Danger Zone: the ultimate guide

For those of you living under a rock in the past few years, battle royale multiplayer modes have become a staple of the gaming landscape. Many will have heard of the large scale maps, huge lobbies of players, and frantic foraging for loot when you enter the game present in the likes of Fortnite, Apex: Legends, or the newest CS:GO addition to galvanize the battle royale mode, the Danger Zone.

What is CSGO Danger Zone?

This mode released way back in December 2018 and gave CS:GO players a breath of fresh air in a very rigid and regimented game. CS:GO has been around since 2001 and has had very little changes to a trusted formula so the decision may have seen a strange one to many loyal players.

Upon the modes’ initial release, reception for the game was mixed. Many players viewed it as a fun mode when you don’t feel like playing competitive games. While common gripes were the long matchmaking, uninspired traversal options, and mediocre presentation. Though a lot of these gripes would be remedied in future updates.

CSGO Danger Zone

Many prominent members of the community also commented on the game modes’ apparent lower difficulty.

Youtuber Anomaly states in one of his videos that “if you have an above room temperature IQ, you’ll find that you win most games.” He would also go on to say that it feels very separate as a game mode from conventional CS:GO. Though despite these comments, he defends the mode throughout, stating that it is a fun mode, especially with the new traversal mechanics.

At this stage, the mode boasts an impressive array of maps for a battle royale. With three large scale maps available to the player base. These are Jungle, Blacksite, and Sirocco:

The formula would differ from mainstream battle royale modes slightly. Only eighteen players can join one game and the maps are made smaller to accommodate for this. Also, the player is not fully unarmed when they enter the game as they can choose one piece of equipment to bring to their first encounter. This can range from some armor for added defense or a tazer to stun opponents.

Player Perks before dropping into CSGO Danger Zone

It is very much like your typical battle royale mode. You or your team of two battle it out to be the last team standing in an ever-shrinking battle zone. Though you may be asking, how do you win and what sets it apart from all the big-name battle royales? Well, we have you covered. Here is our rundown of everything danger zone has to offer.

Where to Spawn in CSGO Danger Zone

“Where we dropping boys” isn’t exactly a phrase synonymous with Danger Zone. The process of selecting your starting point is nowhere near as daunting, yet no less important.

The player is presented with different hexagons representing the areas of the map. To begin, all you have to do is pick an area to start in and you’ll rappel down and begin your assault.

If you are a more inexperienced player or a Conservative player, you may want an area with enough to get you started with minimal risk. So for each respective map, you’ll want to drop at Beta in Blacksite, lighthouse in Sirroco or south beach in Jungle.

However, if you like to drop into the action and take control of the map from the get go, letting the action come to you. Then you’ll want to land at areas like Charlie or military base in Blacksite, kasbah in Sirocco so you can get the high ground. Or the solar plant in Jungle.

Dropping sequence CSGO Danger Zone

This can also vary if playing as a solo duo or trio. A place with a scarce but effective amount of loot may not stretch to two or three players. So you may want to battle it out with your partners for larger areas with more loot at your disposal. With higher risk reaping better rewards.

Due to the runaway popularity of the initial map Blacksite. Plus the almost unanimous dislike in the community for Jungle due to layout and vision issues. It’s hard to truly gauge the most likely loot and weapon drops for Jungle and Sirocco. However, we tracked down the most popular areas where to consistently get your hands on the best loot for Jungle, Blacksite and Sirocco.

Where to Spawn in Jungle

Jungle provides a map that is completely different from its two predecessors both in setting and in design. You have areas like Radio that offers the most densely packed and valuable early game loot on the map but will soon see you attacked from all angles those landing at Echo, Alpha and Delta. You have areas like Crane that offers seclusion from other drop zones thanks to the island it’s built on but can lead to issues when trying to get off said island. Then you have the option of much safer areas on the coast like Industry and Tower One that offer less loot but allow you to stay alive more consistently in the early game. If you want a more extensive rundown of these areas, check out our guide listed here.

Best Jungle CSGO Drop Locations


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Where to Spawn in Blacksite

Blacksite has a variety of spots that offer densely packed loot in great areas. Radio, Charlie and and Alpha being the best options for picking up loot fast. If you want a more quiet early game with reasonable loot prospects you should try Beta, Gas Station or Silo. Or if you want access to all the loot you can carry with the risk of being swarmed by other players, then tourist might be the starting point for you. For a more in-depth look at these hot spots check out our article listed here

Best Blacksite CSGO Drop Locations


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Gas Station

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Where to Spawn in Sirrocco

Sirroco may have less drop zones to choose from than Blacksite but each of Sirroco’s spots are varied and provide diverse tactical options. Village is a great spot for beginners to get their bearings, Kasbah is a vast and highly populated area with an abundance of loot to offer risk taking players. Floathill offers a spot similar to Blacksite’s lighthouse which is isolated, making it great for finding loot but hard to escape with it. Then Bay is a very densely packed treasure trove of loot that comes at the cost of having to fight through Kasbah to keep it. If you want a more extensive guide to these areas, check out our guide listed here.

