How To Control Spray in CSGO?

Today we will present you the “one weird trick” to control all spray patterns in CS:GO!

How To Control Spray in CSGO?
How To Control Spray in CSGO?

Spray control is the most fundamental thing about Counter Strike Global Offensive and any FPS game, really. People who "shoot well" are actually those who have mastered the spray control matter to perfection

Even though there are as many spray patterns as weapons in Counter Strike Global Offensive, there is one method to control them all. Yes, just one method to kill more enemies and leave fewer bullet holes! If you want to get better at CSGO spray control, be sure to check out the rest of this article.

How To Control Spray in CS GO?

There is just one method to control the weapon’s spray pattern in Counter Strike Global Offensive, and it is moving your mouse in the opposite direction than the spray goes. It goes like that for virtually every weapon in the game. It may sound a little complicated, but you can look at that from a different perspective:

Bullet Direction Mouse Movement
Up Down
Down Up
Left Right
Right Left

And that’s it – it works like that for every weapon in the game! Once you follow the principles, the bullet should land in the exact same place you aim with your crosshair, decreasing your chance of leaving bullet holes in the wall before dying during a duel.

CSGO Spray Control

So, if moving the mouse in the opposite direction is what spray control is really all about, what is the hard part about it? What separates the best players from the casual ones in this regard?

The Importance Of Muscle Memory in CS GO

You could say that the spray control aspect is something easy to learn but hard to master, especially in games like Counter Strike Global Offensive. It is really hard 100 times out of 100 times to mirror the gun’s spray pattern with full precision, especially if we try to do that on moving targets.

The Importance Of Muscle Memory in CSGO

For this, you must have a well-developed muscle memory, which you build simply by playing the game. In addition to this, the suitable Sensitivity and DPI settings will also come in handy (ultimately low, to ensure the highest possible precision). 

Spray Control CSGO

You can actually compare the spray control learning process to things like drawing – for the first weeks, your lines won't be perfectly straight, but if you do it every day, you'll get the hang of it. The Global Elite players are usually the ones with plenty of hours played, aren’t they?

How To Learn Spray Control in CS GO?

Okay, now that we know how to control a weapon's recoil in Counter Strike Global Offensive, and we also know that it's not as easy as it seems, let's check out the best methods of taking your spray control game to the next level.

Recoil Control Commands

One thing of practicing recoil patterns in Counter Strike Global Offensive is jumping into your own server and shooting at the wall. Yeah, we really mean it – you just shoot at the wall and try to control your recoil pattern as much as you can.

Recoil Control CSGO Practice

If you are into that kind of practice, we have some nice console commands to help you make such sessions even more productive:

Command Use
sv_infinite ammo 1 Gives you infinite ammo magazine (with reload)
sv_infinite_ammo 2 Gives you infinite ammo magazine (without reload)
viewmodel_recoil Determines how much movement is shown during a recoil control
sv_showimpacts 1 Shows all bullet impacts

We especially like the last command, as we can precisely see our accuracy and where exactly the bullet landed. It looks somewhat like this:

sv showimpacts 1 command

Recoil Master Workshop Map

Next up, we would recommend you one specific Workshop Map, and it would be Recoil Master map made by Mr. uLLeticaL, which is our favorite aim training map of all time:

Recoil Master Workshop Map

The map has plenty of tools for practicing recoil control, and many Counter Strike Global Offensive pros use it in their accuracy training routine. 

<full-button>GET THE RECOIL MASTER MAP <full-button> 


The most important thing about practicing recoil control is regularity. Try to sneak a bit more extra hours into your weekly schedule if you really care about climbing ranks in Counter Strike Global Offensive. Even if you spend just one extra 20 minutes every day, you are better than other players who didn’t do that, and you will be closer to having all CSGO spray patterns each day.