How To Kick Yourself in CSGO Without Getting Banned

Kicking players can be done for various reasons such as they're trolling or purposefully ruining the game by refusing to play and other similar reasons. This is usually done in online multiplayer games though not all of them have this feature which is why some multiplayer gamers might not have heard of this.

What does Kicking in Counter-Strike mean?

When we talk about “kicking someone” in an online game, this usually refers to the act of forcing a player to leave the match. Most server admins can instantly kick a player from the server if they wish however, public games work a bit differently. If the game allows for this feature then someone would need to start a “vote kick” to remove a player from the game. To kick the player, a certain percentage of others in the match must vote to kick/remove that person from the match.

Reasons to Kick yourself

While it might sound strange, there are times where you might want to try and kick yourself from the game. Quitting a match can result in penalties, just leaving a game will make Classic Competitive unavailable for a while. Penalties also increase if you quit games regularly. So the best way around this is to get kicked from the match.

There are different reasons why someone would want to quit a match by trying to initiate a vote kick. Sometimes real life can happen without any warning so you need to leave the game so getting taken out of the game like this is perfect for avoiding penalties because of something you can’t help which could range from anything between the dog threw up, an important phone call from work or the doctors, the baby is crying and pretty much anything else.

Of course, CSGO is known for having some toxic players at times and it’s just not fun playing with people like this. Whether they’re targeting you or not, playing with such negative people is not a good experience for anyone. You do have the option of trying to kick that person first but keep in mind that not everyone may agree with you. This means kicking yourself can be the only option if you’re struggling to play that game due to the general toxicity or targeted harassment. In this case, be sure to fill out a report against that player regardless of kick outcomes!

Those are two of the most common reasons but there could be any reason for wanting to leave a game.

How to kick yourself in CSGO and not get banned

Getting yourself kicked isn’t that easy.

Once you’ve activated the Command Console, open it with “~” during the game:

  1. Type “status”
  2. Find and copy the numbers next to your name
  3. Type “callvote kick [the numbers next to your name]”

CSGO Callvote kick command

That’s what you need to type into the console to start the kick vote during a match. If you haven’t activated the Command Console already then you can find full instructions on how to do this here (add a link to a previous article there) and keep in mind this is something that needs to be done if you’ve never done this.

Warnings and Repercussions

Trying to kick yourself doesn’t always work out as planned. This only launched the vote kick for yourself, it doesn’t mean the players will vote to kick you. Some players might vote against it to keep you in the game. So this isn’t a fool-proof way of getting removed from the game. Quitting in the middle of a game should be used as a last resort option if you cannot get kicked, for example, if one or multiple players are targeting you with harassment and they keep voting against kicking you.

While kicking yourself can work, keep in mind there can also be repercussions for doing this if you do it regularly. It flags you as “kicking too many teammates” for initiating votes too often which also means you’ve been classed as abusing the system. This is the same for if you try to kick players often and are the starting vote. Valve recommends that players report others in-game if someone is being abusive instead of starting a vote kick. They state that “calling votes to kick a teammate should only be done in extenuating circumstances”. Doing too much of it results in a Competitive Cooldown.

How to kick yourself in CSGO

If you are being kicked from too many Competitive matches then you can also be flagged. Being kicked too much gives you a Competitive Cooldown as well. If you decide to go AFK to get kicked then be aware that being AFK or not participating in matches may also result in a Competitive Cooldown.

Kicking yourself or another person should only be done as a last resort. If there are no other options left and it’s impossible to finish the match then you should start the kick process. Should you have an emergency, announce it in the chat before kicking yourself. Most players are very understanding and will approve it for you. If it’s a case of there being toxic players, this is a tricky one. Some will tell you to just put up with it but if they’re repeatedly targeting you and it’s becoming harmful to your mental health for whatever reason, do start the kick process.

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Vote kicking isn’t something that should be taken lightly. No one should do this if possible and Valve even posted on Steam about this saying that players should just report toxic and abusive players in-game instead of kicking them. That’s not always a viable option for some players and there’s a wide range of reasons why someone needs to leave a game.

It’s easy to say that players should be committed to finishing the match but this isn’t a black and white area. There’s a lot of middle ground to consider and it’s always down to each individual to decide what’s best in the current moment. Some people might decide to play to the end of the game despite the cat throwing up and others might immediately rush to fix the situation. Others might be more able to put up with group bullying while others either aren’t willing to subject themselves to abuse or just can’t stay in the match. We can’t judge people who vote kick themselves too harshly without knowing the full circumstances.

Still, vote kicking should only be done as a last resort. Remember that Valve does punish people for ‘abusing’ the system!

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