Best Sirocco CSGO Drop Locations


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What to do when spawned

OK, so you’ve picked your area and the game begins, so what now. Well as mentioned, this mode is much like any archetypal battle royale. It’s a frantic and relentless scramble to get whatever loot is closest to your spawn point. Ideally running to your nearest red crate as they have a guaranteed chance of a weapon.

Red Weapon crate CSGO Danger Zone

Then from there the best thing to do is find decent cover, group up with your teammate and secure your map segment. Doing so until you can see you are the only players in your area.

Use the Tablet

How do I check if all my foes are dead you might ask? Well, this is where the wonderful innovation of the tablet comes into play. This is a piece of equipment given to the player at the beginning of each game. This shows a hexagonally sectioned map that will glow in every section where there is at least one player present.

Tablet Map of CSGO Danger Zone Map

This unique approach to the battle royale formula tackles one of the gripes many players have with the format. Those who hide and prefer not to engage or seek enemies will be made visible to those that are more attack-minded. Making for a more frantic and challenging game of cat and mouse. All the while not completely compromising their position. An inspired addition to the battle royale formula.

Weapons and Loot

So you’ve somehow survived the bloodbath of the initial few minutes. So what you’ll need to do now is begin to improve your equipment as you go. Focusing on the weapons first. In the beginning, crates will offer you a variety of pistols, shotguns and SMGs. These are weapons that are effective at close range and encourage players to engage fast with other players.

The reason for this haste is that to gain access to rifles, the long-range and most effective weapons, you must gather money from crates or get them from loot drops. No matter which route you take, this won’t happen until a good portion of the match has transpired.

So in the beginning, it’s about saving your money and getting the drop on other players doing the same. All the weapons available are no different from your standard CS:GO experience. Though if you need a refresher, here’s a list of all that’s on offer.

Another important consideration is the ammo scarcity. This is another intentional and inspired idea from the developers. This lack of resources makes for tense gunfights. Where bullets are a premium and wasting them can cost you the game. So make sure to stock up as much ammo as you can throughout the round and pick your shots carefully. Accuracy could be the difference between winning and losing.

Kill and Loot in CSGO Danger Zone

To give yourself the best chance of survival during these tense gunfights, it’s best to look out for utility items too. You have your standard items such as armor and medi-shots that allow you to take more damage and heal lost health respectively.

Though thanks to an update on the initial launch version, there are also excellent utility items for traversal too. Items such as bounce pads, exo-jump, and parachutes. These when combined effectively offer a newfound fluidity to player movement. Allowing you to parkour, jump to tremendous heights, and travel large distances in seconds flat. Not to mention brilliant opportunities to get the drop of other players from above.

Plus there is a fantastic option to purchase a radar jammer. This acts somewhat like an EMP in Call of Duty titles. It renders your enemy’s Tablet map useless. Meaning that you gain the upper hand and can chase them down with them none the wiser as to your whereabouts.

There are also unique ways to get ahead in matches through completing contracts. These are tasks that will offer payment, which in turn allows the player to buy more effective items for the late game. Although this can also distract the player from opposing players. It offers both risk and reward, so caution is advised.

Danger Zone Shop and Drones

So you’ve made it into the end game. The finish line is in sight and you need that extra bit of firepower to ensure victory. Well then, it’s a good thing you’ve been saving all that cash isn’t it? Now you have the opportunity to get yourself some of the most premium weapons in the game courtesy of the danger zone shop. Just press B to open up the menu.

The Buy menu of CSGO Danger Zone

From there you’ll have access to a multitude of options. Meaning that you can gear up in the best way possible for your final assault. When you purchase the items, it’s as easy as going to the drop zone and waiting for a drone to bring your lovely loot.

Though be warned, when a drone delivers your purchase. This makes your location public knowledge to the rest of the players on the map. Meaning that you need to be fast in retrieving your gear and may have to fight off some opportunistic players aiming to snag your purchase without spending any of their own cash. It’s a risky move, but if you pull off a steal, the rewards are plentiful and can turn the tide in a game where luck isn’t on your side.

A bite size Battle Royale

Overall, this title takes the conventional formula of a battle royale. The massive lobbies, the gargantuan maps, then compress that down into a bite-size and arguably more palatable format.

The games are shorter to great effect, the map is smaller but no less populated with great areas. Plus the unique features such as ammo scarcity, the tablet for locating players, and fun but not over the top traversal utilities all culminate to offer a fresh and revitalized battle royale mode.

All the while keeping the iconic Counterstrike feel and aesthetic, especially in the sirocco map which lends its presentation from famous map Dust2. It’s a mode that has something for the casual player and loyal CS fan base alike. So if you’re looking for something to shake up your normal battle royale experience, we say give this a shot.

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