How To Earn Money Playing CS:GO [7 Legit Methods]

Discover the best ways to earn money playing CS:GO! We tested them out for You!
How To Earn Money Playing CS:GO [7 Legit Methods]

Counter Strike Global Offensive has made significant strides since its release, and nowadays, people are making money (and lots of it) out of this game by simply playing it! In fact, as an example, Danish players Xyp9x, dev1ce, and gla1ve have earned more than $1,500,000 solely from CSGO prize money, respectively!

Although these players are top dogs, there are still several ways of making money playing CS:GO that anyone can accomplish. This article will reveal how to earn money playing CS:GO using the most reliable methods that even casual players can accomplish.


Using Buff Game

The first method we're about to show you is ideal for all the casual players out there who'd like to earn various rewards and save money playing games.

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5/ 5 is worth using, but only if you remember that it can't offer you much but a few skins or other rewards after a lengthy period.

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Allow us to introduce, a loyalty-based service that rewards its users with cash prizes for playing games, including Counter Strike Global Offensive. It then uses a state-of-the-art algorithm that rewards players with Buff Coins based on their in-game performance. So, for instance, the better your K/D/A ratio in CS:GO is, the more Buff Coins you'll get as a reward.

buff points overview

Once you collect enough Buff Coins, you can redeem them and get various rewards, like a Steam gift card which you can use to top up your Steam Wallet and get any Counter Strike Global Offensive skins immediately, or you can get CS:GO skins directly.

If this seems intriguing, have a look at our impartial review of which proves that it is a legit service with secure cash out, that anyone can use to get rewarded while enjoying playing CS.

CS:GO is one of many available titles on

It should be pointed out that this approach won't make you rich by no means, but it will allow you to get some great rewards which you can then use to get a few skins and other in game items on the Steam market or any third-party skins market website.

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Trading Skins (And Other Items)

This method doesn't involve competing or even playing CS:GO, as you'll be able to perform everything outside the game. Skins in Counter Strike Global Offensive are the cosmetic items that change the appearance of weapons and other equipment, which come in different qualities and float.

And, of course, the more colorful and better the skin's condition is, the higher the price of that particular skin will be.

Remember that selling CS:GO items on Steam Marketplace means you won't be able to withdraw those funds.

There are various ways you can get CS:GO skins, like opening the cases or using the random item drops for an instant in game skins, but buying them on the Steam marketplace or third skin selling party websites is the quickest way.

However, if you're looking to make money trading skins in CS:GO, you'll also need to invest some money first since random item drops will only grant you low-grade skins (or loot boxes).

In addition to this, there are several ways you can get free CS:GO skins too.

Make sure to select the genuine website to sell your CSGO skins on.

Regardless of how you obtain skins, the goal here is simple - buy them for a low price, and sell them for a profit. This may seem very straightforward, but it requires plenty of knowledge, mainly of what skins are high in demand, so you can know which ones you should invest in.

In addition to skins, you can also "flip" other CS:GO items like cases, containers, and such. If you're acquainted enough, you'll be able to make even hundreds of dollars per week using this method!


Boosting Ranks

Getting to high ranks in CS:GO is quite challenging because it's about your skills and how well your teammates perform during the matches. So even if you play really well and your team loses, you won't be able to reach the highest ranks. And that's when the so-called "CS:GO rank boosters" come to assistance.

Rank boosting in CS:GO involves a team of players assisting one player to reach any rank or playing on someone's Steam account (a form of smurfing). Although this is considered very "uncool" because most players have to deal with noobs and trolls, it's probably the quickest way to reach the desired Global Offensive rank.

Before you boost someone's rank, you need to be highly ranked.

Essentially, you can either find other interested players and form a team, so you can all play together and boost someone's rank, or join one of many CS:GO rank-boosting websites and offer your services there.

In addition, you can offer your services on Steam groups, Reddit, through social media platforms, or websites like Fiverr and similar freelancing platforms.

Needless to say, you and your team of boosters need to be quite good at Counter Strike Global Offensive if you even want to consider this option. Evidently, some players would rather buy their way to the Counter Strike top than deal with losing because of their teammates.

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Bonus Method: Earn Free Skins In Counter Strike Global Offensive Using Freecash

Other than earning money playing CS:GO, you can earn skins completely free without even playing the game! This is made possible by using Freecash, a reward-based service that anyone can join for free, complete online tasks, and receive various rewards (including the CS:GO skins).

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Freecash is an entirely safe and legal offer wall and get-paid-to site that offers various payout options and a really attractive coin exchange rate compared to its competitors.

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If this sounds intriguing and you'd like to try Freecash, you'll need to register on their website first. Then, you'll need to select the "Earn" page, where you'll find various offers containing online tasks, which you'll need to complete to get Freecash Coins.

A list of all available payout methods Freecash has to offer.

