How To Disable Auto Weapon Switch in CSGO?

Let's turn off that one annoying setting that the entire CSGO community hates – the auto weapon switch.
How To Disable Auto Weapon Switch in CSGO?

You know that feeling when you have an opportunity for the easiest frag ever, but in the middle of shooting, you stood on a dropped gun, which caused a fast switch for your weapon? It's a straightforward way to have an easy death instead of an easy kill, and it's one of the unpleasant ways to die in CS:GO. But don't worry, we've got you covered! 

Disabling auto weapon switch in CS:GO step-by-step guide

There are two ways to disable the auto weapon switch in CS:GO — from within the game settings and with a single command in the Developer Console. Below, you will find a detailed explanation of how to perform this process using both of these methods.

Disable Auto Weapon Switch Settings CSGO

Through Game settings

  1. Launch CS:GO
  2. Click on the gear wheel on the left side of the screen (Settings menu)
  3. On the top bar of the settings menu (the one to the left of the search bar) select Game
  4. From all available options, select Item
  5. Find “Switch Weapon on Pick Up” (second from top) and change its setting from “Yes” to “No

Through Command

Before using this method, make sure that you’ve enabled your Developer Console in your Game settings.

  1. Launch CS:GO
  2. Press the tilde (~) to open up a Developer Console
  3. Type "cl_autowepswitch 0" in your Developer Console
  4. Confirm by pressing Enter
CSGO Disable Weapon Switch Command

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Why you shouldn’t use auto weapon switch in CS:GO?

Anyone who has played CS:GO even a little knows how annoying auto weapon switch can be. Imagine tripping over a gun lying on the ground while exchanging fire with an enemy — that’s more or less what it looks like. Stupid way to die, right? 

CSGO Weapon Switch

It may seem that an auto weapon switch can save us a few seconds when changing weapons. Sure, but we don't always want to change it, especially if it’s not our primary weapon. The timing of weapon switching in CS:GO requires us to do it at the appropriate moment, and every so often, we'll even have to adjust our movement accordingly. 

By disabling the auto weapon switch setting, you can save yourself from dying unnecessarily. That said, you just saved yourself a few dozen lives for the future and maybe even guaranteed a rank up by just checking out this article.