How To Disable Multicore Rendering In CSGO

Find out how you can disable multicore rendering in CSGO and improve your playing experience
How To Disable Multicore Rendering In CSGO

Multicore rendering in CSGO can sometimes cause a lot of in-game issues, which is why it is one of the most discussed CSGO features on the entire internet.

Before we dive into an analysis of how multicore rendering can affect your CSGO performance, we must first understand what it does to our PC and what is the purpose of this feature.

What Is Multicore Rendering?

Multicore rendering is CSGO’s ability to utilize all of the processing power your PC has to offer by using the maximum capacity of your processors. However, this ability comes at a cost, which is why many CSGO players prefer to disable it, although it means sacrificing some of the game elements like visual quality. 

Multicore Rendering CSGO Comparison

Enabling multicore rendering means using more than one processing core in your PC, and while it increases your FPS, it increases your input lag at the same time, which can be very annoying and significantly impact your performance. 

So, the question arises – what should you do about the multicore rendering option? 

There is no magic formula that could be applied to every PC out there, so you should probably test your gameplay experience simply by trying different settings and observing what works the best for you.

How To Disable Multicore Rendering?

In case you are one of the CSGO players who like the multicore rendering option turned off, here are some suggestions for how you should do it so that it doesn’t cause you any more headaches.

  1. Enter the settings menu
  2. Change the Multicore rendering to “Disabled”
  3. Test your Multicore rendering settings in the game 

How To Make Sure That Multicore Rendering Stays Disabled?

Launch options check

  1. Enter the launch options menu
  2. Check if the Multicore rendering options are set to always switch back to default
  3. Change the launch options settings
  4. Test your new settings in the game

Video.txt file check

  1. Enter your Steam UserData Folder and find the “cfg” folder
  2. Open the Video.txt file
  3. Change the settings according to your preferences
  4. Make sure the video file is a “read-only” type so that next time you run it your preferred options will be launched as you saved them
  5. Run the game and test your settings

The file should show you whether you have your MTCR setting on or off. Once you change the file, the problem should probably go away.

There is no single method that will work on every PC, but your best bet is to try every one of them until you fix the issue or run out of options. In case you get stuck with the problem, there is always an option of contacting the Valve support center, which may result in getting some ideas that you could not find anywhere else.

At the end of the day, the whole point of CSGO is your satisfaction as a user, so it is up to you to decide how you’re going to customize your CSGO gameplay and enjoy a good shooting.

When Should You Turn Multicore Rendering On/Off?

It takes some effort to get to the bottom of multicore rendering issues, so before you go for it, make sure it’s worth your time. Not everyone will benefit from disabling MTCR, so knowing your PC specifications is the best place to start from.

The unwritten rule is that you must have at least 4 processing cores in order to benefit from this feature, otherwise, it should be turned off so that you don’t suffer the consequences of it running in the back.

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