Does Getting Kicked Count as a Loss CSGO

We’ve all kicked players, and gotten kicked in a competitive CSGO match. Do you lose elo from getting kicked, and if so, how much? Find out in this article!
Does Getting Kicked Count as a Loss CSGO

Anyone who has played games in a competitive environment will know how frustrating it is to have teammates who grief. The best solution to deal with teammates who ruin matches is to simply kick them out of the game. CSGO is known to have a system to immediately remove players from the game, if the majority of the team agrees. Let’s find out what happens and what the consequences are if you get kicked in CSGO!

How a Team Kick Affects Rank

Team kicks refer to the event where one teammate calls a vote to kick a certain player. The kick will go through if everyone else in the team agrees to the vote. If every other player chooses to kick the player in question, then the player will immediately get kicked off of the match.

What if I get vote kicked and my team wins?

Though nothing is set in stone, community members in Counter Strike Global Offensive prove that if you get vote kicked and the enemy team loses, you will still receive a win. However, if the opposing squad wins, then the match will still count as a loss.

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The amount of elo points that you lose will depend on the rounds that you have played up until the point that you get kicked. So for example, if you get kicked on the fourth round of the second half, then 19 rounds of gameplay will be recorded onto your match stats. This means that the match will only record changes for your elo points till you left the match from getting kicked.

Should I ask to get kicked if the game is unwinnable?

We all want to save time playing a losing CSGO match if the game seems absolutely hopeless, and you pray that your team kicks you so you can get out. But, even though Valve has not released any official statements, community members speculate that you will lose less elo if you win more rounds and get more kills. However, the question of how much elo you lose cannot be answered yet.

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This means that the best option is to try your best to gather a couple of rounds and a handful of kills before losing the match. It is recommended that you continue to play the game, as there is a big chance that you will lose less elo points. A strong mentality will help you get more round wins in competitive matches and achieve a decent rank.

Will getting kicked result in a Competitive Ban?

Getting kicked from multiple competitive matches in a span of a week will result in a competitive cooldown. This is because the game will detect that you are likely to have a lack of team work skills. Players can also get banned if they often kick players out of CSGO matches as well. 

How a Team Damage Kick Affects Rank

Unlike getting vote kicked where the player on the receiving end is unable to control the result by themselves, getting kicked from excessive team damage is something within self-control. 

Players can get kicked out of the game from attacking teammates with weapons or grenades, so players on the receiving end will lose elo score as lots of team killing usually means that the player is griefing. 

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As a result, getting kicked for team damage will definitely count as a loss, no matter if your team ends up winning or if the enemy team ends up winning. This means that you will lose elo and the ranking system will pull your rank down.

How much Team Damage can I deal in CSGO?

In Counter Strike Global Offensive, the maximum amount of team damage that a player can do before getting kicked is 400 friendly damage. Keep in mind that damage towards teammates is decreased, so 400 friendly damage definitely gives players a lot of room for accidental misfire.

However, players will get immediately kicked for killing three teammates, regardless of the amount of actual friendly damage that the player has caused. A player should be very careful if they have already accidentally killed their teammates two times in a Counter Strike game, as they are at risk of getting kicked.

We hope that this article has helped you why there seems to be a rank disparity in the CSGO ranking system! It is also recommended to understand all the ranked requirementst, so that you will understand all you need to know so you don’t grief your first competitive match and get kicked out! But if you don’t care about getting kicked and losing elo, you can learn how to kick yourself in our other article.

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