Once you get sufficient coins, head to the "Cashout" page, where you'll find various payout options. Now, you can choose PayPal, Visa, or crypto if you'd like to purchase CS:GO skins from a third-party skins marketplace, or you can simply select the CS:GO option and get any CS:GO skin directly from the website.

This is much more convenient option than buying from third parties.

Regardless of what your payout choice is, you should know that you would need to perform way too many online tasks to get the most expensive CS:GO skins (those over $1000), so you should focus on the cheaper ones instead.

If you're reluctant about this service or have doubts, we did a thorough review of Freecash so you can learn everything about it from a single article.

And if you decide to join Freecash after reading our review, we got something extra for you - a bonus code that may grant you up to $250, with no strings attached!

All you need to do is register and verify your email address, and once you visit the Freecash website, you'll notice a popup in which you'll need to type "TGG" and watch the free spin that may grant you $250 and save you lots of time you would spend on completing tasks.

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Game Coaching

If you're a decent Counter Strike player, you can use your expertise to help other players learn how to play CS:GO and improve their skills using Fiverr, Upwork, or any similar freelancing website where you can post gigs.

In case you're unfamiliar with this concept, there are many online platforms for various freelancing services, including gigs, one-time jobs, and such. So basically, you can register on one of these websites and post a gig that falls into the "game coaching" category, where you can add images and videos of your CS:GO rank, replays, and whatnot, and wait for someone to contact you (which will happen, if your gig is attractive enough).

Make sure to have a decent microphone, which you'll need to use for communication with your

Your job will then be to coach the player that wishes to improve the skills, which mainly works by watching that player via live-stream and giving the pieces of advice, critiques, and pointing out what that player should work on.

Some of the CS:GO coaching gigs found on Fiverr.

The most significant focus should be on aiming, moving, and familiarizing with the maps. Still, every good coach knows the importance of mentality and how it can affect the in-game performance, which is why it shouldn't be neglected.

The great thing about this job is that once you complete a couple of gigs, you'll have a decent background that can literally kick-start your CS:GO coaching career, so why not give it a try?

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Creating Content About CS:GO

When it comes to creating content about Counter Strike Global Offensive, the first thing that comes to almost everyone's mind is making YouTube videos. However, creating any kind of CS:GO content can be a fantastic way to earn money, whether it's memes, how-to videos, guides, or pretty much anything imaginable.

Credits: ProGuides CSGO Tips, Tricks and Guides

The trouble is that CS:GO-related content is oversaturated, as everyone wanted to get a piece of cake. Still, this shouldn't prevent you from trying because if you're creative enough, you can attract a broad audience through social media platforms and earn money with enough views.

Remember that this requires plenty of time, and you should only start creating CS:GO content if you know enough about this game because the audience will surely recognize that.


Streaming CS:GO

Streaming is another way to earn money playing CS:GO, although it's not guaranteed that you will succeed, because there are many factors to consider, like the popularity of your streams, the number of average viewers you'll get, and so on.

CS:GO is always one of the most viewed categories on Twitch and other platforms.

You can use various streaming platforms to your advantage, like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Trovo, and even Facebook Gaming, but you will definitely need to stand out from other streamers.

Now, this doesn't mean that you should be the best CS:GO player out there, but rather, someone who's charismatic, passionate about the game, and knows how to entertain viewers. Besides, some of the most-watched CS:GO streamers aren’t professional players - they are just interesting enough to attract the audience.

If you believe you fit into this description, perhaps you should give CS:GO streaming a try, and who knows, maybe it can become your full-time job!


CS:GO Competitions

And no, we don't mean professional tournaments by competitions, but online and offline competitions/leagues that anyone (who's not a total noob) can join. Nowadays, several services organize various online competitions, such as FACEIT, Challengermode, ESEA, and more. These Counter Strike competitions come in different formats, such as daily events, ladders, one vs. one matches, etc., and different game modes.

If you own a knife like this one, you can sell it and get paid right away.

And, of course, there are rewards for the winners, including the real cash prizes (depending on the prize pool). So while you can't rely on this method to earn money, especially since the prize pool is considerably smaller than in professional tournaments, you can use these online competitions for extra income if you're skilled enough.

On top of this, there are also offline competitions organized in local internet cafes, convention centers, and such, depending on the size of the tournament. These tournaments usually have cash and gaming gear rewards for the best teams and players. Just google “Your city” + CSGO tournament” and you’ll be surprised to see what you can find.

Taking everything into consideration, Counter Strike Global Offensive is no longer "just a game," and it's, in fact, a gold mine that many people can dig from. What started as a simple game mod has become the most popular esports game that continuously keeps growing, and with it, the money-making potential keeps growing as well.

Now that you read through our article, you have recognized what sort of potential CS:GO has when it comes to making money. But even so, you've also recognized that most of these methods will take you lots of time, and you'll need to wait for who knows how long to reap the rewards.

That is why we believe that the quickest and easiest way to profit from CS:GO is by using

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