How to kick yourself in CS:GO

Getting stuck in a CS:GO match is the worst, and leaving can cause penalties. Here's how to kick yourself correctly without getting banned.
How to kick yourself in CS:GO

What does Kicking in Counter-Strike mean?

Most server admins can instantly kick a player from the server if they wish. However, public CS:GO games work a bit differently. If the game allows for this feature, then someone would need to start a "callvote kick" to remove a player from the game. To kick the player that way, a certain percentage of others in the match must vote to kick/remove that person from the match.

How to kick yourself in CSGO and not get banned

Getting yourself kicked isn't that easy. Here is a guide on how to do it:

  1. Once you've activated the Developer Console, open it with ~ during the game:
  2. Type “status” 
  3. Find and copy the numbers next to your name
  4. Type “callvote kick [the numbers next to your name]” into the Developer Console
Find player ID CSGO

That's what you need to type into the Developer Console to start the kick vote during a match. If you haven't activated the Developer Console already, keep in mind, this is something that needs to be done if you've never done this.

Reasons to Kick yourself

While it might sound strange, there are times when you might want to try to votekick yourself from the game. Quitting a match can result in penalties; just leaving a game will make Classic Competitive unavailable for a while. Penalties also increase if you quit games regularly. So, the best way around this is to get kicked from the match. There are different reasons why someone would want to quit in a Counter-Strike match by trying to initiate a vote kick.

You do not have the option of trying to kick that person first but keep in mind that not everyone might want to kick you. This means to vote kick yourself can be the only option if you're struggling to play that game due to the general toxicity or targeted harassment.

Kicking yourself without getting banned

Trying to kick yourself doesn't always work out as planned. Some players might vote against it to keep you in the game. Quitting in the middle of a game should be used as a last resort option if you cannot get kicked. While kicking yourself can work, keep in mind there can also be repercussions for doing this if you do it too often.

CS GO Kick yourself

If you are being kicked from too many Competitive matches, you can also be flagged. Being kicked too much gives you a Competitive Cooldown as well. If you decide to go AFK to get kicked, then be aware that being AFK or not participating in matches may also result in a Competitive Cooldown.

We can't judge people who vote to kick themselves too harshly without knowing the full circumstances. Still: vote kicking should only be done as a last resort. Remember that Valve does punish people for abusing the system!

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