Best FPS Commands For CS:GO

So let's see what are the most useful fps commands cs go
Best FPS Commands For CS:GO

There are a lot of fps commands on cs go, some will help allow you to lock your fps, while others will let you see how many fps exactly you have at that time. The first thing you need to know is that in order to execute a csgo fps command you need to have the console active. To do that go to the game settings and enable the developer console. Then still on settings go to keyboard and mouse, and all the way down that page you will find toggle console and will bind a key to it.


One of the most useful cs go console commands. This cs go command will bring up every relevant command, meaning you will have access to the most useful commands in the game.

Just use find and the relevant keyboard after, for example, find fps, and a list of all the cs go fps console commands will show up.

Everything that shows up here you will also be able to find in the settings menu. If you want to change your resolution go to the video settings.If you want to change your audio output go to the sound settings. Just keep in mind most of the things you do with a command it can also be done in the settings menus, it just takes more time. 

net graph

With net graph you will be able to see your fps, the ping you are playing on, the tick of the server as well as the loss and choke of it, and also the variance. This is very useful since with net graph you can adjust your game settings if you see your fps are too low. Or just change the server if the ping is too high or you are having internet problems.

It's also one of many commands that have an fps counter, meaning you can watch your fps in real-time. It’s one of the most used commands by counter strike global offensive players, and the most complete fps counter. You can personalize the net graph in various ways, making it appear bigger on the screen or smaller. Changing the position where the net graph appears on the screen. To display the net graph just go to the cs go console and use the command net_graph 1.

fps max

This cs go command allows you to set the maximum fps and doesn't let your computer go higher than the amount defined. It’s not an fps counter but it's similar since you know you will never surpass the amount of fps you chose.

Very successful for machines where you see your fps having a massive drop out of nowhere. That way you can fix your fps setting one valor, where you know your pc will be able to run the game without any problems, and you won't experience any major fps changes.  It’s very easy to use, just open the game console and type fps_max followed by the number of max fps you want. 

cl showfps

Probably the most used cs go fps command. This fps counter as the name indicates, allows you to see the fps in the top left corner of the monitor. It’s a very useful command, and it's easier than going into the settings. One of the advantages of this fps counter is that you can see when the fps are too low, and you need to change some settings in order to map your game run smoother. It’s also good to see what maps are heavier than others.

For example, Cache is one of the heaviest maps, compared to others such as Overpass, or Inferno, meaning your game will probably have fewer fps on Cache, and you may see a dip in your fps and overall game performance. Just open the game console and write cl_showfps 1. You will see the cl showfps will activate, and you can see the fps on the top left corner of the screen. 

r drawtracers 

This counter strike global offensive command lets you disable the bullet traces from the guns, giving you an fps boost. Very different from net graph, or any of the other cs go console commands we talked about above since this one has an impact on your game. Despite the fps boost your game gets, disabling bullet trace is not great, especially if you are playing at a high level.

My suggestion is, if you are experiencing some fps problems, go to settings, then video settings, and change them until you find the best settings that will allow your computer to run the game as smoothly as possible. Sometimes it’s better to play on lower resolutions, or with some specs on low, but be able to run the game without any problems. 

To activate the command open the game console, then type in r_drawtreacers 0, and if you want to deactivate it write r_drawtreacers 1.

r dynamic

Similar to r drawtraces, this cs go command also gives your game a big fps boost. The command removes some of the lighting effects, such as the muzzle flash from the enemy players, and other lighting effects inside the game.

It's worth noting that this command takes a lot of fps when activate, making it harder for your pc to run the game at the desired level. It doesn't affect the gameplay experience as much as r drawtracers, but it still has a small impact on it. I still recommend you to go to settings and make changes there instead.

r drawtracers firstperson

It's the same as the normal r drawtracers, but instead of disabling the bullet tracers of the enemies, this one disables your bullet traces. You will notice a big fps boost in your game, and it might even make you tap fire better. However, this takes away one of the most important features of FPS, bullet tracing.

At a high level, this can be game-changing, which means most professional players prefer to have the feature active, and in general players just don't like this feature. To execute this command, similar to all the other ones you will have to open the game console, and then type r_drawtracers_firstperson 0. If you want to deactivate the command type r_drawtracers_firstperson 1, this will enable your bullet traces, but as mentioned above will make you lose some fps.