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How To Check KD Ratio in CSGO

Whether you want to flex on your friends or learn how you compare to other Fortnite players, knowing your K/D is vital for every Fortnite player.
How To Check KD Ratio in CSGO

KD Ratio (Kill Death Ratio) is actually the primary determinant of how good and valuable a player is to the team in the particular game. Sure, some will also look at movement and intelligent tactics, but most people rely on KD because you can't really measure other aspects in actual numbers. Let’s see how to even check your KD ratio in CSGO – before and during a game. 

How To Check KD During Game in CSGO

As with most games, you can check your KD ratio during a CSGO match by pressing the "TAB" button on your keyboard; this works for all the game modes. 

Once you do that, the scoreboard will pop up with statistics for all rounds and players. It will look like this:

how to check kda during game csgo

And here’s a little explanation on how you should translate the "K/A/D" letters:

  • K – Kills
  • A – Assists
  • D – Deaths

But what if that doesn’t work with “TAB”? Well, then you should go to your Keyboard & Mouse settings and look for a “Scoreboard” feature to see which key it is assigned to. 

how to kda settings

How To Check KD After Game in CSGO

You can also check your KD ratio after a game! However, this will only work for matches in the Competitive and Wingman modes. All you have to do is:

  1. Click on the “Live matches” tab on the right bar of the menu screen
  2. Select “Your matches”
  3. Select the match for which you want to check your KD
  4. And you’re good! You will see a scoreboard almost identical to the one you might see during a game.
how to check kda after game

What is a good KD in CSGO?

The higher your kill count exceeds your death count, the better. Most pro players, when they play a non-tournament game usually have 3 to 4 kills per 1 death, which at the end of the match can mean e.g., KD 32/8. 

good kda csgo

However, even if you only have a few more kills than your deaths, it should still be considered “good”. Maybe far from “insane” that could make you moan, but “positive” is a good word for that. 

Does KD Matter For Ranking Up in CSGO?

Actually, your KD doesn’t matter for ranking up, which you can read more about in our article about the ELO system in CSGO. But in short, if you are on your way to The Global Elite, make sure that your teammates have similar ranks (or higher) to yours and focus on completing map objectives rather than just running for frags.

does kda matter for ranking up csgo

Now that you know how to check your KD, and that it is visible to anyone in the match, make sure that it’s good! If you are looking to elevate your skills, you may be interested in aim training maps, which could pretty much be your "CSGO gym": The Best Aim Training Maps in CSGO.

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