easily be sprayed down by a single Counter-Terrorist. 

Nuke picture 1

The only large, open part of the map for the T side is the Outside area, where Tscan go into Secret, but they will need to spend two Smoke grenades just to cross safely. This means that the T side already loses out on two Smoke grenades, and these two Smokes won’t even get them into the bomb site immediately, as Counter-Terrorists can have free reign over the Secret area from the start of the round.

Nuke picture 2

Terrorists also have a hard time planting the bomb, as planting on any of the bombsites gives pff the chance where the planter gets shot in the back. Even if the T side manages to get the bomb down, CTs can rotate in a matter of seconds and surround the bomb site quickly. 


The Russian-based map was removed from the Counter Strike Global Offensive Competitive Map Pool, but is remembered to be the second most CT sided CSGO map after Nuke during the period that it was being played. This makes Train out of the running for the most balanced CSGO maps. The map has a very confusing layout for Terrorists to play in, making Train boast a CT win rate of 54.7%. 

Train picture 1

Train cannot be considered even as a fairly T sided map, for multiple reasons. First off, AWPers on the CT side have lots of angles to hold, and the many train structures on the map give these Counter Strike Global Offensive players a lot of cover to work with. This makes AWPing on CT side Train really strong, as there are lots of long-ranged battles occurring on every part of the map.

Train picture 2

With great cover for the CT side being the main highlight of why Train is so CT sided, rifling CTs can also play lots of angles and off-angles, making it very hard for Terrorists to go in the bombsites. The T side will need to check so many angles in a short period of time and it’s just very difficult to do so with such limited time. In order to find success on the Terrorist side, Counter Strike Global Offensive players will need to use effective utility, but CTs can often push through smokes as well since Terrorists may be busy watching the very many angles that they have to look out for.


The German map, Overpass, is the least CT sided map that we will cover in this article. The map is extremely large, with lots of space to work with, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a T sided map. A big map means that it takes a longer time to get to places, making it difficult for the Terrorist side. Overpass has a CT win rate of 53.2%

This CT sided map is known to be the haven for CT side AWPing. The CT AWPer has so much room to work with, from looking at A Long, pushing mid and peeking into Playground, and of course the infamous Heaven spot which can see the entire B Site. Terrorists are in big trouble without any utility, as they can very easily get picked off by the Sniper.

Overpass picture 1

The B site is always troublesome for Terrorists to hit, as the two available entrances to the bomb site, B Short and Monster, are incredibly tight angles, ready for CTs to mow down with a single spray. And even if the T side is able to break in, there are so many angles that they will need to check. 

One of the best shots that Terrorists can take is to fight over control for the Middle area, but CTs can easily retake the location from many sides. The CT sided map will also allow CTs to gain so much information if Mid is under their control, as without Middle, Terrorists are extremely limited on places to go. This means that even though Overpass is the least CT sided map on this list, Terrorists still find this map as a nightmare to hit bombsites in.

Overpass picture 2

That concludes our article on some examples of a CT sided CSGO map! These Counter Strike Global Offensive maps that are featured in this article are undoubtedly the most CT sided maps in CSGO. In order to get lots of T side rounds on this map, Counter Strike Global Offensive players will need to learn effective smokes and molotovs in order to force CTs out of common angles. If you’re interested in the most T sided CSGO maps after reading this article, then we have the perfect article for you!

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