How to Skip Warmup in CSGO

Lots of players consider the warmup phase to be useless and a waste of time. Check this article to find out how you can skip it entirely and start your game!
How to Skip Warmup in CSGO

The warm up phase in a Counter-Strike game can be quite useful to help you get a grip of your mouse and get your hands ready to aim, but it is mainly used as a buffer for other players to join in. Though the warm up period sounds pretty useful, most players find it to either be a waste of time, or people think the period phase takes too long. If you find the warm up timer to be annoying, we’ll teach you how you can skip it immediately!

How To End Warmup Timer

In order to skip the warmup in CS:GO, you will first need to be in a private server where you can enable sv_cheats. Players often use private servers to play with friends or practice their grenade lineups, so the warmup timer of the game is completely irrelevant. Here are the steps on how you can use the warmup command to end the warm up phase.

  1. Open your console.
  2. Type the command mp_warmup_end 1. 
  3. Enter the command into the console.

That’s really all you have to do to execute warmup end command to end the warm up round! You can adjust the countdown of the mp_warmup_end command by setting a different numeric value at the end of the command. For example, if you would like to end the warm up in 20 seconds, then use the command mp_warmup_end 20.

Keep in mind that if you do not have your developer console enabled, you won’t be able to use the commands. Check out our guide on the console to turn it on!

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How To Skip Warmup in an Offline Game Against Bots

Sometimes you just want some alone time to perhaps learn callouts or figure out some new smoke lineups in offline mode. Whatever your reason is, we can all agree that wanting to end warmup in CS:GO immediately is the best choice to save time. 

To skip the warm up round in offline mode, use the following command and enter it into your developer console: mp_do_warmup_offline 0.

This command will disable the warmup period in your offline CS GO game so that you can quickly get into the start of the match.

Console Commands To Skip Warmup Automatically

We have learned the simple console command to end the annoying warmup time aspect, but that is a manual command that you have to do by yourself. It would be convenient if the game could end the warm up time when the correct amount of players join in. Luckily for you, the command is absolutely available for you to use!

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For this example, let’s say that you and two friends are looking to play custom games in your private lobby. This means that the correct number of people would bethree. To end the warm up immediately when all four players have connected, type in the command mp_endwarmup_player_count 3

Once the fourth player has connected into the server, the console command will immediately end warmup in CSGO private matches.

That concludes it for our quick warmup commands guide on how you can end warmup CSGO matches in your own server! Remember that these commands won’t work on official Valve servers as there are other players involved in the match. If you have found these commands to be helpful, check out our article on practice commands for more related console commands!

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