How To Mute Players In CS2 [Easy Guide]

Are you tired of having toxic teammates that yell at the mic after every round? Here’s how you can mute text and voice chat in CS2.

Updated on Aug 20, 2023
How To Mute Players In CS2 [Easy Guide]

How to Mute Players Through Settings

The first method of muting players is through the CS2 settings itself. To check the few options for muting players available in the CS2 settings, we’ll first have to learn how to get there. Follow the steps below:

  1. Launch CS2 and open the Settings Menu

  2. Head over to Game Settings

  3. Scroll your way to the Communication settings or click on the Communication bar at the top

Once you’ve made it there, you will have two options to mute players: to Mute The Enemy Team and Mute All But Friends.

Mute through Settings

Mute Enemy Team

The Mute Enemy Team is a setting you can turn on and off; as the name suggests, it will mute everyone on the opposing team. You can turn this setting on to ignore potential toxic enemies that will trash-talk you.

Mute All But Friends

The Mute All But Friends setting will mute all teammates and enemies not on your Steam friends list.

Under the Mute All But Friends setting, you can select between muting them only in non-competitive modes or always.

This is a perfect setting to avoid potential toxic teammates and enemies and only hear comms from your friends on Steam.

How to Mute Players Through The Scoreboard

The following muting method is the most commonly used one, as muting through the scoreboard will allow you to mute a specific player instead of enemies and non-friends.

If only one person in your team is being disruptive or toxic, you can mute that one person by following the steps below:

  1. Click on TAB, or whatever your Scoreboard key is bound to

  2. Right Click on the player you are looking to mute

  3. Look for the Volume Icon

  4. Left Click the Volume Icon

  5. You should see the Volume Icon turn Red

Mute Through Scoreboard

Not only will this mute that player’s voice comms, but it will also mute their text messages. If you want to give them a second chance and unmute them, you can repeat the same procedure and left click the Volume Icon.

How to Mute Players Through Console Commands

The last method of muting players is for advanced users, as we will use the developer console. However, if you are new to the console, don’t worry, as it’s actually not that difficult.

Through the console, there are three ways you can mute players:

  • Mute voice chat

  • Mute messages from the enemy team

  • Mute all text messages

We’ll be going through each of these methods below.

Mute Voice Chat

To mute voice chat from your teammates entirely, you can use a helpful console command to toggle voice chat on and off. The command is:

voice_enable 0

This command is used to turn off all voice chat from your teammates, but you can still read their text messages. You can pair this console command with a bind command to toggle it on and off!

Console command

Mute Messages From The Enemy Team

The next console command can be used to mute messages from the enemy team. In order to mute the enemy team, you can use this console command:

cl_mute _enemy_team 1

Typing in this console command will mute all text messages from the enemy team, not your team. To turn this command back off, re-type the command but change the “1” value to 0.

Mute All Text Messages

The last console command for muting players will allow you to mute all text messages from your friend list, team, and enemies. Here is the command:


By typing in this command, there will be no incoming text chat, so it will only be you and yourself. If you want to get out of your shell and receive messages from other people again, just input the same command into your console again!

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