Funny Commands to Use in CSGO

Check out some funny CSGO console commands that you can try out by yourself or with some friends!
Funny Commands to Use in CSGO

Counter Strike can be a stressful game for some people, as nobody likes losing. After a loss, it's good to take a short break and perhaps have some fun in a private CSGO lobby with some friends. Fortunately for you, CSGO has a handful of funny console commands that will keep you entertained for a good amount of time. Here are some funny CSGO commands you can use!

Funny Console Commands to Use on Yourself

If you're looking for some fun CSGO commands that you can use on yourself, then we've got you covered. Keep in mind that you will have to be able to open the console to apply these commands. If you're unfamiliar with the console, then check out our article on how to enable the developer console in CSGO

Once you're in your own private server, type in the command sv_cheats 1 to enable cheats, as all of the console commands below are cheat commands. 

Fun Cheat Commands

Here are some fun cheat commands that can help you do cool things on your own.



The "god" command will grant you god mode in CSGO, meaning that you will take no damage and will never die until the command is disabled. Re-type the command to turn it off.

noclipUsing this command will allow you to fly and pass through walls. An awesome command for exploring maps or practicing.
killTyping in this command will make the game instantly kill you. This command can be useful if you're stuck on a part of the map.
explodeIf you type this command into your console, you will simply explode and die. It's another alternative to the "kill" command.

Like the name suggests, this command will allow players to see their game in third person, which is something you can't do on normal servers.


This command will reset you back to first person mode if you have used the "thirdperson" command and want to reevert back.

Third Person

If you're not satisfied with these commands yet, then check out how you can customize the way you look in your own server.

Change The Way You Look

Here is a list of interesting commands that will change the way your player looks. Check them out!

ent_fire !self addoutput “modelscale 0.3”This command will allow you to make your player model smaller. You can change the values between 0-1 to make your character smaller.
ent_fire !self addoutput “modelscale 2”

Changing the number on this command will allow you to make yourself bigger. If the value is 2, then you will be two times bigger than normal.

ent_fire !self color “255 0 0”Change your character's color to red by putting in this command into your console.
ent_fire !self color “0 255 0”Change your character's color to green by putting in this command into your console
ent_fire !self color “0 0 255”Change your character's color to blue by putting in this command into your console

If you're ready to have some fun with your friends on a private server, then continue reading the article as we've got way more console commands for you to check out!

Funny CSGO Server Commands

If you have successfully grabbed some friends into your private CSGO server, then here are some commands that'll make sure that you all have a good time.

Surf and Bunny Hop Commands

Surfing and bunny hopping can be a cool way to relax and chill. Here are the commands you will need in order to be able to surf and bunny hop.

sv_airaccelerate 800This command will increase the air acceleration, which is compulsory for surfing. You won't be able to surf without this command.
sv_accelerate 10This command increases regular acceleration, which is also needed when you want to surf.
sv_enablebunnyhopping 1

Typing in this command will enable bunny hopping on your private server and make it easier, as we all know that bunny hopping is difficult on Valve servers.

sv_autobunnyhopping 1
This command will enable auto bunny hopping, meaning that you will automatically bunny hop by simply holding down the space bar and strafing accordingly.
sv_bounce 20

The "sv_bounce" command will allow players to bounce off of walls.

sv_gravity 200

Applying this command will set the gravity of the server to 200, meaning that you'll be able to float around as if gravity doesn't exist!

To have maps specifically for surfing, you'll have to browse community workshop maps on Steam.

Recoil Commands

Ever wondered what it feels to have perfect spray control? Well, here are some console commands that will make recoil non-existant.

weapon_recoil_scale 0
This is the command that will ensure that your weapon has no recoil. The default value of this command is set to 2, so 0 will mean that no recoil will exist.
weapon_recoil_view_punch_extra 0
This command is used to control how much your screen shakes when you hold down a spray. Turning the value to 0 will mean that no shaking will occur.
weapon_accuracy_nospread 1
When this command has a value of 1, any weapon's inaccuracy speed will be disabled, so weapons will be 100% accurate from any distance.

Wallhack Commands

If you're curious as to how word.exe works, then have a little sneak peek using these two funny wallhack commands that will allow you to see through walls and smokes!

r_drawparticles 0
This command will disable particles, which includes the particles from smoke grenades. Since all particles will be disabled, you'll be able to see through smokes.
r_drawothermodels 2
The "r_drawothermodels 2" command is the wallhack command you're looking for. Put this command into your console and you'll be able to see players through walls.
Wallhack Command

If you're looking to spice up your server even more, then try spawning many different things and create a whole party alongside your friends!

Funny CSGO Spawn Commands

If you're feeling lonely in your server, here are some commands to spawn things that will give you some company.

ent_create chicken
This command can be spammed to summon chickens on any map! Attached below this table is a chicken on Nuke.
bot_stop 1

The "bot_stop 1" is part one of a three-step command to summon a bot that will mimic your every move.

This command is part two of the three-step command to summon a bot that mimics your movements.
bot_mimic 1

After using the two commands above, input this command to finally have a bot that will follow and mimic your movements.

Chicken on Nuke

You are also able to spawn in CSGO knives on private servers. To learn how, check out our article on CSGO knife commands!

There you have it folks! Those are some funny Counter Strike Global Offensive commands that will keep you and your friends entertained on your private CSGO servers. Keep in mind that all of these commands require sv_cheats 1 to be enabled, so you won't be able to use any of these commands on official Valve matchmaking servers.

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