How to get a Server’s IP in CSGO

Community servers are a blessing to CS, as players are introduced to more fun and useful game modes. Check out how to find a server IP to share to your friends!
How to get a Server’s IP in CSGO

Counter Strike Global Offensive is best enjoyed with friends and other players. Whether it would be a fun bunny hopping game, free for all deathmatch servers, or even a quick surfing session, it would be ideal to have the correct amount of people for the game mode. However, to actually group up and play a game together, you’ll need to share the server IP address with the other players. In this article, we’ll teach you how you can find and share the server’s IP address.

How to get server’s IP address in CSGO

Before being able to get the server’s IP and server information, you will first need to make sure that a few things are done beforehand. You will need to make sure that you have done the following:

  1. Be inside the server that you are trying to share.
  2. You must enable developer console on your Counter Strike Global Offensive game. If you’re unfamiliar with the console, then we have the perfect guide for you!

Find Server IP Using Console Command

Once you have followed the steps above, we can now use a command that will allow us to see the server IP of the server that we are in. Follow the steps below to the dynamic IP addresses to any online game server that you want:

  1. Open your developer console by pressing “~”, which is the key above “Esc”
  2. Type in the command “status”
  3. Hit enter, then some text should show up on your console
  4. At the top of all the text, one line should say something like “Connected to”
  5. If you have successfully found a line that is similar to the example given above, then the appropriate IP address of the game server will be the numbers
  6. Copy all the numbers to your clipboard, then paste it to your friends!

How to Join CSGO Server with IP

So let’s say that you are on the receiving end, and your friend has just sent you the server’s IP address for you to join the game server. But being the shy person that you are, you don’t want to embarrass yourself by asking your friend on how you should use the IP address to join the Counter Strike Global Offensive server. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

There are two ways to join a CSGO server with a server IP, so let’s quickly go over them.

Join Using Community Server Browser

The community server browser can be used to help players find and join any online CSGO server. With the help of a server IP address, the process becomes much easier. Simply navigate to the community server browser by going to CSGO > Play > Community Server Browser.

Once you have successfully opened up the community server window, simply paste the CSGO community server IP address, and if the game server IP is correct, then it should be the only server that shows up on the menu.

Join Using Console Command

The second method of joining a CSGO server is by using the developer console. It is a much easier and quicker method compared to the first method. 

Once you have the connect IP address, simply open the console and type in “connect <Server IP>”. Obviously you would replace <Server IP> with the actual IP address of the server.

If the connect IP is correct, it will immediately connect you to the game server. Once you join a game server IP, you may notice the CSGO server installing mods and server files, which is completely normal, as different Counter Strike servers will have different server settings and a different server’s control panel.

Why Can’t I Connect to CSGO Server?

If you are unable to connect to a server, then there may be a few problems. 

  1. The server IP might be incorrect. Tell your friend to re-check for the correct IP.
  2. The server might be under maintenance. Multiple servers go through maintenance throughout the day, so be patient.
  3. The server might be a password protected server. You will need to ask for the password to join a private server.

That concludes it for a quick guide on how you can find dedicated servers and their IPs in CSGO! If you’re interested in these community servers, consider making a nodecraft server to start your own server! You will need the steam console client to start up a nodecraft server, but the process isn’t too difficult, as lots of official servers and casual servers have been created already. If this article was helpful to you, check out our article on the best commands to learn more!

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